Musicbed vs. Epidemic Sound (Differences, Pros & Cons, Pricing)

Both Musicbed and Epidemic Sound are great music licensing platforms that can elevate your video projects with the power of captivating tunes and sounds.

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As video marketers and filmmakers, you understand the importance of selecting the right music to complement your visual storytelling.

The main difference between Musicbed and Epidemic Sound lies in their licensing models. Musicbed offers flexible licensing options, including exclusive tracks and perpetual licenses, while Epidemic Sound operates on a subscription-based model, providing unlimited downloads and usage during the subscription period.

Creators seeking unique collaborations and customizability may prefer Musicbed, while budget-conscious users looking for a vast library may opt for Epidemic Sound’s subscription.

As we compare Musicbed side-by-side with Epidemic Sound, we’ll take a deep dive into the key features, pricing, pros and cons, etc.

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Table Chart: Musicbed vs. Epidemic Sound – Key Features Comparison

The table below compares the key features of Musicbed and Epidemic Sound:

Key FeaturesMusicbedEpidemic Sound
Music LibraryExtensive, diverse tracks and genresVast collection of music and sound effects
Licensing OptionsFlexible for personal and commercial useSubscription-based with unlimited downloads and usage
Exclusive TracksOption to choose exclusive music for uniquenessN/A (Non-exclusive tracks available)
Perpetual LicensesLicensed tracks can be used foreverN/A (Tracks available during subscription)
Stems & Alternate MixesAccess to stems and alternate versionsN/A (Regular track access)
Budget-FriendlyN/A (Premium licensing model)Subscription-based model
CollaborationOpportunities for artists and filmmakersCommunity-driven approach for creators

Key Features of Musicbed

Musicbed is a music licensing platform that delights video marketers and filmmakers with its diverse range of features.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Musicbed an exceptional choice for creative souls:

  1. Extensive Music Library: Musicbed boasts an extensive library with a wide array of high-quality tracks spanning various genres and moods. Whether you need an uplifting pop anthem, a soulful piano ballad, or an epic orchestral piece, Musicbed has you covered.
  2. Licensing Options: Musicbed offers flexible licensing options to accommodate your project’s specific needs. From personal passion projects to commercial ads, they have the right license for you. This versatility ensures that you can find the perfect match for your creative endeavors.
  3. Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Tracks: One unique feature of Musicbed is the option to choose between exclusive and non-exclusive tracks. Exclusive tracks give your project a distinct musical identity, as they won’t be used by other creators. On the other hand, non-exclusive tracks offer cost-effective choices, ideal for projects where exclusivity isn’t a priority.
  4. Perpetual Licenses: With Musicbed, you can enjoy perpetual licenses for the tracks you purchase. This means that even after your subscription ends, you can continue using the licensed tracks in your projects without any additional fees.
  5. Stems and Alternate Mixes: To enhance creative freedom, Musicbed provides access to stems and alternate mixes for select tracks. These elements allow you to customize the music to better align with your video’s pacing and mood, elevating your storytelling even further.
  6. Commercial and Personal Projects: Whether you’re a freelance videographer working on personal projects or an agency creating commercials for clients, Musicbed caters to both personal and commercial use cases.
  7. Partnerships and Collaboration: Musicbed is not just a platform for licensing music; it is a community that fosters collaboration between filmmakers and musicians. Artists have opportunities to showcase their work and connect with content creators, resulting in unique and compelling music choices.

Imagine you’re crafting a heartwarming wedding video. Musicbed offers an exclusive track with tender lyrics that perfectly capture the essence of love and commitment.

As you blend this track with the couple’s vows and tender moments, the emotions soar, leaving your clients in awe.

Who is Musicbed for? (The Ideal Users)

Musicbed is for video marketers, filmmakers, and content creators who seek high-quality and diverse music options for their projects. It caters to those who value exclusive tracks to add a unique touch to their storytelling.

Whether working on personal passion projects or commercial ads, Musicbed offers flexible licensing options to suit their specific needs.

With access to stems and alternate mixes, it empowers creators to customize the music to match their video’s mood and pace.

