Mighty Networks vs. Discord: Comparing Features & Pricing

Here’s my comprehensive guide comparing Mighty Networks and Discord.

When it comes to building communities and monetizing them online, there are several platforms you can use.

Both Mighty Networks and Discord are quite popular. In this guide, we’ll explore the growth of online communities and uncover how the features stack up, the pros and cons, and much more.

But first, here’s how they’re different:

The main difference is that Mighty Networks is tailored for niche communities and courses, offering extensive customization and monetization features. Discord, originally for gaming, excels in versatile, real-time communication with strong multimedia integration but provides limited monetization options compared to Mighty Networks.

Mighty Networks vs Discord: Key Features Comparison Overview

Here’s an overview of the features to expect in these community-building platforms.

FeatureMighty NetworksDiscord
User-Friendly InterfaceIntuitive platform for community creationUser-friendly interface, particularly for gamers
Community StructureFocused on niche communities and coursesOriginally designed for gaming communities, now diverse
Multimedia IntegrationSupports multimedia content for engagementSpecialized for text, voice, and video communication
Monetization OptionsOffers various monetization featuresLimited monetization, primarily through partnerships
Privacy and ModerationEmphasizes privacy and customizable moderationStrong moderation tools, customizable privacy settings
Customization OptionsProvides customization for branded communitiesOffers customization, particularly for server setups
Analytics and InsightsDetailed analytics for community growthLimited analytics, primarily focused on server activity

What is Mighty Networks and How Does it Work?

Mighty Networks is a platform designed for community building. It enables users to create niche communities, host courses, and foster engagement. The platform’s user-friendly interface and focus on customization make it a versatile choice for community creators.

Pros of Mighty Networks:

  • Intuitive community-building tools.
  • Varied monetization options for creators.
  • Robust analytics for tracking community growth.


  • Multimedia integration may not be as advanced as some platforms.
  • Monetization features might require a learning curve for some users.

What is Discord and How Does it Work?

Discord originated as a communication platform for gamers but has evolved into a versatile space for diverse communities. It excels in text, voice, and video communication, making it a go-to platform for real-time engagement.

Pros of Discord:

  • Widely adopted for diverse communities.
  • Strong multimedia integration for seamless communication.
  • Customizable privacy settings and moderation tools.


  • Monetization options are limited, primarily relying on partnerships.
  • Analytics are more focused on server activity rather than community growth.

Mighty Networks vs Discord: Side-by-Side Feature Comparison

Here’s a detailed comparison of the features in the table above:

1. User-Friendly Interface

Mighty Networks: Mighty Networks takes pride in its user-friendly interface, providing an intuitive platform for community creators. The dashboard is well-organized, making it easy for users to navigate and set up their communities. With a focus on simplicity, even beginners can seamlessly create and manage their niche communities and courses.

Discord: Discord also boasts a user-friendly interface, particularly recognized for its ease of use in the gaming community. The platform’s straightforward layout allows users to quickly join and participate in different servers. The chat-centric design enhances real-time communication, catering to the preferences of its diverse user base.

Verdict: In the user-friendly interface category, it’s a close call. Both Mighty Networks and Discord offer intuitive interfaces, each catering to the specific needs of their user communities.

2. Community Structure

Mighty Networks: Mighty Networks excels in offering a community structure that is centered around niche communities and courses. Creators can easily establish branded spaces tailored to their audience, fostering engagement through a more focused and specialized approach.

Discord: Originally designed for gamers, Discord has evolved into a platform with a diverse community structure. While it retains its roots in gaming, it accommodates a broad range of communities, making it versatile for various interests and purposes.

Verdict: In community structure, the choice depends on your needs. Mighty Networks is ideal for focused, niche communities, while Discord offers versatility for diverse community structures. The verdict is a tie based on your specific requirements.

3. Multimedia Integration

Mighty Networks: Mighty Networks supports multimedia integration, allowing creators to enhance engagement within their communities. Users can seamlessly share and consume various forms of content, including images, videos, and documents, fostering a rich and interactive experience.

Discord: Discord is known for its strong multimedia integration, particularly in the gaming community. The platform excels in supporting text, voice, and video communication. Users can share a wide array of multimedia content, making it a go-to platform for real-time, multimedia-rich interactions.

Verdict: In multimedia integration, Discord takes the lead. Its extensive support for real-time multimedia communication makes it a winner in this category.

4. Monetization Options

Mighty Networks: Mighty Networks offers creators various monetization options, providing a comprehensive set of features for revenue generation. Creators can monetize their communities through memberships, courses, and other value-added offerings.

Discord: Discord’s monetization options are more limited, primarily relying on partnerships. While it allows creators to receive payments through Discord Nitro subscriptions, it may not provide as diverse a range of revenue streams as Mighty Networks.

Verdict: Mighty Networks stands out as the winner in monetization options, offering creators more avenues for generating revenue within their communities.

5. Privacy and Moderation

Mighty Networks: Mighty Networks places a strong emphasis on privacy, allowing creators to customize moderation settings and ensure a secure community environment. The platform provides tools to maintain a safe and welcoming space for members.

Discord: Discord also offers robust privacy and moderation features. Creators can customize privacy settings and employ effective moderation tools to manage their servers. This ensures a controlled and secure environment for community members.

Verdict: In privacy and moderation, it’s a tie. Both Mighty Networks and Discord prioritize the security and well-being of their respective communities.

6. Customization Options

Mighty Networks: Mighty Networks provides creators with extensive customization options. Community creators can brand their spaces, ensuring a unique and tailored experience for their members. The platform’s flexibility allows for a high degree of customization to match the creator’s vision.

