How to Optimize Online Press Release for Your Website

Do you optimize your press release contents?optimize press release

A solid online press release is an important SEO tool that helps to build up brand consciousness for your products and services as well as create inbound links for the website.

Only the right approach can help you to attain desired result from an online press release. For that you must know the secret of crafting a strong and effective.


Here I’m listing a few significant factors that should be considered while crafting an online press release.


Do Research on Your Keywords


The keywords, for which you are optimizing your site, may not necessarily represent the press release theme. Use Google keyword analysis tool to find keywords that are most relevant to your site.


The keyword research process can be divided into the following phases:


  • Phase 0 – Demolishing Misconceptions
  • Phase 1 – Making the list and looking it 2 times
  • Phase 2 – Befriending the keyword research tool
  • Phase 3 – Concluding your list
  • Phase 4 – Make your Attack
  • Phase 5 – Rinse, Wash Repeat


By targeting on the wrong keywords, you not only put your money upfront at risk, you’re also throwing out on a regular basis and strength you put into getting your website to rank easily for those phrases to start with.


Pick Up a Simple Title Using Search Term


Once you get the relevant and effective keywords for your PR, the next step is to attach a suitable title to it. But, here eye-catching headlines make little sense as the jingle of words in the title will have no effect on the search engines. So don’t waste time on making witty headings which don’t have any SEO value.

Unlike newspaper or magazine, here the readers choose news topic according to their own preference and take a quick glance on the results returned by the search engines. Hence the trick is to write a short and simple title around the search terms with bold fonts.


Avoid Keyword Stuffing in the Body


The body of your press release should be free from unnecessary keyword stuffing. Instead, make a body referring to the related keywords with link back to the relevant page of your website. It helps the search engine spider to crawl the text in the right direction, thus providing easy access to your products and services to the reader.


Choose a proper Distribution Channel


Self-distribution: You can have control over the budget and track the recipients.

Paid services:

  • PR Newswire
  • PR Web
  • Marketwire
  • Businesswire

Free press release services:

  • The Open Press
  • 24-7 Press Release

Wire Services

Get your press release indexed in news sites including Yahoo! News, Google News etc. by using major wire services.


Newsforce network:

  • Use this paid placement network for news announcements and PR.
  • Local websites and media:
  • Local media outlets, news or product review section of an independent site helps to earn good quality traffic.

Track your results

Follow up stats about your PR on all the channels where it is released. Find where your keywords show up in the news engines and which sites have picked up your content, based on which you can decide your next strategy.

Image Source: flickr – creative commons

This guest contribution was submitted by Mohd Aktar, who blogs at BlogoRida. He enjoys studying, surfing net, and watching videos on YouTube and his favorite blog posting. Follow him on Facebook,, and Twitter,, for the latest on his idealistic writings and guest posts.

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