Link Building Expert – 10 Irresistible Ways To Build Natural Backlinks

Links are the currency of the web. …{Brian Clark}

If you know how to build the right links, you may as well dictate what happens in your business in terms of targeted traffic and sales.

Are you a link building expert?

Well, you may think there is something unique about these so-called experts. I know that some of them knows their onion when it comes to helping clients. I’m not against them and needless to say, I’m good at link building.

There are things you can do to supercharge your blog and corporate websites and become an authority.

Just ride with me as I share the 10 irresistible ways to build natural and authority links to your blog. Just like any worthwhile adventure, you’ve some work to do. Instead of subscribing to an seo link building service, you should learn how the experts do it.

1. Valuablable Links Strategy

It’s not every link that’s valuable. Some links cause more harm than good to your overall pagerank and may lead to sandboxing from Google. The link you need should be unique, relevant and built naturally.

It’s not the quantity of the links that counts, but the quality. Let this become the fulcrum of your link building activities online – and you’ll excel.

2. Guest Posting Strategy

You can’t beat the importance of this strategy. By simply writing and publishing quality guest posts, you will generate a lot of natural links to your web pages. As you build your links, make sure you spread the juice to your inner web pages and not just the homepage.

This way, it appears more natural in Google’s eye and also improve your inner page positions.

3. Spice Up Your Blog

Spicypage is a site I discovered recently. This particular site has a PR 5 as I write this and can help you with natural links. All you’ve to do is sign up, then spice up your homepage by uploading the snapshot and URL.

Once your blog address is on this web 2.0 site, your indexing-speed is greatly enhanced. If you check your backlink’s weight, the links from this site is usually high.

4. Contextual Link building Strategy

Another powerful way to build natural links that Google and other search engine love, is to make it contextual. This is the type of link that comes from within the content of the page. It’s more powerful than links from the author’s bio.

It flows naturally as your post is being read. It could be difficult to get these kind of links, but with proper keyword research and creativity, there are great blogs that allow links from within the content.

It might not bring you much web traffic like the author bio section, but it weighs higher and improves search engine ranking.

Not very many people consider this a vital aspect of link building, but you can make a difference and become the link building expert who values contextual links.

5. One Way Link Building Strategy

Press release distribution can get you a one way link. Often, release articles could appear on Google News and other authority sites within 24 hours. If you want quick indexing and targeted traffic, press release should be your strategy.

However, your release must be news worthy in order to attract the media. If you fail to attract the media, you may as well promote your content manually and this takes time.

The media can triple your effort and bring 1000s of responsive readers to your blog weekly.

You may not link to your web pages, but your homepage. For most PR sites, no anchor link is allowed by your primary address is welcome. That’s a one way link.

6. Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

Can RSS help in link building?

Yes it can. This simple aggregator can put your link system on steroids. It’s usually advisable to syndicate your RSS feed right from the onset. You may not have the time to do it every day.

So, grab that sleek URL and submit to several authority sites. E.g, etc

Whenever your new blog post goes live, a chain of high quality links are extracted automatically. The good part is that every RSS feed comes with a separate page and so Google sees that as a vital part of your ranking.

7. Deliver Real Valuable Content

One unique character that can set you apart as a link building expert is the “value” you deliver.

Blogging is more than writing fresh contents everyday, such contents must be valuable, informative and interesting. Winning in this competitive age is somewhat difficult, but when you focus in giving value to every visitor that comes around, your success becomes real and formidable.

The best link you can get is from impulse sharing.

When someone enjoys reading your post, the first thing that comes to their mind is how their friends and loved ones could benefit from it. When a satisfied reader shares your content, the bye-product is a natural relevant link that matters in search engine ranking.

8. Facebook Likes [Strategy]

Making the web a better place should motivate you. You don’t have to write blog posts just to have a fresh content that people read. There is more to that – map out a strategy to continually produce likable contents that prompts the reader to do something (share, like, tweet, ping, tag etc).

You can’t succeed online pleasing yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Prince of your country, the aim is to solve problems with your blog posts.

Can someone click your Facebook like button or link?

Remember, Facebook is an authority site and any backlink you get from there counts. It doesn’t matter if it’s do-follow or no-follow.

9. Media Link Juice

If you want intelligent people to link to you, you’ve go to reduce your spelling and grammatical errors to the barest minimum. I’m not saying be 100% perfect, but be readable. You might have important things to say but the way you say it matters.

You should scan your blog to determine the kind of people who visit most often. These people should direct your writing and words. As you write, think about their reactions and how they would respond to your opinion.

The less spelling and grammatical errors you’ve on your site/blog, the easier it is for popular, intelligent and successful people to share. Picture what would happen if a successful blogger with 40,000 twitter followers decides to tweet your posts. Isn’t that wonderful?

10. Tag Related Sites On Delicious

Tagging can be productive.

Our aim is to make our links natural and relevant. Delicious is a great site where you can find great sites that have authority.

You may eventually get a link-juice when you follow a popular entrepreneur. It’s like following someone on twitter and the person decides to reciprocate. Research the top 100 popular sites and link to them.

The more friendly you’re to these people, the easier they reciprocate and speed up your link building process.

Have you considered the benefits of tagging a popular blog, it could be one owned by a link building expert? If they reciprocate, that can be priceless.

One Extra Link Building Strategy

I know I promised ten irresistible ways, but just to over-deliver on my promise, below is an extra link building system that rocks.

11. Watch And Write On Hot Trends

Find out what’s going on around you and write about it. Off course, it should deal with your niche topic. And fortunately, every niche has their own fad of the moment. Is there any idea spreading like wildfire?

If you write about hot trends and and include plenty of original content (and link back to some of the original sources and links), your blog may get an applause and attract natural links from authority sites.

To keep in touch, Google provides you with daily alert of what’s spreading at the moment. Be the first to write about it and get others talking about it.

Go right ahead and implement the strategies in this post. It’s time you take your business to the next level by increasing your blog’s currency (links) in a natural way. Share this post with your friends, subscribers and loved ones and make comments below.