Jotform vs SurveyMonkey: Key Differences, Pros & Cons, Pricing

Here’s a comprehensive Jotform vs SurveyMonkey comparison guide.

If you’re looking for a form-building tool that works with WordPress and other platforms, you may want to compare Jotform vs SurveyMonkey. 

Both software applications offer similar key features, but they serve slightly different purposes. 

The main difference between the two programs lies in the advanced features they offer. 

For example, Jotform was designed for non-technical users, while the advanced tools offered by SurveyMonkey are better suited for those who do a lot of market research.

While SurveyMonkey’s price is comparable to Jotform, it does have a few additional features. For example, Jotform offers integration with Integrately, which lets you automate forms without coding. 

And you can view the results in real-time. But while it’s easy to create online forms with both tools, you may want to look into Jotform’s more advanced options, including Signature Forms. 

These features are helpful for companies that need to collect signatures from customers, such as for contracts and license agreements.

Jotform offers a variety of features that are more versatile than those found in SurveyMonkey. 

Both platforms allow you to collect data, send surveys, and receive payment. 

With Jotform, you can create and distribute online forms that can be easily shared with other apps. 

While using these two services for online surveys, be sure to consider the pros and cons of each before making a decision.  

If you’re looking for a way to design and administer online surveys, Jotform is the better choice. Unlike SurveyMonkey, it’s easy to customize and publish online forms with the click of a button. But, if you’re just starting out, you might prefer to use Jotform.

This will help you save time and money in the long run. And it’s more affordable than a subscription to either of these web-based survey tools.

Jotform is an effective tool for online surveys. It has a powerful survey builder and is easier to use than its competitor. 

However, it has a limited number of templates and isn’t very easy to customize. As a result, you’ll probably need a more professional tool. 

You can also get Jotform for free if you’re not happy with the free trial version of SurveyMonkey.

Jotform is a great option for beginners. While both of these software solutions have many of the same features, Jotform is easier to use. It’s much easier to create surveys with both, but you need to have some experience with web-based software. 

With a little practice, you’ll be able to build a professional-looking survey without difficulty. In addition, Jotform’s survey builder is a bit messy and cluttered. You may also find it hard to view some of the options in the sidebar, which can overlap the form.

Who is Jotform For?

The JotForm software is an online form creator and submission system. The site is user-friendly and offers tools for a variety of forms, such as fillable PDFs, surveys, and online forms. 

There are over 10,000 templates, so it can be difficult to find the one you’re looking for. 

But there is no need to worry because the system is easy to learn. You can use it right away.

Unlike most other forms creators, JotForm lets you design forms on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Because of this, you’ll be able to easily create forms for different devices. 

Plus, you can easily integrate the software with third-party services and sites. It’s a good option for organizations that have to gather data by hand. 

But because of its simple design, anyone can create and edit forms and collect data with JotForm.

There are many uses for JotForm. Its software allows you to create forms with drag-and-drop functionality and even encrypt user data. 

Moreover, it can integrate with external sites like Facebook and Google, so you can get the information you need from your visitors. The largest segment of JotForm customers is the Hospital & Health Care industry, followed by Construction. 

Despite the company’s large number of customers, most of them are small businesses.

Moreover, Jotform enables collaboration. You can share the form with other members of your team without sharing login credentials and data. This makes data sharing and collaboration easy while enabling the team to complete tasks in record time. 

This makes JotForm a great choice for any type of manual data collection. The system’s intuitive interface is easy to learn and implement. This is the best solution for any type of organization.

JotForm has a drag-and-drop feature. It allows you to drag and drop blocks and create forms. 

The blocks you add can be placed anywhere on a template. You can also set up multiple fields, and you can make multiple copies of the same form. 

This feature is extremely useful for businesses that use Jotform for surveys. However, it can only be used for surveys and forms that are free of charge.

Moreover, JotForm can be used on any device. This is beneficial for companies that are mobile-friendly. 

The software also enables you to use Jotform on mobile devices. Its responsive design means that it will be compatible with all types of mobile devices. 

And if you’re a business, you can create forms on the go with Jotform. It will save you time and money.

In addition, Jotform has an extensive list of apps that can automate your workflow. It can connect to document automation software and PayPal. It can be integrated with many other applications. 

Its integrations with other apps allow it to be a powerful tool for businesses. You can use this software for business purposes. You can also integrate it with other tools for more efficient communication and collaboration.  

Jotform Pricing

Jotform vs SurveyMonkey - SurveyMonkey pricing

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable form builder, JotForm’s pricing structure is ideal for you. 

The company offers three flexible plans with a low monthly fee, but if you’re looking for a free trial, there are also plans available that allow for up to 100 free form submissions per month. 

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, every company needs an online application form. It is easy to use and can be used on the go, especially if you’re on the go.

You can get a free plan if you want to try out Jotform’s service. The Starter plan gives you access to all features but with lower feature limits than the paid plans. 

However, if you don’t need all of the tools of a premium account, you can always opt for the free version with watermarks. 

The free version does not come with any features, so you’ll have to pay for them. If you don’t need these features, you can always use the Starter plan.

