The “SMART” Way To Recover From Penguin 2.0!

Warning: This post is different from what you’re expecting!   Matt Cutts - Penguin 2.0 update

Did Penguin 2.0 update hit your website?   

I want to show you a smart way (my little secret) to recover from Panda & Penguin 2.0 updates and grow your content marketing business.

In case you didn’t know, since 2011 when I started blogging, this blog has never been hit by Panda, Penguin 1.0 or the latest Penguin 2.0.

You can call me a little SEO guru if you want to. Because I’m proud to say that updates don’t scare me.

In fact, I’ve made more money, ranked better in Google top 10 and connected with a lot of influential businesspeople since Google started building zoos and throwing in wild beasts.


Why Google rolled out Penguin 2.0

Flash your mind back. The first penguin update from Google went live in April 2012. It was aimed at bringing down low-quality content pages and websites deemed to be spamming its search results.

At the time, if you bought links from those link exchanges or engaged in any form of blackhat SEO, then you’d be smacked down.

From all indications, the Penguin 1.0 and 2.0 updates were more difficult for Google than the Panda. Good links were also affected, seriously…

Because it’s easier to identify and weed out low-quality content alone, then trying to detect where each backlink originates from, it’s weight and whether or not it’s relevant.

Fast forward to the 22nd of May 2013, the fourth Google Penguin 2.0 update went live. It was aimed at further fighting spam-links, using a very sophisticated link analytic software to better analyze links.


Google surprised me – this would surprise you, too

Isn’t it weird that most of the websites which YOU know were spamming Google’s search results still ranked on their homepage. As I write this post, they’re still sitting at the front page.

What do you call this? Is it that Google isn’t smart enough to detect that such backlinks are bad or irrelevant; trying to game their system?

Let me tell you something. The fact that you’ve been advised over and over again to build quality links through guest blogging and other mediums doesn’t mean you’re safe. Google can decide to penalize your blog and website any time they choose.

In fact, this Penguin 2.0 update that went live on the evening of 22nd May, 2013 actually affected a lot of good sites that have over the years engaged their target audiences.

Authority sites like,, the Salvation Army, CheapOair and others lost their rankings as a result of this new algorithm update.

In the same vein, Google also gave special preference to authority status. In other words, authority sites like Amazon, Mashable, Techcrunch etc and others actually got a lift on their rankings.

If you’re just starting out, this might be dangerous for you – because your website is fairly new and your chances of surviving subsequent Penguin updates are little.

And remember, this isn’t the only Penguin update and it’s not over yet – expect more in the coming months.

Rubbish SEO advice to ignore   Google penguin 2.0 update

Forget all the things you MUST have read in the past, on how to bulletproof your website against Panda and Penguin.

Truth is, none of those things would work if you’re not thinking in the long-term.

You really need to start thinking like a true entrepreneur or Google would dash your hopes to the wall.

After the Penguin update, I got a lot of new prospects who hired me to audit and handle their content marketing jobs.

Their websites were affected and their rankings dropped by 76% and 55% respectively. Sure, I’m happy because of the money the paid me, but I’m scared that these people aren’t seeing the handwriting on the wall.

They’ve neglected the most IMPORTANT aspect of running an online business. I know that you must have neglected it, too.

If you’re not careful, your website and blog might be at risk on the next update. I’m not sure okay, but you’re not safe from Google.

Yes, I’ve started working with the projects, but I gave them a piece of advice. The same advice I want to give to you now.

Get this: Rubbish, gibberish and diseased SEO advices from those blogs don’t work again. The best way to guard your web pages against every future search engine algorithm update is when you…


Build a loyal audience

In content marketing, the most important thing to invest 4 – 5 hours daily doing is collecting leads.

Even though you’ve to cultivate the relationship before getting results, you first need to get those subscribers on your autoresponder database.

The best advice I got from my Mentor is to, “Focus on email marketing. The success of your online business depends 100% on the number of potential customers you’re able to reach at the click of the button.”

When you’ve people on your email list, it’s easier to bring them back to your website anytime, any day.

In fact, the night Penguin 2.0 was rolled out and a lot of website owners lost their rankings and were shedding tears, I quickly sent a newsletter email to my list members and got 238 loyal readers on my blog within 24 hours.

I ask you again, why are you not building your list?

What’s your problem man? When are you going to start? Did you realize that using an autoresponder service is actually cheap and could transform your business?

One of the reasons why I earn decent income from freelance writing is because I followed up, built strong relationships with my subscribers and over time, I got fresh clients who also referred their friends to me. This is known as word of mouth marketing.


Dear content marketer, you’ve been lied to…

If any so-called expert or blogger tells you to write quality content and wait for people to come to your blog or website, please run for your dear life – because you’ve been lied to.

