Miro Pricing: Different Pricing Options of 2022

When you’re starting out, you may be wondering about Miro pricing. After all, not every business can afford a full-featured CRM, and the free plan is only for small teams.

If you’re considering a Miro plan for your team, you’ll want to learn more about the differences between its free plan and its Team and Enterprise plans.

Luckily, Miro pricing is simple and affordable – it starts at $10 per month for the Free plan and goes up to $96 a year.

However, as your team grows, the cost will increase correspondingly. For larger teams, Miro has three pricing plans: Business, Team, and Enterprise.

Free plan

Miro is a project management tool that has recently raised $400 million in its series C funding round. Its software enhances users’ ability to manage change, risk, and resources. In addition to its proprietary pricing, the software also offers free trial options and a free trial.

The basic free plan comes with templates and boards, which are enough for an initial assessment of the product. For larger businesses, you can request a quote for an enterprise-grade package.

The free version of Miro is limited when compared to the paid versions. You can only edit three boards at a time and must wait for other team members to complete their brainstorming.

Miro also lacks features like video chat, custom template sharing, and a countdown timer. But if you want to use the tool for a team, you can upgrade to a higher plan and enjoy many more features.

However, the free version has its limitations and is not for everyone.

As with any software, you should do thorough research before selecting one. It is nearly impossible to find the perfect system for your business, and you need to make sure you pick the right one for your needs. Make note of key features, budget, and skill levels of your company’s staff. Then, dig deeper into the solutions. Once you’ve chosen the right one, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen the best option for your organization.

Miro is an online whiteboard tool for distributed teams. It allows users to create mind maps, big picture projects, and central information hubs. Its features make it an excellent choice for team collaboration. Miro supports a range of tools, including digital sticky notes, smart drawing, and embed videos. The free plan allows you to use up to 3 boards. Miro also integrates with webex and messaging. You can start using the service immediately.

Team plan

Miro has several plans for small businesses that range from $8 a month per member to $168 a year per team. For teams of two or less, the free plan is an excellent way to test out the product before purchasing. For companies with a larger team, the enterprise-grade plan is available upon request for a quote. Miro offers a variety of features for teams of five or more users. Listed below are some of the main features that you’ll find in each plan.

Team plans include unlimited boards and integrations with Jira and Asana. For teams of more than two people, the Team plan costs $10 a month per user. For larger teams, you can use the Enterprise plan for unlimited boards. This plan also includes a Zapier integration for automatic creation of cards. For a small team, Miro is a good fit for collaboration on large projects. Its pricing depends on the number of team members, but it is worth it if you have more than two people in a team.

To get unlimited boards, you can choose a free plan or a paid plan. Paid seats allow each member of your team to access full board features and edit content. This can be viewed under Account settings > Active users. For more than two people, Miro recommends purchasing a license. This will allow you to invite collaborators, hold a series of workshops, or train new staff members. Once your team has reached the required number of users, you can share your board with visitors.

If you have multiple people in your team, you can choose to upgrade your account to the Team plan. If you choose to upgrade, you can choose to change the number of team members that your team has. This plan is ideal for teams that need to manage projects on multiple devices. If you’re unsure how many team members you’ll have, you can consult the Miro team plan pricing page for more information. Aside from that, you’ll be able to create and manage your project in the most efficient and effective way.

Enterprise plan

The Miro Enterprise plan is available for businesses with 50 or more team members. It costs an extra $16 per user per month. The free plan comes with three editable boards, unlimited team members, and premade templates. You can create unlimited boards, customize the board layout, and connect the platform to your other systems, including Jira. The Enterprise plan is tailored to the needs of large businesses, and it includes a dedicated customer success manager.

To access the Enterprise plan, sign in to your Miro account, click on “Create Team.” Enter your work email address and create a password. Select a team name, and check the box that says “Anyone in your domain can join.” In addition, select the purpose for which you will use the tool, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons. For example, if you’re planning to use Miro for business meetings, you should choose “Education.”

The Miro Business Plan offers more features, including the ability to invite guests to private boards, smart meeting tools, and advanced packs. This plan starts at $16 per user per month. The Enterprise Plan adds data governance, security, and premium support for your team. It also offers integrations with more than 20 applications. It also has SSO, SSL encryption, and compliance with SOC-2. While the Miro Enterprise plan is designed for business use, it also offers a free version for personal use.

If you’re a business looking to scale, the Miro Enterprise plan is the best choice. The platform combines powerful collaboration tools and a freemium model. You can create unlimited boards and invite as many team members as you’d like. The price of the Enterprise plan varies, but it’s well worth it for the added value you’ll get. There’s no need to worry about spending money when you can use this powerful tool for free.

Miro Pricing Summary

Miro pricing is affordable for small businesses and is scaled as your team grows. The basic plan is free, but as your team grows, your monthly fee will increase. Miro also offers a free plan that only has three editable boards. The basic plan is great for evaluating the product, while the Business plan costs $10 per user per month or $192 per year. Enterprise pricing is also available upon request. You can also get a quote for a custom enterprise plan.

For larger teams, Miro has two plans: the freemium plan and the team plan. Both plans allow unlimited viewers and commenters, but you must purchase a minimum of two seats. Alternatively, Miro also has a free-forever plan that lets you use the software for unlimited team members.

This plan is ideal for small teams as it enables collaboration and is also suited for larger businesses. But before you start using Miro, be sure to ask about pricing and features.

The free plan lets you create unlimited boards and invite guests, but you cannot add or remove users.

Business plan comes with additional features, including data governance, premium support, and additional security measures. Moreover, it comes with a free trial that allows you to try the software for up to 3 boards.

In contrast, free plan does not allow users to access Confluence and Jira, which are useful if you’re working in a remote team.


If you’re looking for a whiteboard and collaboration tool that can make remote teams work better together, Miro is a great choice.

The collaborative whiteboard allows remote teams to brainstorm ideas with digital sticky notes, develop strategies, and plan agile workflows.

More than eight million users worldwide are using Miro. It recently raised $400 million in Series C funding, and continues to grow.

It also integrates with over 70 applications, including file storage, task trackers, CRM, and surveys.