Additionally, Musicbed fosters collaboration with artists, providing opportunities to connect and showcase talent, making it an ideal choice for those seeking innovative and authentic musical experiences.

Musicbed Plans and Pricing:

  • Single Song: Pay $59 (a One-Time Purchase) and get 1 song. This plan is ideal for single projects and non-contractual clients.
  • Unlimited Songs: Pay $29.99 (annual billing) and get unlimited music for your video projects. Perfect for repeat client work. Plus, monetization is included.

Use Cases for Musicbed:

  • Emotional Wedding Video: A wedding filmmaker aims to create a captivating and emotional wedding video that reflects the couple’s love story. They turn to Musicbed to find an exclusive track with tender lyrics and a heartfelt melody. The chosen track complements the video’s emotional moments, enhancing the overall experience for the couple and their guests.
  • High-End Commercial Ad: A marketing agency is producing a high-end commercial for a luxury brand. They need a soundtrack that exudes sophistication and elegance to match the brand’s image. Musicbed’s diverse collection of premium tracks enables them to find the perfect exclusive piece that elevates the commercial’s production value and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Key Features of Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound stands out for its subscription-based model, making it a budget-friendly option for prolific content creators.

Epidemic Sound, too, offers a plethora of features that resonate with video marketers and filmmakers.

Here are the key aspects that make Epidemic Sound a standout choice:

  1. Extensive Music and Sound Effects Library: Epidemic Sound’s library goes beyond just music; it also includes a vast collection of sound effects that can bring your videos to life. From ambient sounds to cinematic SFX, you’ll find everything you need to craft an immersive auditory experience.
  2. Subscription-Based Model: Epidemic Sound operates on a subscription-based model, making it an excellent budget-friendly choice for prolific content creators. With a single subscription, you gain access to unlimited downloads and usage of their tracks and sound effects during your subscription period.
  3. “No Copyright Strikes” Claim: Creators can use Epidemic Sound’s tracks with confidence, as they claim to offer “no copyright strikes.” This assurance means that your content won’t be flagged on platforms like YouTube due to copyright infringement issues.
  4. Diverse Music Created by Talented Artists: Epidemic Sound takes pride in working with talented artists and musicians to curate a diverse range of content. This means you can find music that resonates with your videos, no matter the niche or genre.
  5. Subscription Flexibility: Epidemic Sound offers various subscription tiers, catering to different needs and budget constraints. Whether you’re a solo creator or part of a creative team, there’s a subscription plan that suits your requirements.
  6. Seamless Integration with Editing Software: Epidemic Sound makes it easy to integrate their music and sound effects into your editing workflow. Their platform seamlessly syncs with popular video editing software, ensuring a smooth and efficient creative process.
  7. Community-Driven Approach: Similar to Musicbed, Epidemic Sound values collaboration and community engagement. Their platform fosters connections between creators and musicians, encouraging a collaborative spirit that leads to outstanding content.

Suppose you’re a vlogger embarking on an adventure across the globe.

With an Epidemic Sound subscription, you have the freedom to download various tracks and sound effects, ensuring each travel video has its distinct ambiance.

No need to fear copyright claims; you’re free to share your experiences without restrictions.

Who is Epidemic Sound For? (Who Should Use It)?

Epidemic Sound is for budget-conscious video marketers, filmmakers, and content creators who desire a wide selection of music and sound effects.

Its subscription-based model offers unlimited downloads and usage during the subscription period, making it ideal for prolific creators seeking cost-effective options.

With a diverse library created by talented artists, Epidemic Sound suits various niches and genres.

It caters to those who value a hassle-free experience, as its “no copyright strikes” claim ensures worry-free use of tracks on platforms like YouTube.

The platform’s seamless integration with editing software and community-driven approach further appeals to creators seeking convenience and collaboration opportunities.

