Podia Pricing: Which Plan is Best For You? (2022)

When considering Podia pricing, there are two options: the Free plan and Paid plan. Depending on your needs, either one will suit you just fine.

Podia has a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service.

You can cancel your subscription up to 72 hours before the end of your subscription term and request a full refund.

However, annual payments are not pro-rated so you may be left out of the loop if you’re not completely satisfied with your service.

Podia Pricing: Mover plan

Podia offers two different plans to suit different needs, the Mover plan is intended for small businesses, and the Shaker plan is aimed at growing businesses.

Both offer a free trial, during which time you will be able to access all the features of Podia without providing your credit card details. In case you are not happy with the service, you can cancel it at any time.

The Podia Mover plan comes with unlimited email subscribers and email campaigns, along with a built-in chat feature. It also includes powerful tools including sales tracking, Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, and Zapier triggers. As an added bonus, you can use your custom domain to manage your email marketing.

The Podia Mover plan is priced competitively in the marketplace. It is easy to use, looks great, and offers lots of functionality for solopreneurs. However, the Mover plan has limitations. It doesn’t have the ability to add certificates or assignments, which is essential for some types of sales funnels. However, it can allow you to set up a website and sell digital downloads and webinars.

You can also sell pre-videos and other digital content. As with the Mover plan, Podia also allows you to create a customized domain name for your Podia storefront.

Podia offers a free trial and two paid plans. The Mover plan costs $40 per month, while the Shaker plan costs $80 per month.

The Mover plan offers basic features and a free trial period, while the Shaker plan has advanced features and tools. The Podia Mover plan is a great choice for beginners, while the Shaker plan is recommended for advanced users.

In addition to a money-back guarantee, Podia offers the ability to cancel your subscription within 72 hours.

This option allows you to save 17% per year. You will also receive discounts for annual payments. This way, you can save money without sacrificing quality. However, you must remember that Podia does not charge transaction fees, and Podia’s refund policy is not pro-rated.

The shaker plan offers more features, including a higher limit on email recipients per month. You also get a dedicated account manager who will help you with questions.

Additionally, you will get a personalized onboarding call, which can help you with the setup process.

Podia Pricing: Earthquaker plan

The Podia Earthquaker plan has several advantages over the Mover and Shaker plan. It includes advanced features for selling both physical goods and digital products.

This plan is designed for small business owners and solopreneurs who are ready to invest in a robust online marketing strategy.

For $166 per month, this plan provides access to unlimited coaching and webinars, and a team to help you achieve success.

For entrepreneurs looking to build a large team, the Podia Earthquaker plan is a great option. It includes support for up to five colleagues, an unlimited number of emails per month, and an integrated email marketing system.

This plan also includes an affiliate marketing network for maximum reach. Moreover, it comes with a free trial so you can try it out before you make a decision.

Podia’s Shaker plan is great for creative entrepreneurs. It allows you to create your entire blog on one platform, integrate with Zoom, and offer webinars and membership plans. It is easy to use and offers a customizable interface.

The Podia Earthquaker plan is the most powerful plan for course creators, as it offers unlimited courses, webinars, membership websites, and the capacity to collect payments.

Podia Free plan

Podia offers a free plan for its users who would like to test the service before making a decision.

The plan lets you host a website on a free Podia subdomain and uses email marketing. It also gives you the option of having unlimited members and offering paid and free subscriptions.

The free trial does not require credit card details and you can cancel it at any time.

You can create a membership site or sell digital products. Podia has a customizable dashboard that lets you collect links, commission rates, and revenue.

Podia Pricing: Shaker Plan

If you plan to create courses and webinars, you can opt for the Shaker plan, which offers many benefits.

In addition, it gives you access to a personal account manager, as well as monthly group creator calls. Moreover, this plan increases your Community member limit from 25,000 to 100,000 and your email limit to 50,000.

Podia’s free plan also has some restrictions. Third-party coding, affiliate marketing, and embedded payments are not available with the free plan. It also doesn’t allow you to add more team members without paying an extra $20 per person.

The free plan also doesn’t allow you to embed third-party codes or integrate Zapier. Additionally, you can’t use the free plan to build a personalized website or use Podia branding.

Podia offers a free trial for its Mover and Shaker plans. Both plans allow you to test the service before making a decision on a subscription. After the trial period, you will have to pay $89 per month.

Podia’s Mover plan allows you to create a fully functional website and offers digital downloads, which can be a great selling point for course developers.

You can also use unlimited bandwidth with this plan.


Podia’s pricing plan is affordable for a membership site, especially if you plan to sell digital downloads or online courses.

Podia also offers a suite of tools that you can use to manage and expand your membership site.

It’s important to compare all available pricing plans to decide on the best option for your business.