Omnisend vs. Klaviyo: Which is Better (Pricing 2023)

When it comes to email marketing for e-Commerce, Omnisend and Klaviyo are two popular solutions.

But the question is, “which one is better” and how do they compare?

Omnisend is well-known to empower small businesses. Klaviyo, on the other hand offers precision targeting and eCommerce marketing automation.

The main difference is that Omnisend offers a user-friendly, all-in-one platform with a focus on simplicity and versatility, suitable for businesses of all sizes, while Klaviyo specializes in data-driven precision, excelling in personalized automation and in-depth segmentation, making it ideal for businesses seeking a highly tailored and sophisticated approach to email marketing and customer communication.

Omnisend vs. Klaviyo: Key Features Compared

This simple table compares the key features of Omnisend and Klaviyo:

Key FeaturesOmnisendKlaviyo
User-Friendly Interface✔ Intuitive design for easy navigation.✔ Well-designed interface for seamless use.
All-in-One Platform✔ Versatile tools from email to SMS.✔ Specializes in personalized automation.
Segmentation Options✔ Offers a range of segmentation choices.✔ In-depth audience targeting by behavior.
Pricing Structure✔ Gradual scaling with an affordable plan.✔ Potential higher costs for advanced features.
Integrated Analytics✔ Clear dashboard for actionable insights.✔ In-depth analytics for data-driven decisions.
Scalability✔ Suitable for businesses of all sizes.✔ Tailored for businesses focused on growth.
Template Design✔ Provides templates for easy creation.❌ Templates may be less sophisticated.

Omnisend vs. Klaviyo: An Overview

Omnisend offers an array of tools from email campaigns to SMS marketing, all seamlessly integrated.

Klaviyo, the precision tool in this marketing toolbox, specializes in data-driven automation and behavioral targeting, crafting a personalized experience for each subscriber.

Omnisend has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, designed with the marketing novice in mind, and juxtapose it with Klaviyo’s robust segmentation capabilities, a dream for those who believe in the power of pinpoint targeting.

As we dissect their functionalities, remember, it’s not just about what they offer but how well it aligns with your business’s unique needs.

Key Features of Omnisend and Klaviyo Compared (Side-by-Side)

This section is where we compare the main features side by side. Let’s dive right in.

1. Ease of Use and User Interface

In the bustling realm of marketing platforms, user-friendliness becomes a compass guiding your journey.

Omnisend comes with a user interface as welcoming as a familiar friend, streamlining processes for even the greenest marketers.

Klaviyo, though intricate, unveils a world of possibilities through a well-designed interface, inviting users to explore the nuances of data-driven marketing.

Navigating Omnisend feels like a stroll in a well-kept garden, where each feature is a blooming flower waiting to be plucked.

Meanwhile, Klaviyo’s interface, akin to a polished instrument, invites users to compose intricate marketing symphonies.

As we venture further, remember, a platform’s power lies not just in what it offers but in how effortlessly you can wield that power.

2. Email Marketing Capabilities

Omnisend’s email marketing capabilities echo simplicity and effectiveness, with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor that transforms even the most novice marketer into a virtuoso.

You can craft engaging campaigns with the ease of arranging puzzle pieces—Omnisend turns the complex into the comprehensible.

On the flip side, Klaviyo refines the art of personalized communication.

Its email marketing tools resonate with data-driven precision, allowing businesses to compose messages that speak directly to individual preferences and behaviors.

Klaviyo is your personal muse, guiding you to create campaigns that not only land in inboxes but also resonate with each recipient on a personal level.

As we explore these capabilities, remember, it’s not just about sending emails; it’s about composing a melody that resonates with your audience, and both Omnisend and Klaviyo offer instruments to compose that perfect tune.

3. Segmentation and Targeting

In the grand theater of marketing, segmentation and targeting take the spotlight, and Omnisend and Klaviyo step onto the stage as lead performers.

Omnisend, true to its name, empowers marketers with a versatile range of segmentation options, allowing you to tailor your messages with precision.

Think of it as curating a playlist—segmentation becomes your tool to play the right tune for the right audience.

Meanwhile, Klaviyo introduces a new level of sophistication. Its segmentation capabilities, akin to a finely tuned instrument, let you dissect your audience based on intricate behaviors, ensuring that your messages hit the right notes.

As we navigate these segmentation landscapes, remember, it’s not just about dividing your audience; it’s about orchestrating a personalized experience that leaves a lasting impression.

4. Integration Possibilities

When it comes to using marketing tools, integration acts as the harmonious blend that elevates the entire composition.

Omnisend and Klaviyo, both virtuosos in their own right, offer a repertoire of integration possibilities.

Omnisend harmonizes with various third-party tools, seamlessly weaving your marketing strategy into the broader business ecosystem.

It’s a collaboration ecosystem, each bringing their unique instrument to create a harmonious melody.

Klaviyo syncs effortlessly with an array of platforms, ensuring that your marketing efforts resonate across the entire customer journey.

It’s like having a conductor who can synchronize different sections of the orchestra to produce a masterpiece.

As we explore these integration landscapes, remember, it’s not just about compatibility; it’s about creating a symphony where every element plays in perfect harmony.

5. Analytics and Reporting

In the realm of marketing, data is the silent maestro guiding every move, and the analytics and reporting features of Omnisend and Klaviyo are the conductors translating that data into actionable insights.

Omnisend’s analytics dashboard is like a clear, open sky, providing a panoramic view of your campaign performance.

