Planoly vs Preview: Which Instagram Schedule App is Better?

Later and Planoly both offer the ability to create drafts with photos.

Later gives users the option of opening full images from the gallery or choosing a specific location for creating a draft.

The planoly app for desktops is similar to the Instagram app. Its features are similar to those of the desktop version.

In addition, the desktop version also has several integrations with Canva. While the main differences are minor, later is more flexible than planoly.


Unlike Instagram’s native tools, later does not require you to be an advanced user to schedule posts. You can even create a schedule with a few clicks!

Planoly is the best visual grid planner available, and it works with both Instagram and Pinterest. Later also offers integrations with Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Both tools offer simple and powerful features and are equally popular with influencers and creatives.

However, there are a few limitations to the functionality of Later. The service offers limited support for LinkedIn, and it doesn’t offer native scheduling for Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, it limits the number of uploads per account.

However, it allows you to manage up to ten accounts and $400/month. The paid version of Later also features a discovery feature. If you’re trying to manage your content across multiple platforms, Later might be a better option.

Another feature of Later is its media library. You can upload photos and videos to add to your content.

After scheduling a post, you can also rearrange it by dragging and dropping. Planoly also allows you to browse your feed visually and add placeholders and emojis to your captions.

It also allows you to keep paragraph spaces by using the double-enter/return key. There are also a few different social media apps that you can use with Later.


Before choosing between Planoly and PreviewApp, you should take some time to understand your needs. Both tools allow you to schedule your posts for multiple social media accounts, but Planoly has a few notable limitations.

For example, the free version limits your media uploads to 30 each month, which can be annoying for users who post frequently or batch content. Also, both tools lack the ability to plan your grids in advance. To narrow your choice, you can test both programs’ free trials.

Both plans come with limitations, including the ability to restrict team members’ access to feed editing, notifications, and analytics. For example, Planoly does not allow you to post videos, but it does allow you to share links to your posts. It also has a free version, which allows you to post pictures and videos only.

Planoly offers an inbox for comments on your five most recent posts, but it doesn’t let you upload videos. Preview, on the other hand, lets you collaborate on your social media posts and allows you to cross-post to other social media platforms.

While Preview is a bit more limited in its capabilities, it is still an impressive tool for planning and scheduling posts on Instagram. Its powerful hashtag tools let you find and share great content with ease. Its Hashtag Finder lets you search for posts by category, country, and Instagram community.

With this feature, you can dig deep into the Instagram community and find relevant content.

On the other hand, Planoly offers a visual calendar view for planning and scheduling posts across multiple social media channels, including Facebook. Planoly has a mobile app that makes it easy to manage the calendar interface.

Later preview

Both Planoly and Preview offer a similar feature set to help you manage your Instagram accounts. Both are very easy to use and have a variety of collaboration features to enhance your business. To choose the best one for your business, make a list of the features you need, then test the free trial versions of each. The free trial versions will allow you to see if they work for you before deciding which one to purchase.

The planoly dashboard is easy to navigate and offers a variety of features for creating and scheduling posts. The sidebar gives you easy access to your calendar, and you can even re-arrange scheduled posts to fit your needs. Planoly lets you add captions and hashtags to your posts, and you can star and tag images before publishing them. You can also add emojis to your captions and keep paragraph spaces with double-enter/return.

Later was originally designed for Instagram, but it has expanded to Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. It is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The free version also only lets you upload 30 media items per month, which can be frustrating for businesses who want to batch content. Additionally, you can’t plan grids based on items you upload, so if you want to post multiple times a day, you’ll have to use the paid version. Later has a streamlined calendar view that allows you to easily add placeholders and schedule posts.

Later integrations with Canva

Both Planoly and Later integrate with social media. Planoly allows you to import images from Canva and later use those images in your Later posts. Later also integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive, making it easy to upload your files. Later users will also find a browser extension useful. However, both services have limited integrations with social media. The planoly browser extension has a limited number of integrations with social media.

Users can import their Canva designs to Planoly via their Instagram accounts. The integration also allows users to easily share social graphics via Instagram. This means that there is no need to download or re-upload images. They can also edit spelling errors, write captions, and schedule their posts on the appropriate days. After importing the images, they can schedule them and publish them on their social media feeds.

Later is also better for managing users. Users can be assigned to different social media profiles with different levels of access. In addition, users can leave notes in the calendar section of the tool to give instructions about what to post. In addition, the team management features of Later make it a better choice for larger enterprises than those of Planoly. Regardless of which service you choose, both tools are suited for effective social media marketing.

Later integration with Unsplash

The Later integration with Unsplash allows you to easily find and use the stunning images from the 2 million inspiring visuals on Unsplash. With this integration, you can easily add these images to your media library, schedule them across social media, and even add text overlays to them. The team behind Later has created a case study on how to utilize this service. Read on to learn more about it! Listed below are some of the benefits of using Later with Unsplash.

If you’re not yet using the Later integration with Unsplash, here are some steps that you should take to get started:

The Unsplash developer home page includes a link to register as a developer. Once registered, click Register as Developer to get access to the Unsplash API.

The Unsplash Developer Dashboard contains a link to create a new application.

Click the link to create a new application. You’ll need to provide your API keys so Unsplash can access your project. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to use the API for all of your needs.

Later’s analytics dashboard

Later’s analytics dashboard is a handy way to track your Instagram activity. If you are starting a new account, you can import your analytics from Instagram but keep in mind that your statistics may take up to 24 hours to appear.

Later provides you with insights into your profile’s growth, and you can use these to optimize your content. Moreover, Later allows you to export Instagram analytics as a CSV file to your desktop.

You can view the growth of your Instagram account and other engagement metrics, as well as your best-performing posts. You can also download your reports. If you use Instagram for business purposes, you should choose a Later plan that includes Instagram integration.

This plan offers flexibility and is free of contract. It also offers analytics for business accounts. It also includes Instagram Reels and Snapchat, which are relatively new additions to Later’s dashboard. You can access the analytics of your active Instagram story from the Insights tab.


Instagram analytics in Later is very helpful for Instagram businesses. You can get the best time to post based on your profile stats.

It also tracks the performance of Instagram stories and the best time to publish your content.

Later’s analytics dashboard also allows you to download key Instagram metrics in CSV format.

The reports are also easy to export. After downloading the analytics, you can see your Instagram engagement data in a downloadable CSV file.