Epidemic Sound Plans and Pricing:

Epidemic Sound offers straightforward plans and pricing. Let’s take a closer look at the Subscriptions:

  • Personal ($17.99/month): Unlimited downloads, Publish anywhere online, Access to Epidemic Sound mobile app, and Monetize 1 channel per platform.
  • Commercial ($39.99/month): Personal plan features, plus Unlimited use in digital ads, Publish videos for clients, Easily monetize up to 3 channels per platform.
  • Enterprise (Contact Sales): Everything in Commercial, plus Customized deal terms, All rights covered for ads and TV shows, Multiple user accounts, and a Dedicated Customer Success manager and music curation.

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Use Cases for Epidemic Sound:

  • Vlogging Adventure Series: A travel vlogger embarks on an adventure series, exploring various countries and cultures. With a tight budget and the need for diverse music to match each episode’s theme, they subscribe to Epidemic Sound. The subscription grants them unlimited access to a wide range of tracks and sound effects, allowing them to curate the perfect auditory experience for each destination.
  • Podcast Production: A podcast producer is searching for background music and sound effects to enhance their audio content. They opt for Epidemic Sound’s subscription, which not only offers music tracks but also a vast selection of sound effects. This allows them to add ambiance and immerse listeners in their podcast episodes, capturing their attention and enriching the storytelling.

Licensing Terms and Usage Rights Comparison

When it comes to licensing terms, understanding the fine print is crucial. Musicbed offers flexible licensing options tailored to your project’s needs.

Whether you’re creating a personal passion project or a commercial ad, they have the right license for you. Additionally, their perpetual licenses allow you to use the track forever, even after your subscription ends.

Epidemic Sound’s subscription-based model grants you unlimited usage during your subscription period.

However, if you decide not to renew, you must remove the tracks from your content. This limitation is important to consider if you plan to keep your videos available for viewing long-term.

Content Quality and Diversity

Both platforms boast a wide range of music and sound effects, catering to diverse creative endeavors.

Musicbed curates its library with a meticulous eye, ensuring the highest quality tracks for your projects.

Epidemic Sound takes pride in offering tracks created by talented artists and musicians, delivering a diverse range of content.

For instance, suppose you’re a filmmaker working on a documentary about marine conservation.

Musicbed provides you with awe-inspiring symphonies that underscore the magnificence of the ocean. Meanwhile, Epidemic Sound offers a collection of ambient underwater sounds that help immerse your audience in the marine world.

Collaboration and Partnerships

For musicians and artists seeking collaboration opportunities, Musicbed provides a platform to showcase their talent and connect with filmmakers.

As a video marketer or filmmaker, this means access to unique tracks and potential partnerships with emerging artists.

Epidemic Sound fosters a similar spirit of collaboration by offering opportunities for creators and musicians to work together.

This community-driven approach creates a win-win situation for both parties, resulting in compelling and authentic music choices for your videos.

Licensing Restrictions and Limitations

It’s essential to be aware of any licensing restrictions and limitations to avoid potential issues down the road.

Musicbed’s flexible licensing allows you to use its tracks across multiple platforms, granting you the freedom to expand your audience reach.

Epidemic Sound’s subscription model comes with certain limitations.

For instance, if you plan to use their music for a video that will be broadcasted on national television, you may need to obtain an additional license. Understanding these nuances will ensure you remain compliant with copyright laws.

User Experience and Interface Comparison

Navigating the world of music licensing platforms should be seamless and intuitive. Musicbed’s user-friendly interface allows you to search, filter, and sort through their vast library with ease.

Integration with popular video editing software streamlines the process further, making it a breeze to add the perfect soundtrack to your project.

Epidemic Sound shares the same commitment to user experience, providing you with a simple and effective way to explore their library.

Their mobile app enables on-the-go access to tracks, perfect for spontaneous creative bursts.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

Customer support is a lifeline when you encounter hurdles in your creative journey.

Musicbed offers reliable support, promptly addressing any queries or concerns you may have.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through positive user reviews and feedback.

Epidemic Sound’s customer support also receives accolades from its user base. Prompt responses to copyright claims and transparent communication contribute to the platform’s high satisfaction ratings.

Is Epidemic Sound Better than Musicbed? Making the Right Choice

Choosing between Musicbed and Epidemic Sound boils down to your unique needs and preferences.

