Is Notion Free (How Much Does Notion Cost)?

How much does Notion cost? If you’re an online entrepreneur exploring productivity tools, this question is probably on your mind. Here’s the current Notion pricing:

Yes, Notion offers a free plan with basic features. However, they also offer paid plans, including Plus for $10/user/month, Business for $18/user/month, and Enterprise with custom pricing. The free plan is great for personal use, while the paid plans provide advanced features and benefits for teams and businesses.

This simple guide will dive deep into the world of Notion pricing to help you make an informed decision.

Notion Free Plan: Pros and Cons

This table chart provides a summary of the pros and cons of using Notion’s free plan:

Cost-effectiveLimited Features
CollaborationStorage Limitations
Ease of UseShorter History
IntegrationLimited Guest Access
Basic Analytics

What is Notion Free Plan Used for?

The Free plan is a fantastic entry point for solopreneurs and small teams.

With the free plan, you get the basics of Notion, like note-taking and task management. It’s a great way to get your feet wet and see if Notion aligns with your workflow.

Notion’s Paid Plans

Now, here’s where the journey gets interesting.

Here are the Notion paid plans:

Plus Plan ($10/user/month):

  • Unlimited blocks for teams.
  • Unlimited file uploads.
  • 30-day page history.
  • Invite up to 100 guests.

Business Plan ($18/user/month):

  • SAML SSO for enhanced security.
  • Private teamspaces for sensitive data.
  • Advanced page analytics.
  • 90-day page history.

Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing):

  • Tailored to specific organizational needs.
  • Includes features like user provisioning, advanced security, audit log, and more.
  • Customized pricing for large enterprises.

Each plan offers a distinct set of features, catering to different user requirements and team sizes.

Notion Pricing Tiers and Costs

Let’s delve deeper into each of Notion’s plans and their pricing, detailing the features that come with them:

Notion Free Plan ($0/month)

The Free plan is like the warm-up session for your Notion journey. It’s great for individuals and small teams who want to get a taste of what Notion can do.

Features of Notion Free Plan:

  • Collaborative Workspace: This is your digital canvas. Create, organize, and share your work with others. It’s perfect for managing personal tasks or small projects.
  • 7-Day Page History: You can revisit your changes and recover deleted content for up to a week. It’s a safety net for your important data.
  • Integration with Slack, GitHub, and More: Seamless integration with popular apps like Slack and GitHub keeps your workflow smooth.
  • Basic Page Analytics: Get insights into how your pages are performing. Know who’s viewing and editing them.

Plus Plan ($10/user/month)

The Plus Plan takes you a step further. It’s designed for teams who want to take collaboration and creativity to the next level.

Features (in addition to Free):

  • Unlimited Blocks: This is where the magic happens. Create as many blocks as you need. Blocks are the building blocks of your Notion pages, and unlimited blocks mean endless possibilities.
  • Unlimited File Uploads: No more worrying about running out of storage space. Upload all the files you need, whether it’s documents, images, or videos.
  • 30-Day Page History: A longer page history means more peace of mind. You can access and restore changes made to your pages for up to 30 days.
  • Invite 100 Guests: Expand your collaboration circle. Invite up to 100 guests to work with you, whether they’re clients, partners, or freelancers.

Business Plan ($18/user/month)

The Business Plan is a powerhouse for growing teams and businesses. It offers advanced features that enhance security and analytics.

Features (in addition to Plus):

  • SAML SSO: For enhanced security, Single Sign-On with SAML is a game-changer. It simplifies user management and ensures secure access.
  • Private Teamspaces: Keep sensitive information in secure, private workspaces. Control who has access to what.
  • Advanced Page Analytics: Dive deep into your data. Understand how your content is performing with advanced analytics.
  • 90-Day Page History: Your page history extends to 90 days. This is a must for businesses dealing with critical information.

Notion Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing)

The Enterprise Plan is for large organizations with complex needs. It’s a fully customized experience tailored to your specific requirements.

Features (customized to your needs):

  • Request a Demo: Get a personalized demonstration of Notion’s capabilities to see how it fits into your workflow.
  • User Provisioning: Efficiently manage user access and permissions, making onboarding and offboarding a breeze.
  • Advanced Security & Controls: Strengthen your data security with advanced controls and permissions.
  • Audit Log: Keep a detailed record of all activities within your workspace for compliance and security.
  • Customer Success Manager: A dedicated manager ensures you’re getting the most out of Notion.
  • Workspace Analytics: In-depth analytics provide insights into how your teams are using Notion.

Notion AI Plan ($10/member/month or $8/member/month billed annually)

Notion AI is a powerful add-on. It’s like having a virtual assistant to supercharge your productivity.


AI-powered Content Suggestions: Get content suggestions powered by AI to speed up your workflow and make your documents more effective.

In summary, Notion offers a range of plans to cater to different needs, from individuals to large enterprises.

Whether you’re just starting your online entrepreneurship journey or managing a growing team, there’s a Notion plan that can help you stay organized, collaborate effectively, and unleash your creative potential.

Notion Free vs. Paid Comparison

To help you decide, here’s a comparison. The free plan is like a trusty bicycle – it gets you places.

The Paid plan is your sporty car, and Team is the private jet. Your choice depends on the speed and luxury you need on your journey.

Notion for Businesses

Are you running an online business? Notion can be your secret weapon. Take the example of a budding e-commerce store owner.

Notion can help you track product inventory, manage customer inquiries, and plan marketing campaigns – all in one place.

How to Choose the Right Notion Plan

here are four tips to help you choose the right Notion plan:

  • Start with Your Needs: Begin with a clear understanding of your needs. If you’re an individual or have a small team, the Free Plan may suffice for personal projects. However, if you anticipate growth or need advanced features, consider the paid plans.
  • Consider Collaboration: If collaboration is a key aspect of your work, the Plus Plan offers unlimited blocks and the ability to invite up to 100 guests. For businesses, the Business Plan provides enhanced collaboration tools.
  • Think About Data Security: If you’re handling sensitive data or require advanced security measures like SAML SSO, the Business Plan may be a better fit. Enterprises with complex security needs can opt for the Enterprise Plan with custom features.
  • Analyze Your Budget: Lastly, analyze your budget. While the Free Plan is cost-effective, the paid plans offer additional capabilities. Evaluate the value the paid features bring to your workflow and determine if the investment aligns with your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let’s tackle some FAQs.

Is Notion Free?

  • Yes, Notion offers a free plan with basic features.

What Does the Free Plan Include?

  • The free plan includes a collaborative workspace, 7-day page history, integration with apps like Slack and GitHub, and basic page analytics.

What Are the Paid Plans Called?

  • Notion’s paid plans are named Plus, Business, and Enterprise.

How Much Does Notion’s Plus Plan Cost?

  • Notion’s Plus Plan is priced at $10 per user per month.

Should You Stick to Notion Free Plan?

Stick to the free plan if you’re just getting started.

Keep in mind that Notion offers a range of pricing options to cater to online entrepreneurs — regardless of how experienced they are.

It’s not just about cost; it’s about finding the right vehicle for your entrepreneurial journey.

Start with the free plan, and when you’re ready, buckle up for the exciting features of the paid plans.

Notion can be your co-pilot in the ever-evolving world of online entrepreneurship, helping you navigate with ease and efficiency.