Niche Marketing Guide: How I Used SEO To Increase My Blog’s Traffic By 72%

In August, 2012, the daily traffic to this blog was 430 – 513!  niche marketing guide

I was looking for ways to increase the traffic; because that’s the only way I can succeed with my blog.

While I thought hard on this, I caught an idea.

What if I focus on SEO and set a target for myself, would it make any difference?

You see, when you’re so concerned about achieving a significant goal, no force can stop you except YOU.

The earlier you realize this, the better for you.

I used to give excuses; pushing responsibility on other people. Do you still do that?

But it turned out that I’m the only PERSON who can determine my blog’s growth in terms of traffic and income.

Sitting on my grand mom’s couch that faithful day, I made a decision to increase my free traffic, start making money and become influential – to a certain level.


Did I increase my traffic eventually?

No and Yes. Why did I say that?

Don’t be surprise at the answer I gave – I’ll explain it clearly for you. When I thought about increasing my daily blog’s traffic, it was only a WISH.

I didn’t back up the wish with a proper plan. I’m not talking about taking action immediately, I mean mapping out strategies to achieve the goal.

Remember, my heart’s desire was to grow my traffic in September 2012.

And because I had no plans whatsoever, it didn’t come to pass until November, last year. I know that you’ve good intentions when you started your blog, but it seems you’re going nowhere.

Better yet, maybe you even went the extra mile to write down your plans, and thought that was all you needed – trust me, there is more to getting web traffic.

The plans you’ve must be realistic. For me, I planned to drive additional 300 readers daily to my blog.


Blog traffic formula, which I used

Do you really want to know the formula for dominating Google search engine?

In the past few months, I’ve seen an increase in my blog’s daily hit – because I used effective search engine optimization techniques.

As you read along, you’d see how to research the right keywords that can push your web pages to the top of Google search. It doesn’t matter what you’ve gone through with Google Panda, Penguin and EMDs updates – there is always a better way to go.

There is a formula for increasing traffic to your website. It’s not entirely new, but only few bloggers and content marketers actually practice it.

The reason isn’t because it’s difficult, but because it requires a change in your focus. But when you focus, you’d reach a wider audience, gain traction pretty quickly without losing grip of your goal. What’s that formula?


“Narrow your niche”     narrow your niche

The major cause of failure when you’re marketing online is targeting a LARGE niche.

I didn’t know this was my obstacle to pushing my blog forward. Is it your problem?

Most people are confused with niche selection & knowing exactly what to write about.

You’d hear them complain about writer’s block because they don’t know enough to keep crafting quality content daily.

When you’re marketing online, your goal shouldn’t be to make a million dollar and run away. There is tomorrow, which can be bring better results if you stay glued to your blog.

Your target audience needs you. They want to communicate and feel a sense of belonging. Understand that your readers are first and foremost human beings. They’ve needs bugging their minds.

If you’re “everything” to them, you’d lose the communication and relationship that comes from running a blog. If your father is everything-to-you, there is bound to be issues at home

Your mom has a role, you have, too. And your father’s role is unique as well.

Before we dive deeper into niche targeting, I want to be sure you got this point. Does it ring hard in your ear? Read it out loud: “Narrow your niche today!”


How I narrowed my blogging niche

This post shouldn’t discourage you to quit blogging or writing every day. On the contrary, it can help you to get your FOCUS back and generate better traffic.

If you’ve been a regular reader on this blog, you can attest to the fact that my initial niche was “traffic generation.”

There is nothing wrong with that niche, since a lot of website owners are desperately looking for ways to drive visitors to their portals.

The major problem with this niche is that any content I write, it’d look exactly like someone’s. No, I didn’t copy, but there is nothing new in traffic generation. Or is there?

I didn’t want to be known as the traffic guy, because it can be difficult to attain expert level considering the competitions knocking me from left to center, back to front.

I couldn’t survive it and so, I did a 301 redirect on my primary domain name (from ==> From that moment, my focus changed. My traffic increased. My income skyrocket as well.


A simple tip to get your niche right    brainstorm ideas

When I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, I learnt that if you want to attract wealth, you must love what you do.

Donald Trump in his book Think BIG later buttressed this point by saying, “be passionate about your business – or you’d fail.”

The question you must answer is, “do I love my blog and the niche I’ve selected?”

This isn’t a joke my dear. There is still time to make a better decision if you hate your niche.

