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If only you had the keys earlier in 2012, you’d have made more money blogging!

But it’s never too late to take the right steps. Or is it?

Blogging is a wonderful model you can take advantage of.

From B2B to B2C, the impact that a well-structured blog can have on your business is priceless.

More so, reaching out to the right audience, without pushing sales down their neck is the best way to boost your profit.

The seven keys you’ll need to start making money online with your blog this New Year are:

1.       Leverage Tools & Expertise

I don’t know about you, but I want to personally utilize all the free, premium and helpful marketing tools online. Most people still stick to the old-fashioned ways of promoting a website.

If you continue like that, the chances of making money online with your blog would be slim. To leverage means to use the available tools and expertise online to your advantage.

One of such is outsourcing. In 2012, a lot of bloggers were selfish. They actually made up their minds to run their blog alone – without asking for external support. But that’s the wrong way to start earning a living online.

You need others if you must succeed. Ask every successful blogger and they’d tell you; you can’t make money all by yourself.

You can automate your tweets with clicktotweet, social shares with That’s leverage at work. Use it and Profit Big.

2.       Start a business and get serious

In November 2012, I finally registered my business with the Commission. As a wise marketer, the best way to start making money off your blog is when you wrap a business around it. Blogging is a serious business, no joke!

Don’t just be a blogger who wakes up every morning and begins to write article. Of course there is nothing wrong with updating your blog, but when it’s without a clear objective as to what you really want to achieve, blogging can drain you.

That’s why having a business of your own is the ultimate step to take this year. Get offline; register a real business that can solve a definite problem. Then get online and employ all “those” marketing techniques you know.

I’ve seen Floor Sanding companies make huge sales from their online audience.  When you run your blog as a real business, only then can you be able to manage, organize, outsource, execute, monetize and solve real-life problems.

3.       Create a product/service

Apart from starting a business that you can call your own, creating a product/service is equally important.

Because you need to sell to make money either offline or online. More importantly, your brand would grow exponentially if you bring VALUE to the market.

It begins with an idea that people can subscribe to. You should hang out with your target audience more often, so you can hear their heartbeat, their pains and how desperate they need solutions.

This way, aligning your product or service to meet their needs would be easier.

Do you really have a product or service that you’re proud of? It’s a BIG question and unless you can answer that, there is no saving grace whatsoever. Did I just say that?

Once you’ve built a sizable audience, pull a seat, put your brain to work and package the exact product they need. That’s how to make money online blogging.

4.       Offer incentives to your readers
grow your income

To really get your readers interested in your product and service, giving them incentives could work wonderfully. I’ve seen the effect of rewarding my readers.

It doesn’t really matter how small the incentive is, but human psychology shows that people like gifts. They want to be appreciated for their efforts.

If people visited your blog, supported you by leaving helpful comments, sharing and telling their friends and family about your blog, they need an incentive.

You could partner with a web hosting firm to offer free 1year hosting plan to the first 5 or 10 persons. Of course, readers have to take a step to attain this position.

In all, offering incentives would not only bring in more targeted traffic, but a handful of sales of your product/service.

5.       Catch attention with content headline

I’m glad I didn’t ignore this point. Writing headline has never been easier, especially now that 85% of bloggers are prepared to embrace 2013 with a BIG BANG.

From people’s experiences, struggles and gains you could easily learn how to make your headline catchy.

That’s how to draw people in and encourage them to read the post. Most of the time, I usually spend more time rewriting the headline than I do with the article itself.

This means that if the headline isn’t powerful enough to catch attention, the purpose of the piece is defeated.

Ideally, include figures in your headline. Also, asking questions and wrapping the ‘answer’ in braces can hook the reader.

And when they’re hooked, the chances of engaging them are increased by 102%. Consequently, conversion rate would increase the moment engagement is up.

6.       Don’t waste your visitors

I wouldn’t want to waste your precious time on this point. You already know what I’m talking about.

Building a list and starting a relationship with them is the easiest way to make money online. However, don’t be deceived by the quirky phrase which says, “The money is in the list.”

The truth is, that phrase isn’t 99% true. It’s true that collecting leads is wise for making money online, but if those leads are not targeted, it’d be difficult convincing subscribers to buy from you. Period!

That’s why people with thousands of members of their list are still broke, whereas a savvy marketer I know sent an exclusive email to her 448 subscribers, two days ago and got a conversion rate of 55%.

In other words, more than 200 people actually purchased the affiliate program she recommended.

Yes, by all legit means, strive to grow your list. But don’t be carried away. Build a relationship first and foremost. That’s my call to you this New Year!

7.       Apply content marketing tact

I’d like to conclude this post by telling you the importance of content marketing.

If that term is new to you, it then means you’ve been living somewhere in the Antarctica. In order to make more money online with your blog, knowing your audience is more than important.

When you study them carefully, you’d discover their ultimate needs. Oftentimes, it’s not the result of a poor product or service that makes bloggers broke, but lack of understanding of who their target audience is.

At this point in your blogging career, you can’t afford to write nor network blindly. Before you publish a blog post or whatever content on your blog, make sure you’ve observed the trend.

Is it what your readers are expecting at the moment? The article might be informative and practicable, but if it’s published at the WRONG time, what difference would it make?

Make money takeaway

You may not have earned a decent income from your blog, and truly desire to change that ugly story. All I can say is to TAKE THINGS EASY at this stage. The year is still a virgin.

What you need more than anything is baby steps. One step at a time can net you tremendous success, providing that you’re consistent and walks in the light of the above keys.

If I made money through my blog in 2012, you too can earn a living from the internet this 2013.

Are you satisfied with the amount of money you made last year? Please share your comment below – I’m ready to help you in my own special way. See you ahead!