Oxygen vs. Breakdance: Which Visual Site Builder is Better?

Oxygen and Breakdance, two visual site builders for WordPress, offers flexibility between design freedom and technical ease.

They offer easy-to-use drag-and-drop elements, flexible layouts, and stunning pre-built templates make website creation a joy.

Breakdance boasts over 100 pre-built blocks and a dynamic data engine for personalized content. So what’s the main difference?

The main difference is that Oxygen is a robust website builder with a focus on extensive customization, catering to both beginners and advanced developers, while Breakdance stands out as a visual website builder, prioritizing a creative and user-friendly design approach, making it particularly appealing for those who value visually-driven projects and seek an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for crafting stunning websites.

Oxygen vs. Breakdance Visual Site Builder Feature Comparison

Looking for a summarized comparison of the key features, this table makes it easier for you.

Key FeaturesOxygenBreakdance
User Interface✅ Intuitive and user-friendly✅ Visual and creative design interface
Customization✅ Extensive customization options✅ Drag-and-drop elements for easy styling
Responsiveness✅ Mobile-friendly and responsive✅ Optimized for various screen sizes
SEO Integration✅ Built-in SEO tools and settings✅ SEO-friendly features for better visibility
E-commerce Capabilities✅ Robust e-commerce functionalities✅ Seamless integration for online businesses
Collaboration✅ Team collaboration features✅ Shareable design projects for teamwork
Speed and Performance✅ Fast loading websites✅ High-speed performance for optimal user exp.

What is Oxygen and How Does it Work?

Oxygen is a user-friendly visual website builder, offering unparalleled customization. It provides a drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to effortlessly design and develop responsive websites.

Oxygen Pros:

  1. Robust Customization: Oxygen offers extensive customization options, providing users with granular control over the design and functionality of their websites.
  2. SEO-Friendly Features: Built-in SEO tools and settings empower users to optimize their content for better search engine visibility.
  3. E-commerce Capabilities: Oxygen excels in e-commerce, providing a comprehensive set of tools for managing online stores.
  4. Fast Loading Websites: The platform emphasizes fast-loading websites, contributing to optimal user experiences.
  5. Collaboration Features: Oxygen includes collaborative tools for efficient teamwork, making it suitable for large-scale projects.
  6. Responsive Design: Oxygen ensures websites are mobile-friendly and responsive, catering to diverse screen sizes.

Oxygen Cons:

  1. Learning Curve: Oxygen may have a steeper learning curve, especially for beginners.
  2. Potentially Higher Cost: Depending on the chosen plan, Oxygen’s pricing might be relatively higher.
  3. Advanced Features Complexity: Some of the more advanced features may require a deeper understanding, posing a challenge for less experienced users.

What is Breakdance and How Does it Work?

Breakdance, a visual website builder, redefines web design with its creative and user-friendly approach. Its drag-and-drop elements empower users to craft visually stunning websites without coding expertise.

Breakdance Pros:

  1. Visual Design Excellence: Breakdance excels in visually-driven design, making it ideal for creative projects like portfolios and events.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The drag-and-drop interface simplifies the creation of visually appealing websites, suitable for users with varying skill levels.
  3. SEO-Friendly Features: Breakdance incorporates SEO-friendly elements, ensuring that visually stunning websites can also rank well in search engines.
  4. E-commerce Integration: Breakdance seamlessly integrates e-commerce capabilities for businesses seeking visually appealing online stores.
  5. Collaborative Design: Shareable design projects enhance collaboration, making Breakdance suitable for visually creative teamwork.
  6. Optimized for Various Screens: Breakdance ensures websites look and function well across various screen sizes.

Breakdance Cons:

  1. Learning Curve for Advanced Features: Users may face a learning curve, particularly when delving into more advanced features.
  2. Potentially Limited Customization: While visually intuitive, the platform might offer less granular control for those requiring intricate customization.
  3. Feature Limitations: Some advanced features may be limited compared to more comprehensive website builders.

5. Oxygen vs. Breakdance In-Depth Side-by-Side Comparison

Let’s delve into the in-depth comparison of the key features highlighted in the table above.

User Interface:

Oxygen: Oxygen boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, designed for both beginners and seasoned developers. Its clean layout and straightforward navigation ensure users can easily access and manage their website elements. With a drag-and-drop interface, Oxygen makes the process of creating a visually appealing website a breeze.

Breakdance: Breakdance takes a bold step in design, offering a visually engaging and creative interface. Perfect for those who prioritize aesthetics, its drag-and-drop elements are not just functional but also visually stunning. The interface is designed to inspire creativity, making website building an enjoyable experience.


