Is Typeform Free? (How Much Does it Cost)?

Does Typeform cost anything? It depends. If you have a small business, the free version is sufficient, but if you’re an enterprise with more than a hundred employees, the paid version can become a significant financial burden.

Businesses that have a big marketing budget each year can opt for yearly payment discounts, which reduce the cost of the tool even more.

In addition, many businesses combine Typeform with Google products, such as AdWords, Google Analytics, or Google Maps.

Typeform features

Analyze panel

Once you’ve completed the Typeform, you can export the data to Excel or CSV. You can also copy the link to share it with others.

The Analyze panel is part of Typeform’s free version, so you can use it to track the data you’ve collected. Typeforms are not indexed by Google by default, but you can choose to turn on indexing for your form if you’d like.

The Analyze panel offers two views: a report of individual responses and an overall trend chart. This feature allows you to dig deeper into qualitative data.

To access the Responses tab, select the Results panel, then click on Responses. The number of responses is displayed in brackets.

You can also sort the data by the answers to a specific question. You can also download a PDF of the report. To export the data, click on the corresponding tab, and select Print.

Once you have created your form, you can start analyzing the data. You can set up branching logic, add scores, and variables, and create hidden fields. Typeform offers many features for creating surveys.

You can also embed the typeform in your website, export the results in a spreadsheet, and customize the Ending screen.

In the Business plan, you can get drop-off rates. The free version has a limited number of questions and forms, but it’s a good option if you’re working on a tight budget.

Reports section

You can access the Typeform reports section for free. You will need to sign up on the Typeform website.

Because it is a cloud application, you won’t have to download any software or install anything on your computer.

To register, you’ll need to enter an email address and choose a password. Then, you’ll agree to the Terms of Service. This is the only catch to using Typeform. Afterward, you can access the free plan.

You can share typeform reports directly from the website or export them to a spreadsheet application. Printing is possible if you have an online printer and a printer. You can also print individual responses.

When you’re sharing your typeform results with other people, they’ll see the report on the right side.

Alternatively, you can export the results to Google Sheets and print them. There are two ways to print typeform results: one is to export them to a spreadsheet application. The other option is to share the URL with others.

Typeform metrics are free and can be used to monitor the overall performance of your typeforms. However, they don’t give you detailed information on the content of partial responses.

This is because they are meant to give an overall picture of the form’s performance. If you delete responses, you may not be able to view the content of those responses. Using the Typeform reports section will help you improve your typeforms.

How much does Typeform cost?

The first thing to look at when determining the cost of Typeform is what type of business it is best suited for. Small and medium-sized businesses need Typeform for multiple purposes, whether they want to collect feedback or measure customer satisfaction. If you’re a freelance marketer working with several small businesses, you may want to use the Essentials package. This plan is also suitable for smaller businesses who use Typeform for eCommerce and regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys. The Professional Typeform pricing package costs around $21 per user/month or $1,500 billed annually. You’ll also get extra features and integrations, including payment integration.

Typeform has three different pricing plans. You can use the basic plan for as little as $30 a month. You can also upgrade to a more advanced plan, which costs $70 a month. This plan includes unlimited logic jumps and 5 thousand responses each month. The premium plan also includes 4GB of storage for files. Aside from Typeform, there are several other online form software applications that are free or almost free. Check out the Typeform website for more information.

The free version of Typeform allows you to create three forms with up to 10 questions per form. The free version of Typeform has a limit of 100 responses per month, and you’ll also be limited to using three forms. On the other hand, you can expand your forms and questions by purchasing the Essential Plan for $35 a month. With the paid version, you’ll also get priority support and live chat support, and you can save up to 50 percent compared to the free version.

Typeform alternatives


Besides offering a drag-and-drop form builder, Typeform offers a range of integrations. Its APIs enable you to connect the data from a typeform to Mailchimp, Slack, Airtable, and Google Sheets. Developer tools also allow you to design forms and collect responses without using the Typeform builder. You can check out the list of available features in your account settings. Here are some examples of how these integrations can be useful for you:

The Typeform app also allows you to easily funnel survey responses into Notion. Its all-in-one workspace helps you stay organized and share information with your team. By syncing your Typeform responses to Notion, you can use the information you receive to make any necessary changes to your forms. Once you’ve collected feedback, you can use these data to improve your products and services. Using Notion to collect data and collaborate with your teammates is also easy, and the free integrations made by Typeform are a great way to do that.

The Typeform app has a variety of integrations, and it’s easy to build a workflow around it. It also supports file uploads, payments, and more. While you can’t create forms with Google Forms, it’s easy to integrate with other popular browsers. You can also use Typeform to conduct surveys or contact your readers. Whether you’re looking for a data collection tool for your project or just want to keep a database of forms, you can find it using Typeform.


There are several pros and cons of using Typeform. The free version is extremely limited, with only two forms per site. However, it does offer some features you may not find in a free plan, including an unlimited number of questions. Additionally, there is no refund policy, but it does offer support over email, chat, and a blog. Those with specific needs will want to consider a paid plan.

Typeform’s support staff is dependable and responsive. You can contact them via email or phone from 8AM to 11PM (CET) Monday through Friday. There is an extensive Help Center available, which includes topics for beginners, advanced users, and the Typeform API. Advanced users can also integrate other applications to create and analyze forms. However, if you are just starting out, Typeform might be too basic for your needs.

For internal use, Typeform is a good choice. There are many templates available. You can also use Formstack for marketing purposes.

But keep in mind that the basic plan will be limited in features. There are many forms and features that you can use on Typeform, so you might want to consider a paid plan if you need advanced functionality. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to use Typeform.

You can also choose to use Leadformly if you’re an experienced marketer. Typeform has an improved look and is designed to improve conversion rates.

Ninja Forms

If you’re looking for a free website form builder, you may want to check out Ninja Forms. While Typeform may offer some advantages over Ninja Forms, they are not identical. Typeform offers more features and is easier to customize.

For example, you can customize the form’s look and feel to make it match the design of your site.

You can also add special add-ons that help integrate it with other tools. For example, you can use this form to post to your site and let users save their progress.

While you can download the free version of Ninja Forms, you’ll need to pay for a plan to use its other features.

There are three plans for Ninja Forms: the free version, the standard version, and the premium plan.

The free version allows you to create basic forms, while the other two allow you to customize them. You can also purchase add-ons separately, and they range in price from $29 to $129 each.


WPForms has an intelligent phone field that automatically detects the location of the user and shows the appropriate flag.

In contrast, Ninja Forms’ intelligent phone field is fairly basic, with only an input mask and US format.

This means that it’s not ideal for complex websites. If you need a free form builder, you might want to consider using Ninja Forms instead.

These two software solutions will give you the freedom to build and customize your website forms with ease.