If you crave an exclusive musical experience and desire to collaborate with artists, Musicbed might be your perfect match.

On the other hand, if budget-friendliness and a vast library of music and sound effects appeal to you, Epidemic Sound has you covered.

Whichever platform you choose, remember that music plays a significant role in elevating your storytelling.

Musicbed vs. Epidemic Sound: Pros and Cons

Pros of Musicbed:

  1. Extensive Music Library: Musicbed offers a diverse range of high-quality tracks and genres, catering to various creative needs.
  2. Flexible Licensing Options: With options for exclusive and non-exclusive tracks, creators can choose the best license for their projects.
  3. Perpetual Licenses: Licensed tracks can be used indefinitely, even after the subscription ends, providing long-term value.
  4. Collaboration Opportunities: Musicbed fosters connections between filmmakers and musicians, allowing for unique partnerships and authentic music choices.
  5. Stems and Alternate Mixes: Access to stems and alternate versions provides creative freedom to customize the music for a perfect fit.

Cons of Musicbed:

  • Premium Pricing: Musicbed’s premium licensing model may be expensive for some creators on a tight budget.
  • Exclusive Track Availability: Exclusive tracks may limit the choices for certain projects, especially if budget constraints are present.
  • No Unlimited Subscription: Unlike Epidemic Sound, Musicbed lacks a subscription plan offering unlimited usage during the subscription period.

Pros of Epidemic Sound:

  • Vast Music and SFX Library: Epidemic Sound offers an extensive collection of music and sound effects, covering a wide range of genres and themes.
  • Subscription Flexibility: The subscription-based model provides unlimited downloads and usage during the subscription period, ideal for prolific creators.
  • Budget-Friendly: With various subscription tiers, Epidemic Sound caters to different budget constraints.
  • “No Copyright Strikes” Claim: Creators can use tracks without worrying about copyright strikes on platforms like YouTube, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Seamless Integration: Epidemic Sound easily integrates with popular video editing software, streamlining the creative process.

Cons of Epidemic Sound:

  • Limited Licensing Period: The tracks can only be used during the subscription period; creators must remove them after the subscription ends.
  • Non-Exclusive Tracks: For those seeking exclusive music, Epidemic Sound may not have the desired exclusivity options.
  • Limited Collaboration Opportunities: While Epidemic Sound offers music and SFX, it doesn’t provide the same level of collaboration opportunities as Musicbed.

What to Consider When Choosing a Music Licensing Platform (5 Factors)

When selecting a music licensing platform, several critical factors should guide your decision. Here are five key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Content Quality and Diversity: Evaluate the platform’s music library for content quality and diversity. Look for a wide range of genres and moods to suit different projects. Consider the overall production value of the tracks to ensure they align with your creative vision.
  2. Licensing Options and Usage Rights: Check the licensing options available, such as exclusive vs. non-exclusive tracks, and perpetual vs. limited licenses. Understand the usage rights and restrictions to ensure they align with your project’s requirements and distribution channels.
  3. Pricing and Budget: Compare pricing models and subscription plans. Consider the value offered in terms of the size of the library, licensing flexibility, and additional features. Strike a balance between budget constraints and the need for high-quality music.
  4. User Experience and Integration: Look for a platform with a user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and efficient search tools. Integration with popular video editing software can streamline your creative process, allowing you to preview and add tracks seamlessly.
  5. Customer Support and Reputation: Research the platform’s customer support quality and responsiveness. Read user reviews and testimonials to gauge the experiences of other creators. A platform with a solid reputation for customer satisfaction is likely to provide a smoother experience.


In summary, Musicbed and Epidemic Sound each bring their unique strengths to the table.

Musicbed’s extensive library, flexible licensing options, and opportunities for collaboration make it an excellent choice for those seeking exclusive musical experiences.

On the other hand, Epidemic Sound’s subscription-based model, diverse music, and sound effects library, and “no copyright strikes” claim caters to those looking for budget-friendly and hassle-free licensing.

Regardless of your choice, both platforms are sure to elevate your storytelling and captivate your audience with the power of music and sound.