Is SimilarWeb Accurate (Everything You Need to Know)?


As an online marketer, you need accurate data to make informed decisions. SimilarWeb is a popular tool used by millions of website owners. But the question is, “How accurate is SimilarWeb?” SimilarWeb provides valuable insights, but its accuracy can vary. Factors like sample size, data sources, and algorithm complexity influence its precision. Cross-referencing with other … Read more

Matomo vs. Plausible: Which Web Analytics is Better [2023]?

Both Matomo and Plausible are like trusted web analytics tools that are easy to use. I have used Matomo in the past year, and I’m currently testing Plausible. If you want to know the difference, here’s what I found out: The main difference is that Matomo offers extensive features like real-time analytics, e-commerce tracking, and … Read more

Beehiiv vs. ConvertKit: Which Email Software is Better [2023]?

Beehiiv and ConvertKit

Both Beehiiv and ConvertKit are powerful email marketing platforms, each with its unique set of features and benefits. If you’re an online entrepreneur looking to take your email marketing efforts to the next level, you might be wondering how Beehiiv is different from ConvertKit. The main difference is that Beehiiv offers a user-friendly interface and … Read more

Rank Math Pricing: How Much Does it Cost [2023]?

Rank Math cost

There’s no assumptions in SEO. You either have the data or you don’t. With Rank Math, you’ll have all the essential data about keywords, ranking positions, schema, content gaps, links, and so much more. Before we explore how Rank Math can help you with advanced search engine optimization, how much does it cost per month? … Read more

Flodesk Pricing: How Much Does Flodesk Cost [2023]?


How much does Flodesk cost in 2023? I have been using Flodesk for the past 2 years and I want to help you break down Flodesk’s pricing structure. Flodesk offers three pricing plans. The Email and Checkout plans are each priced at $38/month, while the Email & Checkout plan, which includes all features from both … Read more