Mighty Networks Pricing: Which Plan is Best for You? (2022)

Mighty Networks is an online community platform with a built-in website builder, course builders, and monetization options.

It is intended for people who have built a large audience on the web and want to scale their presence by monetizing their content.

It allows you to create a private community that focuses on your niche while removing noise and distractions.

Mighty Networks offers a free plan

For those who want to create a social network without paying a dime, Mighty Networks offers a free plan that gives them the ability to create their own community. It also lets them use Mighty Networks apps, course bundles, and live classes.

Members can even start discussions and participate in sales. The service is free to use for a limited amount of time, and you can even have as many as 50 members per network.

Mighty Networks offers three different plans for business owners. There is a free plan and two paid plans.

The free plan lets you connect with community members for free, while the community and business plans allow you to make money with the community. The community plan is ad-free, GDPR compliant, SEO-friendly, and mobile-first.

Users can use the free plan to test the platform and find out if it’s right for their business. Mighty Networks also offers an admin plan that allows users to moderate the network.

This helps to keep the community safe and healthy. It also lets users designate a host to manage their networks. This option gives someone else control over your network, and it is ideal for those who want to give others the reins.

Mighty Networks also has case studies that showcase specific customer success stories. It’s common for companies to publish case studies to promote their product. However, these stories shouldn’t be used as proof that the product is the best choice for you.

Mighty Networks has over 50 case studies on its site, and a new one is added every Wednesday. While Mighty Networks may not be the best option for your business, it does provide an excellent way to get started with creating an online community.

The free plan lets you create a focused community without having to pay a dime. You can even create courses on the platform with Mighty Networks’ course creator. However, its interface can be overwhelming and confusing, making it difficult to use.

Mighty Networks: Referral Program

If you’re looking for an online marketing tool without paying a fortune, Mighty Networks might be the right choice for you.

Mighty Networks has an ambassador program, which rewards members for referring new members. There are no per-referral payments, but members earn bronze, silver, and gold status, which include additional benefits such as discounts on courses and school souvenirs.

Mighty Networks has a community-building feature that helps you build a community around your online courses. It integrates with social sites, allowing you to convert your social following into course material sales. You can also use Mighty Networks’ feature to promote courses to existing members.

This feature will grow the number of members within your course, and you can also award members who refer others to your course.

Mighty Networks’ welcome checklist makes it easy to welcome new members. It also offers helpful resources like video tutorials and step-by-step articles. You can also learn from fellow community owners and users.

Mighty Networks also offers a community that is dedicated to users. This community is quite active, and it’s an excellent place to share tips and tricks.

Mighty Networks supports both recurring payments and one-time payments. The latter option is preferred by many, as it allows users to pay just once for access to courses.

You can charge a single payment for a course that costs $499, or you can set up a monthly subscription for $99 or $350 a year. You can also let members choose which payment option works best for them.

Mighty Networks’ community features include matchmaking, badges, and group chat. Users can also interact through polls and join local events.

Those features are also beneficial for marketers who want to increase their online presence. In addition to its community features, Mighty Networks also has a robust feature set for online course creation.

Mighty Networks is best suited for community-based businesses. It enables users to create a membership site that operates on a subscription-based model, which can generate passive income.

This can be used to create a course, build a business brand, or organize member-exclusive events.

Mighty Networks vs. Circle: User-friendly Platform

Circle is a social network that allows you to build new communities and post new content. You can add a cover image, title, and description to your posts, as well as add media files that can be embedded.

It is easy to use and has a very clean and minimalistic interface. The best part is that you can customize it and make it your own.

For example, you can change the color scheme of your community and add a custom logo, or even embed a widget into your website.

Circle’s pricing plans vary from $39 to $399, and it comes with a 14-day free trial. There are three Circle plans, Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. Each of these plans comes with a number of advanced features. Circle also offers video conferencing, private groups, and more for businesses.

Circle allows you to create different communities and designate moderators and admins. It also features Single Sign-On, which allows you to log in with your external credentials. You can also set up custom invitation links for your specific communities.

Circle also has flexible payment schemes, such as free trials and coupon codes. You can also limit how many members can join your Circle community.

Circle is more user-friendly than Mighty Networks. You can set up private groups and send direct messages to specific members.

You can also set up group chats for direct messaging. Unlike Mighty Networks, Circle’s mobile app is not as customizable as Mighty Networks. In addition, Circle doesn’t have an Android app, which many people would prefer.

If you’re looking for a community platform for your online course, Circle is a better option than Mighty Networks.

Circle features a community add-on for Teachable. You can create communities to accompany existing courses or add a new one with Circle. You can use the two together or separately.

Circle also lets you customize your activity feed. You can sort members by their latest activity, date created, and popularity.

You can also add your own personalized group, which can be very useful if you want to organize your content. You can also create groups and customize your community pages with custom logos.