Metrics are presented in a way that even a marketing novice can grasp, offering insights into the resonance of your messages and the journey your audience takes.

Klaviyo, with its intricate analytics, is like navigating through a constellation. It dives deep into the behavioral data of your audience, unveiling patterns that illuminate the path to marketing success.

Think of it as stargazing, where each data point is a bright star guiding your strategic decisions.

6. Pricing Structure

Omnisend and Klaviyo, while offering symphonies of marketing tools, present different notes when it comes to pricing.

Omnisend’s pricing model is like a melody that builds gradually; it starts with a free plan for beginners and scales based on the needs of growing businesses.

It’s an inclusive rhythm that invites businesses of all sizes to join the orchestration.

Klaviyo, with its precision, aligns its pricing with the depth of its features.

It’s an investment in a finely tuned instrument that promises not just messages but resonant experiences.

Consider not just the notes but the symphony they create for the growth of your business.

Omnisend Pros:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for easy navigation.
  • All-in-One Platform: Versatile tools from email to SMS marketing.
  • Simplified Segmentation: Offers a range of segmentation options.
  • Affordable Pricing: Gradual scaling with a free plan for beginners.
  • Integrated Analytics: Clear dashboard for actionable insights.
  • Scalability: Suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Klaviyo Pros:

  • Data-Driven Precision: Specializes in personalized automation.
  • Behavioral Segmentation: In-depth audience targeting based on behavior.
  • eCommerce Expertise: Tailored for businesses focused on online sales.
  • Robust Integration: Syncs seamlessly with various platforms.

Omnisend Cons:

  • It may have a slight learning curve for advanced features.
  • Some advanced functionalities may be basic.
  • Templates may be less sophisticated compared to competitors.

Klaviyo Cons:

  • Steeper learning curve for new users.
  • Potentially higher costs, especially for advanced features.
  • Extensive features may be more than some businesses need.

Omnisend Pricing and Plans

Here’s a breakdown of Omnisend’s pricing:

PlanMonthly FeeKey Features
Free Plan$0Ideal for starting with email marketing, Up to 250 contacts, 500 emails/month, Up to 60 SMS, Basic automation features
Standard Plan$20Suitable for growing and mid-size businesses, Up to 1,000 contacts, Unlimited web push, 12,000 emails/month, 60 SMS/month, Advanced automation features
Pro Plan$59Best suited for high volume senders with a combination of email and SMS, Up to 2,500 contacts, Unlimited emails, Up to 3,933 SMS/month, Advanced reporting features, Premium automation options

Klaviyo Pricing and Plans:

This table provides a summary of Klaviyo’s pricing and plans:

PlanMonthly FeeKey Features
Free Plan$0150 free SMS, 500 emails/month, email support for first 6 months, SMS carrier fee included.
Email$45/month1,005 – 1,500 contacts, 15,000 emails/month, mobile push notifications, etc.
Email & SMS$60/month1,005 – 1,500 contacts, 15,000 emails/month, 1,250 monthly SMS, email and chat support.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Email Marketing Software for e-Commerce

Choosing the right email marketing software is a pivotal decision for any business. Consider these six factors to ensure a tailored fit:

1. User-Friendly Interface:

Opt for a platform with an intuitive interface, especially if you’re a beginner. A user-friendly design streamlines your workflow, enabling quick campaign creation and analysis.

Both Omnisend and Klaviyo offer user-friendly interfaces, but the degree of simplicity may vary. Assess which aligns better with your team’s proficiency.

2. Feature Versatility:

Evaluate the range of features offered. Omnisend stands out as an all-in-one platform, covering email to SMS marketing, while Klaviyo excels in personalized automation.

Consider your specific needs—whether you prioritize versatility or require specialized features for targeted campaigns.

3. Segmentation and Targeting:

Effective segmentation is the bedrock of successful campaigns. Omnisend provides versatile segmentation options, suitable for various audience categories.

In contrast, Klaviyo’s precision targeting is ideal for businesses seeking nuanced audience segmentation based on intricate behaviors.

Align your choice with the depth of segmentation your strategy demands.

4. Pricing Structure:

Carefully examine the pricing model. Omnisend offers gradual scaling with a free plan for beginners, catering to businesses at different stages.

Klaviyo, while powerful, may be associated with higher costs, particularly for advanced features.

Weigh the investment against your budget and the features crucial to your marketing strategy.

5. Analytics and Reporting:

Robust analytics are essential for refining strategies. Omnisend provides a clear dashboard, simplifying data interpretation.

Klaviyo’s analytics delve deep into behavioral insights.

Choose based on your preference—whether you lean towards straightforward data or require in-depth analytics to drive decision-making.

6. Scalability:

Consider the scalability of the platform. Omnisend is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, ensuring seamless growth.

Klaviyo, tailored for businesses focused on expansion, might be preferable if you anticipate significant growth.

Evaluate which platform aligns with your long-term business goals.

Is Klaviyo Better than Omnisend? Takeaway

The choice between Klaviyo and Omnisend depends on specific business needs.

Klaviyo is ideal for established businesses requiring advanced features, personalized automation, and in-depth analytics.

Its custom-tailored pricing suits businesses seeking precision in email marketing.

Omnisend is well-suited for beginners and growing businesses with its user-friendly interface, affordability, and versatility in offering email and SMS marketing tools.

Choose Klaviyo for advanced capabilities and detailed personalization, while Omnisend is an excellent starting point or growth solution for those prioritizing simplicity and a comprehensive marketing suite.