Mailjet vs. SendGrid: Which is Better (+ Alternatives)

In this comparison between two email marketing services: Mailjet vs SendGrid.

We’ll compare Mailjet and Sendgrid to find out which is better for your business.

Both providers offer flexible plans based on your usage needs, but Mailjet offers a broader selection of transactional templates and excellent deliverability.

You can also choose to use a payment-based contact storage system instead of storing your contacts yourself.

You can also find a detailed comparison of both companies’ privacy and security policies and read more user reviews below.


Moosend is a powerful all-in-one email marketing and delivery service. It offers a drag-and-drop email editor, advanced list segmentation, A/B testing, and real-time analytics.

Moosend also has a free plan for sending unlimited emails. Mailjet and Sendgrid have similar pricing plans, but the former offers more features and more customization options.

The free plan for Moosend offers all the key features, except for transactional emails, SMPT servers, and hosted landing pages.

Mailjet also provides customer support, though their response times are less than one minute.

The paid plans of both companies offer dedicated account managers. Moosend is cheaper and easier to use than MailChimp. Both tools have excellent open rates, but Mailjet has a free plan that is branded and limited to 1,000 subscribers.

Moosend offers a drag-and-drop builder and includes pre-designed templates. It has received 4.8-star reviews from 156 users. Some of its high-profile customers include Domino’s, Tedx, Gucci, and a variety of small and medium-sized businesses.

Moosend offers a free plan without credit card. While Moosend does not offer transactional emails, you can use it to send mass emails.

The pros of Mailjet include a powerful email builder, built-in contact management system, and actionable analytics. Unlike SendGrid, Mailjet also offers a free solution with unlimited contacts and up to 6000 emails per month. And Mailjet is cheap enough that it’s worth considering if you want to send a large volume of emails. It also has great features.

Best Alternatives


When you are planning on sending out an email campaign, you might wonder which of the two email services is better. Both services offer email security and phishing protection. These services offer strict policies and guidelines to help you manage the SMTP service. Besides this, both services offer backup services. Which is better: DuoCircle or Mailjet? Which email service has better delivery rates? Both email delivery services are equally beneficial, but DuoCircle is considered the better option.


Among all of the email delivery services out there, Pepipost stands out for its high deliverability rates. Pepipost takes care of the IP warmup and monitoring spam blacklists, ensuring that your emails are received by your subscribers. It also maintains a perfect IP reputation, which is essential for email deliverability. Mailjet is another email delivery service that boasts great deliverability rates. However, recent phishing emails have made Sendgrid’s reputation a bit shaky.

Pepipost is available at a competitive price. Pepipost offers the most affordable pricing and a balance of features. If you’re considering sending a lot of emails for your business, Pepipost can help you. Their reliable service and knowledgeable support team are sure to help you get the most out of your email marketing campaign. So, what are the pros and cons of Pepipost?

Pepipost is the fastest transactional email delivery service. With its built-in SMTP and artificial intelligence, it provides reliable Inboxing in less than a second. Pepipost is an affordable alternative to SendGrid and Mailjet and even integrates with popular website builders. It also offers real-time reports and is compatible with multiple platforms. Pepipost is a paid service, but you can get a free trial to see its features and capabilities before making a decision.

Mailjet is another option for big volume senders. This service provides a built-in email builder and contact management system. You can customize user information, send transactional emails, and notification emails. It also offers an unlimited number of contacts and an inbuilt email editor. Mailjet also boasts of GDPR compliance, ISO 27001 certification, and an impressive deliverability rate. You can send unlimited emails with this service for free.

Twilio SendGrid

There are some fundamental differences between mailjet and Twilio SendGrid. The former is a mail transfer agent that uses a proprietary protocol, whereas the latter does the actual sending. Twilio SendGrid is a messaging platform that processes email requests and passes them on to the recipient’s inbox provider. Both senders and recipients get a confirmation that their message has been received.

In addition to allowing marketers to create and manage email campaigns, Twilio SendGrid features a robust email API, and has served tens of thousands of customers for over 10 years. In addition to enabling developers and marketers to collaborate, Twilio SendGrid is a platform that provides technical support for its users. While mailjet offers its users the ability to easily integrate with third-party apps, Twilio SendGrid is designed for marketers.

Mailjet offers transactional email services and has been in business since 2010. Founded in 2010, Mailjet’s email service includes transactional email, marketing emails, and an email API. Its features are extensive, with easy-to-use design templates and sign-up forms. The company is a leader in email delivery and boasts of more than 80,000 paying customers and sending 70 billion emails per month. It was recently acquired by Twilio, a communications platform.

Mailjet offers more than just email marketing. It also offers chat, social media, and SMS messaging services. Each marketing team gets an account, which lets them track important metrics like open and unsubscribe rates, and use advanced features to send more relevant messages. Moreover, the platform is GDPR-compliant and ISO-27001-certified, making it a trusted SMTP service. Mailjet also offers a gallery of transactional templates to help businesses improve their email campaigns and automate workflows.

Amazon SES

When choosing a marketing automation platform, there are a few factors to consider. First, both services provide email marketing. However, Mailjet and Amazon SES have different features and advantages. For instance, Mailjet offers a template designer and hosting for custom email templates. While Amazon SES lacks these features, third-party tools allow you to use the platform’s API for custom email design. In this article, we’ll examine the main differences between the two services.

Although Amazon SES is the most cost-effective option, it is not perfect. Amazon SES does not provide dedicated IP addresses and is limited to verified email addresses. However, if you need to send emails to a large number of recipients, Amazon SES is a great choice. However, you’ll need a lot of internal expertise to make full use of Amazon SES, so it is not recommended for novice users.

A key difference between the two services is how they handle spam. While Mailjet offers more features and support for spam filters, Amazon SES’s reputation makes it a smart choice for many businesses. It supports industry-standard authentication methods. Both services have an analytics report and tools to manage sender reputation. It’s a good idea to compare both email services before making a decision. There are pros and cons of both services.


For those who need email marketing and automation, Mailjet offers a combination of transactional tools, email automation, and a robust API for simple integration. It also offers a SMTP server and REST integrations, which make it a good choice for marketers of any size. It’s worth considering for your marketing campaigns, if you want to use these tools and get the most out of them at an affordable price.