If you’re using Jotform for business purposes, you can choose the Starter plan. The free plan includes all of the same features as the paid plans, but the amount of storage is limited. 

In addition, you can’t use the form’s API, so you’ll need to purchase a separate app. 

The enterprise plan includes many additional features, including API access to custom apps, user management, service level agreement, and a custom domain name. 

You can also get a 50% discount if you’re a nonprofit organization or educator.

Who is SurveyMonkey For?

There are a variety of different ways to use SurveyMonkey, and you can find a free account that suits your needs.

This is a good option if you want to test out the software without spending any money.

However, you won’t be able to access all of its features, and you won’t be able to access any of the quantitative analysis tools. Fortunately, you can upgrade your account for a low cost to get the most out of the service.

The free version of SurveyMonkey is great for small businesses looking to gauge the pulse of an industry. You can also find more advanced features in paid accounts.

Depending on the niche you are targeting, you can use the service to gather information on a particular topic or product. Make sure you have a clear goal in mind before you begin using the tool, and consider how your feedback can improve your company’s operations or customer experience.

Paid users can access collaboration tools, such as sharing a link to a survey. 

Basic Plan users can only share a preview link and leave comments on a survey. If you’re looking to use SurveyMonkey for business purposes, the paid version will give you more features for a low price. 

You can even share your survey data with stakeholders. This can be helpful for gauging the pulse of an industry.

There are many benefits of using SurveyMonkey for small businesses. Its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate. You can create a survey within minutes and begin collecting feedback. 

Once you’ve completed your survey, it will automatically create a survey for you. You’ll have to edit the questions if you want to see the full impact of your survey. If you want to get the most from it, consider a paid plan.

Paid users can create a free account for a limited time. The Basic Plan allows users to create surveys that contain 10 questions and 100 responses. 

The paid monthly plans allow users to create unlimited surveys, but there are limitations. 

The number of questions you can post is limited, and you can only view a maximum of 1,000 responses per month. The more features you choose, the more likely you’ll get the best out of them.

Premium users have access to more advanced features, including conditional logic. 

This feature allows you to send respondents to another page if a survey is incomplete. 

For businesses, this is a powerful feature that can improve the quality of customer service. 

When designing a survey, you should consider what the ultimate results of the research are and how it can improve the customer experience. If the data is accurate, you’ll be able to make improvements to your business’s processes.

SurveyMonkey Pricing

Jotform vs SurveyMonkey - Jotform pricing

There are three different levels of SurveyMonkey pricing. The free basic plan comes with many useful features and can be used by anyone. 

For more advanced users, the paid plans come with customizable options and come with a one-year subscription. The Standard plan costs $99 a month or $372 per year. 

For more advanced features, you can upgrade to the Team Advantage plan, which costs $12 a year. There is also a professional plan for those who need more customizations.

You can customize your survey by selecting from one of the two free plans. The free plan allows you to create as many surveys as you like. 

You can only create ten questions per survey, so be sure to make your survey short and to the point. However, the paid version requires a minimum of three users at a cost of $25 per month, which can add up quickly. 

This plan also offers team and enterprise plans for larger teams.

You can create unlimited surveys with the premium plan. The enterprise plan allows you to customize your surveys according to your specific needs. This plan is available to teams, and it also has many features. 

The price for the team plan is $20 per month. The other premium plans offer unlimited survey design, branching, and branching. The enterprise plan is available to businesses. 

You can use the enterprise plan to conduct surveys that cover multiple industries. This plan also includes support from survey creators.

Jotform Reviews of 2022

Jotform vs SurveyMonkey - Jotform pricing

A great way to increase collaboration is by creating a Jotform form. This tool gives your team members the option to open forms with a shared link, saving time by not having to create individual accounts. 

It also allows users to edit forms at the same time, which speeds up tasks. The platform also allows you to create different roles for each member. 

This is especially helpful when collecting data manually, as you can use Jotform to gather and organize data.

Jotform is easy to use, and its form widgets provide a wealth of functionality. These include a drop-down list, a multi-selection box, a grouped field, and data tables. 

The system also offers inventory management and digital signatures. 

It also allows you to embed third-party content, such as YouTube videos, image slideshows, and social media feeds. It is easy to customize and create forms with JotForm.

Once you’ve created your account, you can start creating your forms. You can create a form by dragging and dropping blocks onto the template. 

After you’ve created your form, you can send it to the respondent or embed it on your website. You can also convert it to a PDF document and send it to your customer for further processing. 

There are hundreds of ready-made PDF templates to choose from. When you’re ready, you can download your results in a variety of formats, including Excel, XML, and more.

Once you’ve created your form, you can send it to your email or publish it online. Jotform also allows you to collect responses, collect data, and integrate with third-party apps. 

Another great feature of Jotform is its multilingual support. You can also use the program to translate forms into other languages. There are thousands of free templates available for you to choose from, and you can customize them to meet your specific needs.

A reservation form can be used to schedule a table, make an appointment, or get new business prospects. 

The most common uses of a reservation form are reservations, vacation rentals, and hiring services. 

Because of the ease of use, they can be used across multiple devices. The security and payment integrations of Jotform make them an excellent choice for all kinds of companies. 

