Libsyn Pricing For Podcasters

Libsyn pricing starts at five dollars a month and goes up to seventy dollars per month for its enterprise-level LibsynPro plan.

In addition to the basic plan, which includes 50MB of storage per month, it also comes with transcription services, a social media publishing tool, and an optional listing on Libsyn’s app.

The most expensive plan, however, has enterprise-level features and includes media transcoding and dynamic ad insertion.

Libsyn’s cheapest plan gives you 50MB of audio a month

Unlike some podcast hosting platforms, Libsyn does not offer a free plan. It offers several plans with varying prices, but the cheapest one will give you 50MB of audio storage and basic features.

Other plans come with more storage, advanced statistics, paywalls, and a custom domain. Free podcast hosting platforms have storage limitations, limited monetization opportunities, and limited control over the content. Libsyn’s plan will let you upload podcast episodes to multiple podcast hosting sites, but this is not ideal for a lot of podcasters.

Libsyn’s plans vary depending on how much storage space you need. The cheapest plan allows you to upload 50MB of audio a month. Larger plans come with higher storage limits, and you can choose from four to eight hundred megabytes. One minute of audio is typically 0.5 to 1.0 MB. Depending on the type of audio you’re uploading, your files may be large.

Libsyn’s cheapest plan includes transcription services

Unlike many similar services, Libsyn does not change files but instead provides tools for adding metadata to episodes. The cheapest plan only allows you to upload 50MB of audio per month. If you need to upload more than two hours per month, you should upgrade to the 250MB plan. The cheapest plan is suitable for the majority of podcasters, but you may want to consider paying extra for an enterprise plan, which offers more advanced features.

Libsyn’s enterprise-level LibsynPro plan includes dynamic ad insertion

Libsyn’s enterprise-grade ‘LibsynPro’ plan comes with dynamic ad insertion and account access management features. This plan is perfect for brands, personalities, and networks, and includes features such as customizable ad insertion tools and advanced IAB v2.0 stats. In addition, Libsyn PRO customers can add dynamic ad insertion tools to their podcasts and access their IAB-compliant statistics.

Libsyn’s advertising features include the ability to insert advertisements, play audio commercials, and set custom ad slots. Users can also sell podcast subscriptions. In return, Libsyn takes 20-30% of each subscription sale. Additionally, podcasters can earn affiliate commissions for every new episode. These commissions can be re-upped at any time to generate additional revenue.

Unlike other services, Libsyn does not offer a free trial. It has tiers from $15 to $75 and is designed for all types of podcasters. For the most part, you’ll probably be fine with the $15 or $20-tier. However, for advanced users, you should invest in a LibsynPro plan, which includes dynamic ad insertion and account management.

Libsyn’s free basic plan allows you to create two hours of audio a month

Libsyn’s free basic account allows you to create up to two hours of audio per month. However, if you need more storage than this, you can upgrade to a premium plan.

Premium accounts are available for $10 per month and include additional features such as private podcasting, dynamic ad insertion, account access management, and more.

For podcasters just starting out, Libsyn is a good option. However, if you are a more experienced podcaster, Libsyn’s free plan may not be for you.


Libsyn is one of the oldest podcast hosting services and is often recommended by experienced podcasters.

It offers basic stats and basic features, but there is a 50MB upload limit. If you want to create a larger podcast, you might want to opt for Megaphone by Panoply.

For $5 per month, you can upload up to 500MB per month and create two hours of audio every month.