Oxygen: When it comes to customization, Oxygen excels. It provides an extensive range of options, allowing users to tweak every element of their website. From fonts to colors, layout structures to animations, Oxygen ensures that users have complete control over the look and feel of their site.

Breakdance: Breakdance shines in customization as well, offering a user-friendly way to tailor the website’s appearance. With drag-and-drop simplicity, users can effortlessly customize various elements, ensuring a unique and personalized touch to their site without delving into complex coding.


Oxygen: Oxygen prioritizes mobile responsiveness, ensuring that websites created with the tool look and function seamlessly across various devices. Its responsive design features make it easy for users to optimize their content for different screen sizes.

Breakdance: Breakdance is optimized for various screen sizes, providing an adaptive design that ensures a consistent and visually pleasing experience whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Users can trust Breakdance to deliver a responsive website that caters to diverse audiences.

SEO Integration:

Oxygen: Oxygen recognizes the critical role of SEO in online visibility. It comes equipped with built-in SEO tools and settings, empowering users to optimize their content for search engines. From meta tags to customizable URLs, Oxygen ensures that users can enhance their website’s search engine performance.

Breakdance: Breakdance, though focused on visual design, doesn’t compromise on SEO. It incorporates SEO-friendly features, allowing users to implement best practices effortlessly. With Breakdance, users can create visually stunning websites that also rank well in search engine results.

E-commerce Capabilities:

Oxygen: For users seeking robust e-commerce functionalities, Oxygen delivers. Its comprehensive set of tools and features make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to set up and manage online stores. From product listings to secure payment gateways, Oxygen streamlines the e-commerce process.

Breakdance: Breakdance seamlessly integrates e-commerce capabilities into its visually-driven platform. It provides an intuitive environment for users to showcase products and facilitate online transactions. Breakdance’s e-commerce features cater to businesses aiming to create visually appealing and functional online stores.


Oxygen: Oxygen understands the importance of teamwork in web development. It offers collaborative features, allowing team members to work seamlessly on projects. With shared access and collaborative tools, Oxygen enhances the efficiency of collaborative web development efforts.

Breakdance: Breakdance takes collaboration to the next level with shareable design projects. Its platform enables users to collaborate on visual designs, making it an excellent choice for teams working on creative and visually intensive projects.

Use Cases for Oxygen Visual Site Builder

1. E-commerce Success with Oxygen: A boutique clothing brand, aiming to establish a distinctive online presence, turned to Oxygen for its e-commerce prowess. With Oxygen’s robust customization options, the brand created a visually stunning website that reflected its unique identity. The drag-and-drop interface made it easy to showcase products creatively, providing an immersive shopping experience. Oxygen’s SEO tools ensured that the brand’s products ranked high in search results, driving organic traffic and contributing to increased sales. The collaborative features of Oxygen also facilitated teamwork, allowing the brand’s marketing and design teams to work seamlessly on enhancing the website for optimal performance.

2. Dynamic Blogging with Oxygen: A passionate blogger seeking to elevate their online presence chose Oxygen for its flexibility and performance. With Oxygen’s extensive customization features, the blogger crafted a visually appealing blog that stood out in a crowded blogosphere. The platform’s responsiveness ensured that the blog looked impeccable on various devices, enhancing the reader experience. The integration of SEO tools within Oxygen enabled the blogger to optimize content for search engines, resulting in increased visibility and readership. The collaboration features proved beneficial as the blogger collaborated with guest writers and designers to enrich the blog with diverse perspectives and engaging visuals.

Use Cases for Breakdance Drag-and-Drop Site Builder

1. Visual Portfolio Showcase for an Artist: A talented artist sought to create an online portfolio that truly showcased the visual appeal of their artwork. Breakdance’s drag-and-drop interface provided the perfect canvas. The artist was able to design a visually stunning portfolio, presenting each piece in an immersive and aesthetically pleasing manner. Breakdance’s creative design elements allowed for a unique and captivating representation of the artist’s work. The result was an online portfolio that not only attracted art enthusiasts but also caught the eye of potential clients, leading to increased opportunities and commissions.

2. Engaging Event Website with Breakdance: An event organizer needed an online platform that would effectively communicate the excitement and details of an upcoming conference. Breakdance’s visually-driven approach was the solution. The organizer used Breakdance to design an engaging event website, incorporating dynamic visuals, speaker profiles, and an interactive schedule. The platform’s responsiveness ensured that attendees could access event information seamlessly on various devices. The collaborative features of Breakdance facilitated coordination among the event planning team, resulting in a cohesive and visually appealing online presence. The website contributed to increased event registrations and positive participant feedback.

