10 Reasons Why Content Marketers Need To Think About Mobile

Do you’ve a mobile phone?    mobile content marketing

Call me crazy for asking such a funny and archaic question.

Even my 2-year old cousin has a mobile phone.

Since it’s obvious that every one of your ideal customer has a phone as well, why not target mobile users?

Content marketing is all about diversifying your promotional tactics, until you pinpoint the best system that’s suitable for your business.

The hard truth is this: Inasmuch as the internet has grown to dominate the way we communicate, not everyone of your target audience has an internet connection. Do you believe this?

Year after year, going mobile always makes it at the top of the heap when experts roll out the trends.

And what content marketers should be focused about for the future.

Adopting a mobile strategy is an advice that has been highlighted for at least five years now and if you still haven’t realized the importance why this is so, let us provide you with another bunch of benefits to nudge you further into the truth.

There is a good chance that one of the reasons listed below may finally have your chord stroked, which hopefully would make all your weariness about going mobile vanish.


1.       Numbers don’t lie

Based from a report of Mobile Marketing Association Asia, out of the seven billion people on earth, mobile phone users out-number those who own toothbrushes. 5.1 billion owns mobile phones and 4.2 billion own toothbrushes.

If that isn’t compelling enough, consider this, 91 percent of those people owning a smart phone, always keeps their device within arm’s length.

Another glaring up vote on the significance of mobile is the likelihood that in 2014, mobile phone browsing is expected to overtake web browsing done though desktop computers.


2.       Native apps dominate web-based consumption

Consumers are spending more time on smartphone apps that they do browsing the web. Don’t believe us? Look up how an average American spends his day tinkering with his smart phone.

Reports say that it’s 94 minutes with apps and 72 minutes with using the browser.


3.       Being social is being mobile

Facebook released some numbers on how their users interact with their platform as guidance for their clients (advertisers).

They’ve mentioned that 60% of their targeted traffic is from mobile devices rather than desktop browsers. When it comes to Twitter, we all know how widely popular their mobile applications are.


4.       Mobile marketing has settled down

smartphones marketing

Before, there were all sorts of concern about how ROI can be made through mobile marketing. There were more questions to it than there were answers.

Nowadays though, countless blog posts, websites, and forums are covering everything a content marketer needs to know about mobile marketing. Powerful tools are now at a marketer’s disposal, too.


5.       Businesses get instant rewards besides sales

Other than gaining profit from a sale, a company can get something out of a customer even without the sale.

Through mobile marketing, specifically using apps, a business can get tremendous amount of personal data from customers.

That information in turn makes yours and other affiliates’ businesses ready to market to those customers next time.


6.       Excellent feedback collection

The difference between successful brands and struggling ones is that the former treats customers as Kings.

We know its old adage, but in a world where borders account for nothing, more and more companies neglect the lesson on that statement.

On the other hand, the best brands, listens and sincerely asks what their customers expect from them. Mobile marketing is a two-way channel that is open for customers’ feedback 24/7.


7.       Smartphones are taking over

71% of consumers who owns smartphones do research on their phone once they see something interesting. Imagine if your website is not optimized for mobile browsing.

Have you even checked if the buy button on your website is visible if it were viewed on a mobile phone? That’s one example of important questions marketers and business owners have to ask themselves.


8.       Local is mobile

Local businesses thrive in sites like Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Google+. All these services receive most of their traffic through mobile phones because of their great apps.


9.       Coupons works better on mobile

Consumers have no time to print out coupons anymore.

If you were still relying for customers to enter your place of business that way, you’d be missing a lot.

Stores and businesses are now leveraging themselves with the use of mobile technology such as QR codes and applications for customers to use coupons without ever having to print.

10.   The promise of mobile payment

Although it really hasn’t taken off yet. Experts have seen the rise of contactless payments with smartphones with the young and affluent market.

Wouldn’t it be great if your brand is part of that device that people would also for payment in the future?

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  1. Study says that most of the people in the world are using mobile devices to surf all the details on the web, because nobody can carry the huge devices always. So all prefer to use Mobiles instead of PC.

  2. Hey Michael !
    Very true post. Well this is the fact that almost all the works of world is shifting on the mobile phones. All the reasons are valid from every aspect. Everybody knows that something which has boom at one time, will have to face depression. But here i do not think so “mobile life style” will have to face depression because it is now our need, just like food.
    well nice pieces of advice.

  3. It’s a great article about mobile marketing.Mobile content marketing is a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing great information, very helpful.

  4. Great article written! Use of mobile phone increasing day by day, people more like to use mobile for more purpose. Now a day people more like to use mobile for the purpose of blog facebook email etc as compare to laptop.

  5. Excellent article written! Now a day people more like to use mobile for the pupas of blog facebook email etc as compare to laptop. So mobile phones can fulfill the people expectations. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very informative post . It’s a great article about mobile marketing. Mobile are very much in use nowadays and also Mobile marketing is popular and widely used everywhere. Smartphones really help peoples in multi ways you can easily open blogger and other application at any place.

  7. Now a days Mobile phone is enough for creating blog and all things compare to laptop. So Mobile phones can fulfill the people expectations. Thanks for sharing great information to all.

  8. Very informative post This not crazy As technology grows up we should grow up our ideas also .Well detailed post I never thought about this and their benefits

  9. In this time smart phone really help peoples in multi ways you can easily open blogger and other application and they support all very well.

  10. Did you see or hear Google’s earning report on the mobile side of things? It seems as if for sure they have kind of blown the door of with earnings, and sadly enough I feel as if facebook is left in the dust.

    But the time is coming where mobile is going to if, its not already where it’s all at!

    Thanks for sharing this information,


    • I didn’t see the Google’s earning report. Where can I read it up? In any case, mobile marketing is gradually dominating PC marketing. I’m sure content marketers are set for a drastic change.

  11. Mobile marketing is popular and widely used today. Many people preferred browsing products and services through their phones. It is more convenient and easy to do. Mobile content marketing is a brilliant idea.

  12. Mobile are very much in use nowadays; it is very handy and many people are now browsing the internet with this electronic gadget. As an article marketer, online writer or blogger, this thing must be considered

  13. It’s a great article about mobile marketing. I think it’s one arm of content marketing that’s being neglected by marketers. I’d get started at it pretty soon.

  14. we dont have life if we dont have a smart phone. We can even blog from phone, but when it comes to blogger.com! then we must buy an iPad instead of a smart phone. I know there are some blogger apps but they aren’t awesome..

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