Sure, the content you write for your blog must be good and helpful, but Google has other factors apart from “quality” which they consider before ranking content pages or sending targeted traffic.

I’ve written well over 850 guest posts since 2011, about 75% published on A-list blog and yet, and I can tell you in all HONESTY that email marketing is better. Find a part of my guest posts here.

I’ve a list of less than 4300 subscribers, but these people know me, like me and believe in whatever I say.

Now, on the 22nd of May, 2013 Google actually smacked a lot of websites again. Who would have believed it, especially when website owners and bloggers have used the Google disavow tool according to Matt Cutts’ recommendations to tweak their backlinks.


Your future targeted traffic is on the list

About 7 of my new niche sites are ranking well in Google.

Even though I’ve implemented good SEO practices and hoping for Google to reward me consistently with targeted free traffic, I can’t rely on Google to run my online business. Last month, I had already started building my list and communicating value with them.

If you need targeted traffic that’s consistent, responsive and reliable, you MUST give preference to email marketing.

Of course, don’t neglect guest blogging, article marketing and other traffic generation strategies, but always focus on sending the traffic to your landing page to capture the leads.

So, to get you started on email marketing, you need a reliable autoresponder service. I personally use Getresponse and I’m glad to recommend it to you.

Try Getresponse for 30 days, no credit card required

If you don’t have enough money to invest in their $15 monthly package as yet, Getresponse allows you to try their service for 30 days, with no credit card required.

You may decide to leave this page and go back to your normal life, but imagine what COULD happen to your website and rankings when the next Penguin 3.0 is rolled out.

I can’t tell you when it’d happen – maybe you should ask Matt Cutts. He knows better…really!

So with Getresponse 30-Day trial, see what you can achieve:

  1. Build up to 1000 targeted email subscribers
  2. Send newsletter messages instantly
  3. Schedule and send follow up emails easily
  4. Instant access to over 50 beautiful email templates
  5. Promote affiliate offers and make extra money
  6. Drive targeted traffic to your website any time
  7. Bulletproof your website forever against Penguin and Panda updates


Stop committing suicide

Truth is, if you’re not building a list of loyal subscribers that you can leverage on to grow your business, you’re a suicidal content marketer.

Indirectly, you’re actually on your way to failure and I say this with total confidence. Give me a slap for all I care…

If you’ve your list of subscribers, let the Google rain beat hard at your website, you’ll remain unshakable – confident and healthy.

Surprisingly, when you’re not disturbed by the SEO news, and link building rules, you’ll be able to write great content for your blog. I’m not telling you what I read up somewhere, it’s a part of me right now and I don’t intend to hide it.

My question to you is, how many subscribers do you’ve on your email list? Whatever your response was, get started with Getresponse 30-day trial.


Let Penguin 2.0 at the Zoo

Stop trying all you could to rank #1 in Google first page. It may never happen no matter the strategies you’ll employ.

Yes, the last time I checked my keyword rankings, I discovered 7 high-traffic keywords that has generated a lot of organic traffic to this blog.

But for God’s sake, let Penguin 2.0 be. Even if you worry from now till tomorrow, nothing is going to happen and Google doesn’t give a damn at what happens to your business.

Of course, Google can be your friend if you’re lucky, but Matt Cutts and the entire staff care about their own business.

They make money through Adwords and would do everything possible to optimize their Ads and thereby increase their earnings per click.

If you decide to buy any ranking keywords to help you recover from Penguin 2.0 or future updates, you’re merely wasting time and building a sandy skyscraper in the middle of the Sea.

Your only saving grace now, next month and in future is EMAIL MARKETING. But you must start building your list today. Why not try Getresponse for 30-day?


Penguin 2.0 takeaway…

If you decide to join Getresponse through my affiliate link, bear in mind that for the first 30 days, I’ll not earn a single $$ from you, because it’ll be free trial.

But if you’re convinced that email marketing is the best way to bulletproof your website and online business against Penguin 2.0, and you subscribe to their monthly packages later, I’ll earn at least $3.30.


It’s all about you

As you can see, I wrote this post because I care about your business and want you to stop getting worked up over Google and their updates. Not for the money I’d make off Getresponse.

Build a strong foundation for your business and you’ll be able to drive targeted traffic, influence your audience and make more money.

Did the Penguin 2.0 that went live on 22nd May, 2013 affect your rankings and overall website performance? Let me know in the comment box below and don’t forget to try Getresponse for 30 days. See you at the top!

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    • Thank you Bitts for asking this question. Well, there are various ways you can benefit from you email list, apart from selling products to them. And besides, these people have a level of trust for you because they subscribed on their own accords. Second, you don’t even need to create your own product to sell. There are good and valuable affiliate offers around. Just promote the right ones and that would be fine with your list members. Above all, focus on building lasting relationships with them.

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