4 Best Podcast Website Builders (Free & Paid 2022)

If you’re in the market for a podcast website builder, you can’t go wrong with Wix. This site offers an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor.

You can choose from over 800 templates, and Wix also offers curated podcast templates.

The Wix True Crime template is an example of this: minimal, yet with social media icons, a donation button, and audio player integration.

Wix is also easy to use and offers several different templates, so it’s simple to find one that works for your podcast.


There are many benefits to using Wix for building a podcast website. Not only can you upload HD videos, you can also use forums to attract more listeners and promote your podcasts.

The premium plans also remove Wix ads, making your podcast website ad-free. If you don’t have experience building websites or programming, you can also use a website builder such as Podpage.

Its podcast website builder automatically creates episode pages, media players, transcripts, guest profiles, and more.

You can also automatically import your podcast feed to Wix’s podcast website builder, which allows you to upload it onto your website without the need for coding.

If you want to have an interactive site, you can choose from two editors – the classic editor and the ADI editor. Wix has over 800 free templates categorized by genre. The Wix True Crime template is perfect for podcasts, as it uses minimal design and is equipped with social media icons, a donation button, and an audio player. Wix podcast website builders are easy to use and have a great support team.

Using podcast website builders will give you the flexibility to add a dedicated page for each episode, as well as listener engagement tools. You can also use Wix’s App Market to download additional elements. Several of these apps will create new pages for your podcast episodes automatically. Wix also offers the Site Booster App, which makes your website more visible and increase your audience. There are a lot of reasons to choose Wix as a podcast website builder.

While Wix is easy to use, it’s important to take into account your goals when choosing a website builder. A podcast website should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and have a drag-and-drop editor. The builder should also offer podcast-specific templates. This way, you can easily switch between podcast websites, and use the same template for both your podcast website and podcast directories. Finally, it must have SEO optimized features.


There are a lot of benefits of Squarespace for podcasters, including a blogging editor and SEO tools. It also supports multiple podcasts. You can also connect several podcasts, but it is important to note that videos will not show up in the podcast feed. If you want to publish videos, there are other podcast website builders available, including SoundCloud and iTalk. However, Squarespace offers a 14-day free trial, so you can get started for free.

The Squarespace editor has a huge range of options, including a free 14-day trial. The Squarespace editor is also easy to use. It has a professional and modern aesthetic. Students can also take advantage of Squarespace’s student discount. There is also a free plan for students. But, for podcasters, Squarespace offers an affordable option. Its free plan is not enough, and there are many other podcast website builders available online that offer more features and functionality.

Wix and Squarespace are both great options for podcasters. While they are not required, podcasters may want to build their own website to expand their audience. The podcast website builders are largely intuitive and easy to use, and both have decent eCommerce and SEO tools. Wix also offers specialized support to help users with podcasting. But the free option may be best for new podcasters. This way, they can choose the platform that is right for them.

Podcast website builders are essential for podcasters, but you should not have to be a developer to create your podcast site. There are CMS and website builders out there that allow you to build a website without coding. You should look for one that integrates podcast RSS feeds and automatically posts new episodes when they are published. This way, you can attract more sponsors and promote your brand. The platform you choose should also have the necessary marketing tools and design options.


There are a few different advantages of using the SITE123 podcast website builder. First, there’s no need to know any coding. This builder has hundreds of ready-made templates for you to choose from. Second, it has features such as eCommerce tools, SEO support, and domain registration. Third, it has the capability to integrate with dozens of other applications. This is especially useful if you’re trying to start your own podcast network.

While you can start your podcast show for free, you’ll soon realize that you need a professional podcast website if you’re serious about creating a successful podcast. Having a podcast website is not only important to building your audience, but also helps you attract sponsors. Moreover, you can showcase your brand and gain exposure through your podcast website. SITE123 has a podcast website builder that can help you create a professional podcast website at an affordable price. The builder is easy to use, with built-in email marketing and SEO tools.

The SITE123 podcast website builder includes a music player block, which lets you upload audio podcast episodes. You can upload files up to 100 MB, and you can also add links to external services. The music player widget automatically shows up on your website when it’s live, and visitors can listen to the content directly from your site. In addition to podcast features, SITE123 also offers marketing and SEO tools that make it easier for you to generate leads.

For a more sophisticated podcast, you can choose to use the paid version of SITE123. It’s available at a low cost, and its templates are beautiful and easy to navigate. Furthermore, you can get unlimited support for your podcast website with SITE123’s live chat support. It also offers a 24-hour live chat feature and a decent drag-and-drop editor. SITE123 offers a free trial period, but there’s little pressure to upgrade to the paid version.

Another major benefit of the SITE123 podcast website builder is that it has a free domain. Unlike the free service, premium subscriptions also include free domain registration. Once you’ve set up your podcast website, all you need to do is install the software and start listening! The next step is choosing a domain name. Once you’ve selected a domain name, you’ll get a notification from SITE123 if your chosen name is already registered as a domain. You can also change the domain level and customize the name of your website on the dashboard.


The Podpage podcast website builder is one of the most popular software solutions for creating and managing podcast websites. The platform has a free version as well as a paid one, which vary in price. The free version has limited features, and you can’t use a custom domain. For $5 a month, you can get full paid features for 7 days. Moreover, the free version does not let you add your own domain, so you should have a domain before using the paid option.

The Podpage podcast website builder allows you to use your own domain, which is ideal if you plan to use your podcasting as a business. The builder includes basic features such as embedding media players, social sharing buttons, and a contact page. Users can also customize the theme of their website, which can be a little overwhelming at first. However, if you plan to use your podcast as a part of your overall business, Podpage will provide you with everything you need to get started.

Podpage automatically creates a podcast site based on your podcast’s RSS feed, using your media player to play the episode and show notes. You can even build pages for guests and collect email addresses. The whole process of building a podcast website is automated with Podpage, so you can focus on delivering high-quality content to your audience. Podpage’s customer support staff are always ready to help.

Podpage has a user-friendly visual editor and a dedicated podcast feature. Moreover, it lets you place a sample of your content before you go live.

This podcast website builder also features a lot of customer pages and handles all the basic requirements of web hosting.

You can also upload your episodes and manage them all in one place, with Podpage. The only downside of Podcastpage is that it requires you to pay for web hosting, which can be pricey.

Podcast website builder: Summary

Podpage has several features that set it apart from the competition. Its free plan lets you experiment with its features for a while before signing up for a paid plan.

The free plan also allows you to use the platform for free until you launch your podcast.

The paid plan is $9 a month and includes all the tools needed to create a professional podcast website.

Its advanced engagement statistics and SEO tools make it an ideal choice for podcasters looking for a professional podcast website builder.