Is Squarespace Free (How Much Does It Cost a Month)?

If you are still in the decision-making process about launching a new site, you should know that Squarespace offers several pricing plans.

While this price difference may seem unimportant at first, you should know that it is not a reason to skip Squarespace altogether.

In fact, there are many advantages to this website builder, including the free price.

This article will examine the costs of Squarespace and its features, as well as the support it offers.

Squarespace Pricing (a Breakdown)

The cost of setting up a website with Squarespace varies, depending on your needs. You can choose to have the simplest setup possible, such as a simple blog, or go for a more sophisticated Advanced Commerce website.

With the Personal Plan, you’ll only pay a few hundred dollars, but you’ll still be on the hook for a domain name and a domain.

If you’re planning to sell products, you’ll have to pay Stripe credit card processing fees of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.

When choosing Squarespace’s Basic or Advanced website building plan, consider what other expenses you might incur, such as fees from third-party developers.

While the basic plan is free, you’ll likely pay more if you want to include Squarecommerce features and e-commerce.

A premium Squarespace package can cost as much as $1,800. You should consider whether this is a fair price for the features you’ll use, but it’s well worth the money.

While Squarespace’s partnership with Google might seem like a plus, it’s not. The $100 Google Ads credit you get with its higher-tier plans is only available to customers who invest at least $25.

Google Workspace users get their account for free for the first year, but after that, it gets expensive.

A free trial period will give you enough time to decide if Squarespace is worth it for your needs. If you’re unsure of your needs, consider purchasing your domain elsewhere.

The cost of Squarespace can vary wildly. While there are a variety of paid plans available, the best deal will probably be the one that fits your budget.

In addition to a free 6-month trial period, Squarespace offers a 50% discount on certain plans.

This means that you can try the service risk-free for six months and decide if it’s right for your business. In addition, you’ll be able to add on extra features, such as e-commerce, to make it more versatile.

If you plan to use a template, you’ll have to assume that you have high-resolution photographs.

However, Squarespace is known for its eye-catching designs and offers both free and paid stock photos. It also allows you to make your website compatible with mobile and PC devices.

The majority of web views are generated through mobile devices, so Squarespace makes it easy for your website to adapt to varying screen sizes. So, you can avoid costly web design mistakes by using Squarespace templates.

The Personal Plan is Squarespace’s lowest-priced option. At $14 per month when you sign up annually, it’s ideal for a small business or personal portfolio.

It also comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth, SSL security, website metrics, and customer service.

The Personal Plan is also ideal for building an online portfolio, hosting resumes or curriculum vitae, creating a wedding registry, or setting up an entirely new business.

Squarespace Features

Squarespace features

If you are a beginner in web design and don’t want to learn HTML and CSS, Squarespace is a great choice. The website building platform is easy to use and comes with SEO and content management features.

All you need to do is choose a template, click on design elements, and adjust the style editor controllers to customize the look and feel of your site. You can change the background color and text font, among other features.

Other popular features of Squarespace include integrations with social accounts and other tools. It also includes a commerce feature that allows you to sell physical, digital, and service products online.

Using the commerce feature, you can keep track of orders, track sales, and integrate with accounting tools. Moreover, you can even create customer accounts for an easier checkout process.

However, the free version does not have these features. You can upgrade to a paid version of Squarespace if you’re considering using it as your main platform.

If you’re looking to build a website with Squarespace, you can choose from one of the templates that come with the platform. You can also add new parts to your website. There are over 20 pre-designed sections that you can use.

You can also insert videos, galleries, pricing tables, forms, and more. If you’re using Squarespace for your business website, you can create a website with Squarespace’s visual editor.

You can choose from four different plans, depending on the size of your website. However, you can always upgrade to a paid plan if you find that your needs change.

The basic plan, for example, comes with all the features that the premium plans do. For example, you get a fully mobile checkout and improved commercial metrics.

You can also make any changes that you want to your site during the free trial. If you’re just looking for an eCommerce website, Squarespace offers a free plan that includes all of the features you need.

The free Squarespace plan has a free trial that lets you try it out for 14 days. This trial will allow you to access the free website building platform without giving your credit card details.

You can create unlimited trial sites during the free trial, but after 14 days you can’t publish them. The free plan comes with SSL certification, which helps to boost SEO. You can customize your page titles, meta descriptions, blog post URLs, and even see basic website analytics.

