Offline Blog Promotion: 5 Simple Steps To Drive Quality Blog Readers Creatively

Have you thought about offline blog promotions lately?

When you concentrate on your prospects online, you’ll miss out big time on the potential customers’ offline.

Even though the internet is becoming popular and a part of our daily lives, there are still great goldmines offline. Come to a resolution that business dealings first started outside the internet.

How do you feel when you get a mail at home?

You’re anxious to open it right? That tells you how powerful marketing offline can be if done correctly. There are steps you need to take if success must be attained.

1. Research Your Market

Proper research has to go into offline marketing. If you don’t research to know what your prospects want to receive, how do you deliver the right package?

You can do your research online using forums (discussion boards), social networking sites and Q&A sites.

Naturally, when you see a particular question or problem resurfacing every time, this may be the best place to start your offline promotion. You should have a market ready to receive your advertising campaigns.

2. Have a Brand Name

Even though the competition offline is lesser than online, you still need a brand name. Positioning business in the marketplace has to be creative or else, you would fall apart. A brand name is your identity.

Just like Amazon and Coca-Cola, formulate your own identity and begin to instill the idea into their (prospects) minds.

Some brand names have become household names today, brands like Gillette, Close-Up tooth paste etc.

What is your brand name? Identify your market strength and use it as an edge to strike that powerful unique identity.

3. Collect Leads Of Targeted Prospects

On the internet, “the money is in the list” and so it is offline. Every business needs a database to market to every time without relying on the usual mumbo jumbo media advertising.

And media advertising can be extremely expensive for small business owners. We are living in a tech-age where you can achieve your goals without much capital outlay. By collecting and building an email list, you’re good to start promoting your business to your neighbors and other people.

Whoever subscribes to your list becomes a potential buyer. This eliminates all the legal issues of violating someone’s privacy by sending junk mails. On the internet, we build email list, but offline, emails don’t work so well. What you should dwell on is the phone numbers and residential address list building.

4. Send out Juicy Contents Only

This is going to make the big difference in your offline marketing career.

On the internet, content is king and also offline, nothing beats quality content. Everyone is engrossed towards an informative and interesting mail. On your first day of sending out mails and marketing offline, let your recipients know what you’re up to.

Any offline advertising campaign that doesn’t address specific needs please don’t send it. Although you can alternative your marketing offers after you’ve dominated your market. But for a start, make your content sticky, full of thoughtful ideas and time-sensitive.


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5. Stay Focused On Your Style

Is there any new concept at all?

Absolutely not! Everything you could fathom in your mind has already been. Whatever market you intend to dominate, some other entrepreneurs have dominated it already. But the competition varies from one market to the other.

What you need to succeed in your offline marketing is your style.

No one can duplicate or adulterate your marketing style. To stand out from the crowd and create that expert status, knowing your style and sticking with it is your open check to cash in on the profitable world of offline marketing.

What exact benefits do you offer your prospects offline that your competitors cannot or do not offer? Get to know your unique selling proposition (USP) and take that business to the next level.

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The earlier your business becomes popular offline; the faster it dominates the online world and word of mouth marketing becomes the order of the day.

I’ve seen great offline prospects coming to my coupon blog that reviews sittercity coupon, auto-responder services, 6pm discount codes etc. the very month I promoted my blog offline.

Start right away, stay off the radar and drive tickles of high paying customers/clients to your business using offline marketing. It works if you take time-out to understand what people want and deliver on time – see you ahead!

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