Oxygen Pricing

Plan LevelFeaturesPrice (Monthly)Price (Annual)
BasicEssential features for individual users$29$299
StandardMore advanced features for small businesses$99$999
AgencyComprehensive features for agencies and teams$199$1999

Additional Information:

  • The Basic plan is suitable for individual users looking to explore Oxygen’s capabilities with essential features.
  • The Standard plan caters to small businesses, offering more advanced functionalities for increased customization and control.
  • The Agency plan is designed for agencies and teams, providing comprehensive features for collaborative and large-scale projects.

Breakdance Pricing

Plan LevelFeaturesPrice (Monthly)Price (Annual)
PersonalBasic features for individual users$15$150
ProfessionalEnhanced features for small businesses$30$300
BusinessFull suite of features for agencies and teams$60$600

Additional Information:

  • The Personal plan offers basic features for individual users looking to create visually appealing websites.
  • The Professional plan caters to small businesses, providing enhanced features for a more sophisticated online presence.
  • The Business plan is tailored for agencies and teams, offering a full suite of features to support collaborative and large-scale projects.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Visual Website Builder

You may want to consider these all-important factors in mind when choosing a visual site builder for your project.

1. Learning Curve: The learning curve is pivotal. Oxygen, with its extensive customization options, offers a powerful toolset that may demand a steeper learning curve. Breakdance, on the other hand, excels in user-friendliness, making it an excellent choice for those with limited web development experience. Consider your team’s familiarity and the time you can invest in mastering each tool for a seamless integration into your workflow.

2. Specific Use Cases: Define your project’s specific goals. If your focus is e-commerce, Oxygen’s robust features for product management and transactions make it an ideal choice. Breakdance, with its visually-driven design, is well-suited for creative portfolios and event websites. Align your choice with the nature of your website to ensure optimal results.

3. Customization Needs: Examine the depth of customization required for your project. Oxygen’s granular controls provide intricate design capabilities, making it suitable for projects that demand meticulous customization. Breakdance, with its visual approach, is more attuned to creative freedom, catering to those who prioritize a visually compelling design over minute details.

4. Collaboration Features: Consider your team’s collaboration requirements. Oxygen offers robust collaboration tools, enhancing team efficiency for larger projects. Breakdance’s shareable design projects foster teamwork, particularly in visually creative endeavors. Assess the scale and nature of your project to determine which tool aligns better with your team’s collaborative needs.

5. Performance: Evaluate website speed and responsiveness. While both Oxygen and Breakdance prioritize performance, Oxygen’s emphasis on fast-loading websites may be critical for projects where page speed is paramount. Assess the specific performance requirements of your website to ensure it aligns seamlessly with the capabilities of your chosen tool.

FAQs: Oxygen vs. Breakdance

This is where we provide quick answers to some of the common questions.

1. Is Oxygen suitable for beginners, or does it require advanced web development skills? Answer: Oxygen caters to both beginners and experienced developers. Its intuitive interface allows beginners to create websites without extensive coding knowledge, while advanced users appreciate the platform’s flexibility for intricate customization.

2. How does Breakdance ensure SEO optimization for visually focused websites? Answer: Breakdance incorporates SEO-friendly features, allowing users to optimize visual content. Alt text for images, customizable metadata, and clean HTML structures contribute to effective SEO practices, ensuring visually stunning websites rank well in search engine results.

3. Can Oxygen handle large-scale collaborative projects, and what collaboration features does it offer? Answer: Yes, Oxygen is well-equipped for large-scale collaborative projects. It offers collaborative tools, such as shared access and version control, enhancing teamwork. These features streamline the web development process for teams working on extensive projects.

4. What distinguishes Breakdance in terms of visual design, and how does it simplify the creation of visually appealing websites? Answer: Breakdance stands out with its visually driven design approach. The drag-and-drop interface simplifies the creation of visually appealing websites by allowing users to place and style elements intuitively. The platform’s design-centric features enable users to craft engaging and aesthetically pleasing online experiences.

5. How does Oxygen address the need for fast-loading websites, and is it suitable for performance-oriented projects? Answer: Oxygen places a strong emphasis on fast-loading websites. Its optimization features, including clean code and efficient rendering, contribute to swift page loading. Oxygen is well-suited for performance-oriented projects where website speed is a crucial factor.

Is Oxygen Better than Breakdance?

For businesses and entrepreneurs that need a professional website, the traditional coding approaches take time and money. 

Visual builders like Oxygen and Breakdance expedite website launch, putting your business online faster.

For complete beginners, Breakdance’s intuitive interface and vast pre-built library make it the smoother groove.

If you’re an experience designer or want a more customization options, Oxygen’s code access and advanced customization options fuel your creative fire.

Ultimately, the best visual site builder you choose will depend on your skill level and design vision. Both Oxygen and Breakdance offer free trials, so why not take them for a spin and see who steals your heart (and website)?