Placerville Seo – 5 Steps To Optimize Your Website And Increase Your Pagerank

How much does a placerville seo service cost?

Have you planned to invest into a search engine optimization lately? Well, that’s a great step you have taken this very year.

See How I can help you grow your traffic!

In fact, it’s a wise decision because, 75% of those who created their first website have already failed. Why? There website is not attracting the right prospect, the page rank is low and the backlink is nothing to write home about.

This is my 4th year doing business online and in these healthy years, I have been able to own 5 websites that are bringing me decent traffic, directly from the search engine (Google). I want to share with you some 5 ways to optimize your website. You could liken this to a web site seo google guidelines.

If you practice these tips, you’re going to see a huge difference in your page rank, organic traffic and ultimately, increase in backlinks from neighboring sites.

Truth is, when your website is ranking high on Google most especially, other sites are going to link back to you even without you asking. They are simply obeying the law of giving credence to quality. So your first assignment is to position your site in such a way that Google spider would crawl, index and rank your web pages decently.

(1). Focus On Quality Content:

There is no alternative to quality content. Google love this so much. Some marketers believe that there are sites that Google has fallen in love, what you may not understand is that these sites have been delivering on quality content. When I say content, I mean articles and videos. These are the two basic contents that is thrown around the web every time.

If you must rank your site on Google homepage, it may not happen overnight, but, as you focus on feeding search engines with what they cherish most (quality content), your chances of getting there is about 67%. But off course, content is not the only thing needed to boost your pagerank.

(2). Research Your Keywords Properly

The way I go about my keyword research is quite different. Most of the placerville seo firms don’t even do this. That is why you need to get the right knowledge on what search engine optimization is, so that you can do the work yourself. It’s not difficult, these companies could charge about $400 – $1000 to perform what they call search engine wizardry. But with helpful resource like this, you are getting first hand information from someone who is being optimizing web pages for 3 years.

… So back to the keyword research technique.
Keyword research can make or mar your marketing endeavors. It’s a BIG challenge for marketers because it can take your whole day, and yet you won’t be able to pinpoint the right keywords that work. Let me show you how to do a proper keyword research, I term it the “LOCAL KEYWORD MASTERY.”

Targeting local keywords is the fastest way to increase your pagerank and generate guaranteed targeted traffic within a short while.
I don’t waste my time with Google keyword tool. This tool is not meant for organic SEO, it’s for AdWords. It’s very difficult to get a local key phrases from Google keyword tool. The best tool to use is the freekeywords tool.

Just load it up and type web design for example.
web design is out specimen.

Did you observe how many searches the terms have. That is absolutely fabulous! Now, let’s check the competition on Google to determine if these terms are worth targeting (assuming your site is on this niche).

Load up Google and type “web design company” (make sure you include “”)

That’s about 10,600,000 results with quotes.
Wow, no one could be stupid enough to target that keyword, in if you are the girlfriend of Google. There is no likelihood that you’re going to show up on the homepage for the next 15 years. Lol! But wait…

What if you target the local keywords.
Go back to freekeywords tool and research the term “website design company in” (do not put the quote)


The term “website design companies in ri” in Google has just about 608 competing pages. When you target this term, you’re surely going to get on Google’s homepage within 7 days even without doing the normal backlinks.

So, spend time targeting local key terms. Although, they usually have low search volumes. But if you target a handful of them, and gain a top 10 ranking, the traffic you so desire would come.

(3). Keyword Placement Strategy

After you have researched your keywords and found juicy ones like I showed you above, you need to place those terms correctly on your content. When writing your articles and blog posts, put the primary key term you want to rank for on search engine. The reason for this is because, the first place search spiders visit is the title/headline of your content. When done correctly, crawling would begin instantly.

Side Note: While writing your content, you need to obey LSI rule. What does that that mean?

LSI is an acronym for: L=Latent S=Semantic I=Indexing (i.e. Latent Semantic Indexing)

This is the criteria that search engines uses to rank web pages. It’s not all about the keywords you are writing about. But more on other related terms. For instance, if you’re writing about microsoft, search spiders will be alert while crawling your web pages. They want to see related words like Bill Gate, Windows XP, Programming, software, scripting etc. Google keywords tool can help you extract related key terms to include in your writing.

Search engine optimization and getting your site up on Google is not an overnight thing. You need to build it in a natural way. That is why I don’t encourage anyone to quit his day’s job, and start an online business with the hope of making thousands weekly. Even in the real world, everything takes a little time and that is the beauty of it. Although, I know some guys who can generate 1000s backlinks in few months using blackhat techniques. Please avoid anything that would raise a red flag on your site.

It’s not about how many backlinks you have, but about the quality of it. But work towards increasing the number of backlinks you have and make sure they are from authority sites. You can get huge backlinks from commenting on do follow blogs, especially the ones that uses a commentluv plugin, so that you can promote your last blog post, if you have one.

For instance, if you comment on this blog you’re reading right now, you get a link juice from a PR2 site. It also has a commentluv plugin for further backlink.

Other sites to get back links are article directories, social bookmarking sites, press release sites, guest posting on niche blogs and forums. If you’re selling amazon physical products like Digital cameras, headphones, headsets or the you’re into comparsion, then you should Try this Turtle Vs Afterglow headsets reviews for instructions on what to buy.

As you can see, doing seo yourself can be rewarding, because you get to LEARN along the way and meet challenges – when you surmount them, you’ll be ahead of other people who stumbled on a magic software that can cause much harm to their site if care is not taken. If you still decide to go for a placerville seo service, or any other firm across US and the world, you have your decisions to make.

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