An Open Letter To Anyone Who Needs Free Traffic

Dear Content Marketer,    I’ve watched you closely for the past few months. Ya, in your basement! It seems as if you’re not hitting the nail at the right spot. The traffic to your website is shrinking. You don’t even know what next step to take to make thousands of dollars (at least) online. I … Read more

The [Worst] SEO Advice That Kills Your Rankings

Let’s talk about the  worst SEO advice.    You may have been deceived all these while?     Because the web is a virtual place, anybody can come up with an advice and throw it open for others to follow. How sad? But in reality, these so-called SEOs have never seen success or ranked any … Read more

10 SEO Copywriting Tactics – Get Free Traffic!

So you want to enjoy free website traffic?      All you need is to embrace this term: “SEO copywriting.” Don’t be surprise when I tell you that generating traffic doesn’t have to be tedious or confusing. In fact, a lot of so-called content marketers who doesn’t know how to go about it are writing … Read more