5 Fabulous Secrets You Should Know About Link Building

Building links to a website or blog has become a significant criteria in search engine ranking.link building

It’s so vital that you begin to take it seriously. When link building is done correctly, the results usually speak for itself.

Google’s top 10 ranking is not for new sites, although, I’ve seen recently launched blogs outrank aged websites.

But link building plays a definite role in ensuring you succeed with search engine optimization.


But building links that is search engine friendly, takes creativity and skill.

In this post, I want to draw your attention to 5 fabulous secrets that matters in link building. I call these secrets fabulous, because knowing them would impact your site performance and boost your pagerank.


1.  People Optimized Content (P.O.C)


The best link building approach starts with the right mindset about people. It’s humans that use keywords on Google. Search engines merely uses those keywords to determine the relevancy of web pages. So, when looking to build quality backlinks that counts, especially now the Google panda updates is announced, you need to optimize your web pages, contents and anchors for the people.


These days, search engine spiders follow people to determine what interests, engages and persuades them to link back to you. Natural link building that matters the most, is that one comes from personal link sharing. And this could only be achieved when your content is “people-optimized.”


2. Anchor Texts Linking (A.T.L)


Whenever you build your backlinks, it’s ideal that you use your primary keywords as anchor. When search engine spiders crawl any given web page, they are simply looking for keywords that are relevant to the title of the post. Interestingly, anchor texts that are keyword based carries a great weight in search algorithm.


So, build your backlinks using your keywords as anchor. Instead of asking visitors to “click here,” you should hyperlink your primary keyword. The authority attributed to that link is always high.



What makes a link relevant?


It’s simple but often neglected by desperate bloggers and internet marketers. When a link comes from another website that treats the same subject as you, it’s relevant. For instance, if I’m to build a relevant backlink to my technology blog, I need to write quality content, get it featured on either of the top tech blogs, like techcrunch, mashable and engadgets.com. These top sites all have contents and keywords in the technology niche, it then becomes relevant to my website.


4. Social Media Concept (S.M.C)


Social media marketing has come to stay, now that it’s user-edited. When it comes to link building, web 2.0 sites like Facebook, twitter, hubpages etc, are vital for success. But you don’t have to strain yourself in approaching social media. Instead, you do it like the experts by automating your advertising campaign.


How sociable you’re, determines how relevant and informative your content is. That’s why blogging and every other business model online, is about networking. These days, you need to follow people, get to know them and build trust that lasts. This way, they would willingly share your content with their friends, and link back to your web page from their authority sites.


Don’t neglect social media marketing, it works when you automate, schedule optimize for humans and build relationships.


5. On-Page Linking Strategy (O.L.S)


The final secret to making sure your link build efforts isn’t in vain, is to optimize your web pages in-house. It means you should focus on making your internal links, strong and search engine friendly. How?


Simple. As a blogger, whenever you write your blog posts, make sure you link back to your previous posts, articles and videos. You should ask your readers to check out your previous opinion in any given topic. This way, your site would appear as an authority, where previous works are still vital, informative and interesting to be referred to.


All these are channels through which, Google and other A-list search engines reward your link building efforts, and position your site to rank highly. These secrets might not be new to you, but applying the concepts behind it sure has its reward.

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