The common trend with bloggers is that 85% of blogs out there are too generic. O

ne blogger writes about blogging, email marketing, SEO, branding, social media, traffic generation, technology you name it.

That’s a wrong way to grow traffic and income. I changed my approached and increased my blog’s traffic by 72%.

That is, I started attracting 300+ visitors to my blog every day. So, when you add up my initial traffic count (513 + 300) = 813 daily readers.

You could boost your blog’s success rate if you focus on your passion. Success can’t be achieved outside your passion. If you don’t love people, how are you going to succeed with your blog readers?

This is 2013. And you can’t afford to write about everything. Even if you have to write about stuffs that aren’t related to your niche and what your readers really want, find a way to BRIDGE the DIVIDE.


The easiest way to rank higher in Google

Organic traffic is usually targeted, which is why you mustn’t neglect it. Yes, it may not be reliable and nobody can vouch for Google.

If you trusted in Google in the past for your website’s success, you’re at fault. Why?

Because as a business owner, putting your trust in a platform that you can’t control 100% is a waste of time. You can’t trust free hosting or Give me a break!

All right, the easiest way to rank higher in Google homepage is to narrow your niche, then, write content from a fresh angle and build natural links to it.

In other words, if your article looks like the one written by someone else, Google would assume you copied. Did I just say that?

That’s low-quality content even if you give credit, which is good for your reputation but not for ranking.

The challenge is: how to make your content unique so that Google can find your web pages worthy, exclusive and rank-worthy.

In 2010 when I was into affiliate marketing, I used this simple strategy to dominate search engine, sold at least 5 products daily.

I’d subscribe to a JV network – this way, they can notify me the moment a new product was launched.

I’d immediately write an indepth review, and search spider would pick it up sooner than I expected. If you follow hot trends today, you can still enjoy organic traffic from Google – I can assure you that.


Drive 300+ visitors to your blog fast

organic traffic screenshot

My goal was clear and realistic when I needed to increase my daily traffic. Is your goal realistic? You can’t tell me that you want to attract 2000 visitors to your blog next week, when you barely get 100 readers at the moment.

That’s not ethical. I’m not saying it’s impossible if you work for it, but you’d be overwhelmed and feel discourage when it doesn’t work.

Instead, start small like I did. I started attracting 300 visitors daily from Google. My hits have since increased, but starting small helped me a lot.

When you narrow your niche, you’d be able to reach those who matter to you – without feeling bored.

SEO is super effective if you do it properly. Keyword research is important, but when the niche is too generic and large, instead of increasing traffic, you’d be reducing it indirectly. Which one do you prefer?

I can tell you that when you narrow your niche to what you really love doing, keyword research would be a lot easier. Because now, you understand the target audience and what they’re truly searching for.

Even without using any keyword tool, you could easily answer their questions as though you psyched through their minds. Ah ha!


Keyword research to pinpoint hungry niches

Did you know that digging through the keyword database can help you determine hungry sub-niches to target?

Before 2012, I haven’t heard about content marketing. A while ago, I was reading Joe Pulizzi’s blog and discovered the impact they’ve on people’s lives.

I took it upon myself to target content marketers. “Content marketing deals with knowing who your target audience is and their problems, how desperate they’re in solving “those” problems and what content type they need.”

If you’re reading this post and wants to pinpoint hungry sub-niches to target, build an active audience and start making money easily; let’s quickly do a keyword research using “search optimization.”

See snapshot below:

Google keyword research screenshot


You can see that “search engine optimization” is too competitive. Blogging, email marketing and all those internet marketing niches are competitive as well.

But what if there is a simple way to actually rank your content within 40 – 90 days of publishing it? Would you like to know?


Research Geo-specific key phrases

I told you earlier that writing unique content is the easiest way to dominate Google. I looked for ways to rank for SEO key terms that can attract potential clients to my blog.

I can never forget the good advice I got from a friend; a SEO expert. He advised that I target geo-specific key phrases.

In other words, instead of trying to rank for “search engine optimization” or “SEO services,” I should go Local.

For instance, I can target New Jersey, Los Angeles or Uk search users.

What you may not know right now is that in every niche you select, that there are thousands of geo-specific key phrases waiting for grabs. The only keyword research tool I recommend is Google’s.

I think you could get a better result since Google is the #1 search engine in the world. They should know better at compiling the right key terms from search queries.