These forms are perfect for organizations of any size and industry.

The user interface is very simple. You can add a Jotform form to your app. To do this, you simply copy the URL and paste it into your app. There are also thousands of other ways to add this form to your website or blog. 

By using this feature, you can quickly and easily create a unique contact form for your customers. 

You can even embed a Jotform on your website. Once you have created the form, you can use it to share it with your friends.

Jotform Key Features

  • Create and customize forms with an intuitive form builder 
  • Collect online payments (subscriptions and donations) with forms
  • Generate reports and automate workflows
  • Seamless integrations with 100+ apps and platforms
  • Form templates, approval templates, PDF templates, app templates, and table templates
  • Create mobile-responsive forms in minutes with smart form technology

SurveyMonkey Reviews of 2022

Jotform vs SurveyMoney - SurveyMonkey homepage

SurveyMonkey is a free service that can help you create surveys with rich analytics and reporting. It’s a powerful tool for any size business. 

With millions of respondents and a number of other features, it’s the perfect tool for a variety of tasks. 

The app allows you to create surveys in various formats and send them to multiple departments. It also supports collaborative survey editing, so you can collaborate on surveys.

Another important feature of this free survey platform is its ability to integrate with Salesforce. If you are an enterprise, you can easily integrate your surveys with Salesforce. 

If you’re a personal user, you can set up a free account and use it for as long as you like. 

It’s worth the small investment to get started. With SurveyMonkey, you can create surveys for your own business or your clients’. If you’re a business, you can use the same account.

A free account allows you to create surveys with a simple drag-and-drop interface. 

You can import data from other software products. You can also export your survey data to other programs to get valuable information. This feature will help you export the results you need. 

You can use it for your business or for personal use. The price of a premium subscription will depend on what features you want. You can choose between paid and free accounts, or you can pay for a one-time fee.

If you are looking for a free online survey platform, you should look no further than SurveyMonkey. 

This free platform allows you to create, manage, and analyze surveys of all types. It has been used by companies to conduct research on employee experience, market trends, and more. 

It is also available as a paid back-end program that allows you to customize the look and feel of your surveys. Nevertheless, it is not the only service available on the Internet.

This website offers a variety of features and options for a range of purposes. It is easy to design surveys using its pre-populated bank of survey questions, and you can apply logic to filter the data you collect. 

In addition, you can export survey results to many different formats, allowing you to share them with others. 

You can also export the results to various file formats. It is an ideal choice for businesses that want to collect feedback from consumers in order to improve their products and services.

Another major feature of SurveyMonkey is that it can help you create surveys from scratch. It also offers a comprehensive question bank that includes questions from actual surveys. 

By using these, you can expand the scope of your surveys beyond the original questions and leverage the experience of others. 

As a new user, the AI assistant will be helpful. As you become more experienced, however, it becomes less useful. You should always follow the instructions and use your own judgment.

SurveyMonkey Key features

  • Create simple but useful surveys in seconds
  • A huge collection of templates in different categories
  • A/B test your survey fields and questionnaire
  • Design professional online quizzes
  • Integrate with third-party apps and platforms for additional functionality

FAQs About Jotform and SurveyMonkey

What are some of the most common questions about Jotform and SurveyMonkey?

Is Jotform better than Google Forms?

Google Forms is amazing and beginner-friendly. But when you’re looking for advanced features such as A/B testing, syncing contacts to your favorite apps (such as ActiveCampaign, Zoho CRM, MailChimp, and ConvertKit.

Why is SurveyMonkey better than Google Forms? 

When it comes to data collection, building relationships, and following up with contacts, SurveyMonkey is the best tool for that, and it’s better than Google Forms. SurveyMonkey can follow up on respondents and contacts, whereas Google Forms can collect contacts but you’ll need another tool to send emails and follow up.

Is Jotform a Google product?

Jotform is a separate product from an independent developer and company (not Google). However, Jotform offers amazing features and tools that you can find with Google Forms.

What is the best online survey tool? 

SurveyMonkey is the most popular and flagship online survey tool. It has millions of users and the intuitive drag-and-drop survey builder is amazing.

Jotform vs SurveyMonkey: Summary

The main difference between Jotform and SurveyMonkey is the type of form they allow you to create. Jotform is a simple, drag-and-drop application that allows you to create online forms in a matter of minutes.

While this is not an ideal solution for everyone, it is still more convenient than the alternatives. If you want to create online forms quickly and easily, however, you should definitely choose SurveyMonkey.

Another major difference between JotForm and SurveyMonkey is that JotForm has a drag-and-drop interface. It works by letting you drag and drop fields from the left-hand panel.

There are dozens of options on the panel, including color and theme settings, as well as question features.

Moreover, you can edit the question features and a variety of other aspects of your form. You can also edit individual question fields, such as formatting and question types.

The design of JotForm is very intuitive. You can drag-and-drop fields from the left-hand panel. There are dozens of options in the panel, including the color of the form, the theme, and the background.

You can change the appearance of each field individually with the ‘Quit Properties’ icon. You can also add or delete questions. This is a very convenient feature.