6 Lazy Ways To Rank On Google [Without Trying To Rank]

Do you hate Google for their updates?    What if there are easy and lazy ways to rank on Google top 10, even when you’re not trying or using any trick. Keep reading… I’ve come to realize that Google updates are constantly opening doors for content marketers. I want you to take your mind off the … Read more

5 Ways To Fix Bad Content Marketing

How can you tell if your content marketing approach is working?     It should connect with prospects and convert them into buyers; otherwise, it’s a failure! Oftentimes, bloggers and content marketers get carried away into an unknown territory where they assume that things would eventually turn out right. But the truth is that they’re … Read more

Oracle Offers Three Virtualization Certifications

IT Professionals familiar with the implementation of virtualization technology should look into earning any of three certifications available to earn in the field of virtualization, exclusively by Oracle. Virtualization implementation specialists can become certified in any of three specialties: VM 2.0 for x86, VM 3.0 for x86, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3. Although each one … Read more

The Future of Long-Tail Keywords [Shh! Google!]

Shh! Don’t tell Matt Cutts I revealed this to you. Anyways… Do you still use long-tail keywords?       I know that a lot of blog posts have been written on this topic. But here, I want to throw more light on what you should expect in the future if you’re serious about SEO. I … Read more