Organic listings are the reason for paid listings – if your blog didn’t rank, Google wouldn’t be happy, especially when your content is truly helpful.


How to research geo-specific key terms

Quickly, open up the keyword tool again, type in “search engine optimization NJ.”

NJ stands for New Jersey. You could add any of the cities and county in United States. UK residents are also looking for SEO experts to help optimize their pages.

See screenshot below:

geo-specific keyword


You can see the red highlights. Those are geo-specific keywords you could target and rank for.

You won’t get overnight results, but if you write great content, your web page could rank within the 90 days.

You may go a step further by digging deep into those geo-specific key terms. I can assure you of hot key terms that can lift your blog to the top of Google homepage.

But this post isn’t about SEO, because it may not be your primary niche.

I’m just showing you the creative ways to narrow your niche, carry out a research to know the minds of your prospective readers and serve them well.

Right now, one of my pages is #3 on Google homepage for the key term “Placerville SEO.”

Actually, the web page ranked #1 in November 2012, but since I stopped updating it and building quality links to it, the ranking is slipping down, but I’m not going to let it alone. I betcha!

See screenshot below for proof of my ranking:

placerville seo rank

Isn’t it great? When you successfully narrow your niche, you’d gradually rank higher in Google, irrespective of what Google is doing with their algorithm system.

Because in the first place, you’ve obeyed their rule which supports that you MUST become an expert at what you do. Even if you’re no “expert”, your content must position you as one.


A practical case study:

Let me give you an illustration: Let’s assume that a potential client is looking to hire a virtual attendant.

Now, your blog talks about VA and mine is content marketing. Then it happened that he (prospective client) visited our blogs at the same time. Actually, he opened our blogs on separate tabs in his browser.

The question is, who do you think he’d hire? I thought I heard you say, “Me of course?”

Yes, he’d hire you because you’re a Virtual Assistant guru (I hate gurus) and over time, you’ve written so many blog posts and still, you’re bubbling with ideas.

On the other hand, I’ve never talked about virtual attendants. My focus is SEO and how to increase conversion rates.

Yes, we’re both experts in our specific fields, but he (the client) deemed you worthy to handle his project.


Write exclusive content

I don’t believe in making New Year’s Resolution, but I do have a clear goal that could enhance my traffic, brand and income this 2013, if I work for it.

One of such is to focus on writing exclusive content for my lovely readers (I truly appreciate every one of you).

Your content MUST not exist elsewhere. Yes, nothing is new I accept, but when you approach the topic with a fresh feel, a voice, having researched your keyword phrases, your content will always be fresh and informative.

The only thing that makes the difference between success and failure is “daily action steps.”

Challenge yourself to always write quality content daily. This year, you can’t afford to regurgitate blog posts nor change sentences and expect a miracle to happen when the year ends. There is no shortcut cowboy!

Don’t be lazy my dear. If someone told you that blogging is easier than your 9-5 job, that person actually lied to you BIG time.

As a blogger, you’ll always work harder than your BOSS (whether former or present), because now you’re a BOSS, too.


Driving traffic to your blog pages

Guest blogging is one of my favorite ways of driving traffic. And the best way to ensure that you get the best results is to focus on your narrow niche.

Even as you’ve narrowed your niche, every guest post you write to promote your blog should be based on your goal.

For instance, if your niche is email marketing, then by every possible means, write guest posts that talks about list building, email copywriting, email auto responders and how to sell through your list.

This way, the type of traffic you generate would be targeted. When they click through to your landing page, your optin rate will be high.

And if you do have a product to sell, which is closely-tied to your niche the conversion rate would be high as well.

If you’re a freelance writer and wants to attract prospective clients who want to reach her target audience through guest blogging, then write more exclusive content that’s relevant to them.


Niche marketing hack

This year, only you can DECIDE what you truly want for your blog. Don’t just have good intentions, carefully plan your steps and take action steps immediately.

You can’t afford to be generic with your niche this 2013. Narrow your niche and focus on what you LOVE doing.

But never forget this: You can’t launch a blog today and expect thousands of people to come, except you’ve a large network. Do you?

It’s your DUTY to build the traffic and as they come, lead them through your email funnel and disciple them.

You build traffic consistently when you research geo-specific key phrases, write exclusive content on a continual basis and reach out to others through guest blogging.

Do you’ve problems driving targeted traffic to your blog? Please write a valuable comment below and let me know. I can’t wait to reply you. I love you!

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