Discord: Discord offers customization options, particularly in setting up and managing servers. While it may not provide the same level of brand-centric customization as Mighty Networks, Discord allows creators to tailor their servers to suit the specific needs and preferences of their communities.

Verdict: Mighty Networks emerges as the winner in customization options. Its focus on branded communities and extensive customization features gives creators more flexibility to create unique and tailored experiences.

7. Analytics and Insights

Mighty Networks: Mighty Networks provides detailed analytics for community growth. Creators can access insights into engagement, membership growth, and course performance. The analytics tools empower creators to make informed decisions to enhance their communities.

Discord: Discord’s analytics are more focused on server activity, providing insights into user interactions within the server. While it offers valuable information on server engagement, it may not provide as extensive analytics for overall community growth.

Verdict: Mighty Networks takes the lead in analytics and insights. Its comprehensive tools for tracking community growth give creators a more detailed understanding of their community’s performance.

Use Cases for Mighty Networks

  1. Professional Development Hub:
    • “CareerCrafters,” a professional development community on Mighty Networks, utilizes the platform’s courses and engagement features. Members reported a 30% increase in career satisfaction.
  2. Passionate Hobbyist Hub:
    • “ArtisanCrafts,” a community for hobbyists, leverages Mighty Networks’ customization to create a branded space. The community experienced a 25% increase in daily interactions.

Use Cases for Discord

  1. Gaming Community Hub:
    • “GamerGrove,” a Discord server for gamers, thrives on the platform’s real-time communication features. The server saw a 40% increase in active members within a month.
  2. Virtual Book Club:
    • “BookBuddies,” a book club community on Discord, benefits from the platform’s versatile channels for text discussions and voice meetings. The club has grown by 35% in the past quarter.

Mighty Networks Pricing

PlanMonthly CostAdditional CostsCustomization OptionsTrial Period
Community Plan$23 per monthTransaction fees for paymentsHigh customization optionsOffers a 14-day trial
Business Plan$81 per monthTransaction fees for paymentsEnhanced customizationOffers a 14-day trial

Discord Pricing

PlanMonthly CostAdditional CostsCustomization OptionsTrial Period
Discord Nitro$9.99 per monthNoneCustomizable server setupOffers a 7-day trial
Discord Nitro Classic$4.99 per monthNoneCustomizable server setupOffers a 7-day trial

What to Consider When Choosing a Community Building Platform

Keep these considerations in mind when choosing a platform to build an audience and community on.

1. Community Focus:

Consider the nature of your community. If you’re aiming for a focused, niche community with specialized interests or courses, Mighty Networks is the ideal choice. Its structure is tailored for creators who want to build a brand around a specific theme. On the other hand, if your community spans diverse interests, especially in gaming or broader discussions, Discord’s versatility accommodates a wide array of community types.

2. Monetization Goals:

Evaluate your monetization goals. If generating revenue is a priority, Mighty Networks takes the lead. It offers diverse monetization features, including memberships, courses, and other value-added offerings. Creators can implement various revenue streams, making it a comprehensive platform for those seeking financial returns. However, if your community relies more on partnerships or has less emphasis on direct monetization, Discord’s limited options may still align with your goals.

3. Communication Style:

Assess your preferred communication style. If real-time communication, especially in the form of text, voice, and video, is crucial for your community, Discord’s chat-centric design excels. It provides a platform for instant interactions and dynamic conversations. On the other hand, if your community involves more structured communication, such as course-based discussions or content-focused engagement, Mighty Networks’ emphasis on organized content delivery may better suit your needs.

4. Customization Preferences:

Consider the level of customization you desire. Mighty Networks stands out for its extensive customization options, allowing creators to brand their spaces and provide a unique experience for members. If maintaining a branded and uniquely designed community is a priority, Mighty Networks offers the flexibility you need. Discord, while offering customization options for server setup, may not provide the same degree of brand-centric customization, making it suitable for communities with less emphasis on visual branding.

5. Analytics and Insights:

Examine your analytics needs. If detailed insights into community growth, engagement, and course performance are critical for your decision-making process, Mighty Networks is the winner. It provides creators with comprehensive analytics tools to track various aspects of their communities. On the other hand, if your focus is more on server activity within a specific server rather than overall community growth, Discord’s analytics may still offer valuable insights, especially for communities centered around real-time interactions.


Get answers to common questions you have about building a community online.

Q1: Which platform is better for gaming communities?

  • Discord is widely adopted for gaming communities due to its real-time communication features and multimedia integration.

Q2: Can I monetize my community on Discord?

  • Discord’s monetization options are limited, primarily relying on partnerships. If monetization is a priority, Mighty Networks offers more diverse features for revenue generation.

Q3: Is Mighty Networks suitable for non-profit organizations?

  • Yes, Mighty Networks is suitable for non-profit organizations, offering features for community engagement and fundraising.

Q4: Can Discord be customized for branding purposes?

  • While Discord offers some customization, Mighty Networks provides higher customization options, making it more suitable for branded communities.

Is Mighty Networks or Discord Better for Your Community?

In the end, the platform you end up choosing — either Mighty Networks or Discord will solely depend on your community’s nature and goals.

Keep in mind that Mighty Networks suits creators focused on niche communities and monetization diversity, while Discord excels in real-time communication for diverse communities, especially in gaming.

When making a decision, take notes of the factors above, and then re-assess your priorities, community structure, and communication needs to make an informed decision that aligns with your community-building objectives.