Mailbird vs Outlook: Which is Better (+ Alternatives)

If you’re looking to organize and manage your emails, you might be wondering which is better: Mailbird or Outlook?

Whether you want a simpler interface, a more powerful interface, or more features, you’ll find the answer in this Mailbird vs outlook comparison article.

While these two email clients are similar in many ways, they’re quite different in terms of functionality and design.

While Outlook’s features and ecosystem are extensive, Mailbird’s is easier to learn and use.


A comparison of Thunderbird and Outlook will highlight the differences between the two mail clients. While Thunderbird is an excellent alternative to Outlook, it does have a few key limitations.

Outlook users can’t access their calendar or tasks, but they can add extensions that mimic iCal.

Another big downside of Thunderbird is that it isn’t compatible with chat applications, such as Skype. In addition, there are few integrations available for social networks, such as Facebook.

If you are looking for a reliable email client, the choice is clear. The two most popular email clients are Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. Both have good security measures, but Thunderbird is free to download and use. Thunderbird is also easier to set up and use than Outlook, so many people prefer it for that reason. Mozilla Thunderbird can handle multiple email accounts and is easy to use, but it is not as secure as Outlook.

When using Thunderbird, users can quickly add accounts by entering their email address and password. Thunderbird will then fetch this data from the server. Thunderbird has an intuitive user interface, displaying accounts and sub-folders on the left sidebar. In addition to this, it also displays a preview window underneath the inbox list. Thunderbird also has custom-sized panels that allow you to organize your inbox. If you want to view emails without opening them, you can customize panels and choose to preview them in a separate window.

In Thunderbird, you can easily import contacts from your Google and Facebook accounts. The application also offers powerful security features such as password managers and spam filters. Thunderbird also has a good user interface and supports extensions and themes. You can sync your calendar with Thunderbird using TbSync or gContactSync. Thunderbird also supports Google Talk and XMPP. It also features a chat feature, which allows you to chat with your business partners.

The other advantage of Thunderbird is that you can import Outlook contacts and email folders. Both Thunderbird and Outlook can import your Address Book and contacts with relative ease. Importing your Outlook email account is easy as long as you have a backup of your Thunderbird data. Thunderbird also supports several MBOX email clients. When it comes to compatibility, it is best to choose the one that offers the most features. You can also use both Thunderbird and Outlook in different situations.


There are several email clients to choose from. Entourage is one of them. It is compatible with Microsoft Office and offers a similar feature set as the venerable Outlook. However, the two email clients have their differences. Below we will discuss some of the features of each program. Let’s begin with the basics of each application. What makes Entourage different from mailbird? Whether it’s its interface or the features it has to offer, both email clients can prove to be beneficial to a number of users.

If you have Outlook data and are using Entourage, you can import it using Microsoft vydal. If you’ve used Outlook 2001, you can easily import it into Entourage with the help of this software. If you’re using a Mac version of Outlook, you can also use Microsoft’s vydal PST importer. It imports PST files into Entourage and is compatible with Outlook 2001.

If you’ve used Entourage before, you’ll notice the same file format. Entourage supports MBOX and RGE files. It can also import MBOX files into its email client. However, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right MBOX format in your Mac’s operating system. This is especially important if you’re switching from another email application. The best choice depends on your personal preferences.


Another important difference between Entourage and Mailbird is their features. Mailbird has more than 30 integrations for other applications.

For example, it integrates Slack and Facebook Messenger, as well as other chat applications. For productivity purposes, Mailbird is the better choice.

Mailbird also has the advantage of being more user-friendly. This is especially important if you’re using the app for work. It can also sync with external email accounts.