Regardless of the template you choose, Squarespace has several blogging features. With the built-in blogging suite, Squarespace offers many options for your blog, including pre-made posts and tags for SEO.

Squarespace has a variety of options for your blog, including a custom cover page, which can feature your social media content.

If you are interested in monetizing your blog, Squarespace can help you achieve that goal. You can also choose to add a social media feed to your website if you want.

Can You Build a Website on Squarespace For Free?

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a premium platform, Squarespace might be just right for you.

Its limitless editing, drag-and-drop capabilities, and built-in eCommerce tools are enough to make it the top choice for a lot of people.

But while Squarespace isn’t perfect, it does offer fantastic templates, good eCommerce, and solid business features.

1. Site styles

If you’re using Squarespace, you’ve likely wondered how you can change the styles on your site. There are several options to choose from, but the most important one is how to change fonts, color, spacing, and more.

Site styles can also be applied to specific sections or text areas. You can make these changes from the Squarespace Design panel.

All sites in version 7.1 use the same template, as well as the same style options, so you can easily switch up the look of your site.

2. Drag-and-drop

If you’re looking for a free drag-and-drop website builder, you may want to try Squarespace. This website builder comes with a lot of professional-looking templates that you can choose from to customize your site.

You can also get an SSL certificate and a domain name for your website, but the free version doesn’t come with all of these features.

Nonetheless, if you’re in a hurry to get your new site up and running, drag-and-drop website building is an excellent option.

3. Custom CSS

If you want to change your website’s appearance, you’ll need to customize the CSS on your website. CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, controls how your site looks.

Custom CSS can change the color scheme, fonts, and even the positioning of elements. To add custom CSS to your Squarespace website, navigate to Design > Custom CSS.

You’ll want to use Google Chrome for this. Using Chrome will allow you to inspect the HTML code of your website.

4. Built-in integrations

Squarespace comes with a number of built-in integrations. Depending on your needs, these can include email marketing, social media integration, embedded video, and payment solutions.

Third-party integrations are an excellent way to enhance the functionality of your Squarespace website. If you’re unsure about how to connect Squarespace to third-party services, consider building your own integration.

However, remember that Squarespace integrations can be expensive, especially when compared to other platforms.

5. Privacy

In order to protect your users, you should always follow the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules.

This GDPR-compliant law is set to go into effect in the UK. If you’re hosting a Squarespace website, you need to ensure that you adhere to these regulations and keep their information secure.

GDPR includes rules on how websites can contact users and how data is managed across the business.

A Squarespace website should have a Privacy Policy that outlines these rules, as well as any other information that you might collect.

Customer service Support

When you encounter an issue with Squarespace, you can choose to either contact them via email or use their live chat feature.

While chat is best for customer service during business hours, email is the best option if you need assistance at a later time.

A live chat function is similar to Facebook Messenger or MSN Messenger. If you have a problem with your Squarespace site, use these tips to get the most efficient help. By following these guidelines, you can avoid the hassle of getting help from the Squarespace support team.

If you are using Squarespace for your website, you may be wondering what kind of support you can get. You can use support packs for single issues or longer-term help.

While Squarespace does offer a few self-service help options, contacting a live person may be better for you.

You can also contact a support team on social media. These support services can help you get your website up and running, or they can help you fix problems.

One of the biggest problems facing many new companies is finding a way to streamline customer support.

Squarespace is a popular platform that has millions of users and 190 support advisors worldwide. You can get help through email or live chat in English, and many advisors handle customer support questions.

Other smaller teams deal with system maintenance, monitor industry trends, and write content. While most advisors handle customer questions, some will interact with engineers and write content.

Before contacting support, it’s a good idea to gather as much information as you can. If possible, you can use screenshots or videos to help a support agent diagnose the problem. Video tutorials can be particularly helpful if you’re facing complex pitfalls.

Remember to be specific when contacting Squarespace’s support team! You don’t want to ramble on about your site’s technicalities, so make sure you’re clear on your request. Make sure you have a solid backup of what you’re asking.

If you’re wondering about how to get the best support for Squarespace, you can visit the Squarespace website forum.

You’ll find a forum for users and Squarespace professionals. These online communities are full of helpful information and advice.

Besides free online sessions, you can also earn rewards for custom-designed Squarespace websites.

The community on Squarespace is growing all the time. There’s a new feature called Squarespace Circle. This feature allows you to manage your site from one place.