Is Scribbr Free? (How Much Does it Cost)?

Scribbr detects plagiarism and corrects it if it’s detected, but it charges based on document size. Using Scribbr for free doesn’t help you remove plagiarism.

This article looks at the features that make Scribbr free and explains how it works in more detail.

Moreover, you’ll also learn how to combine Scribbr with other writing tools and receive a 15% discount.

Scribbr detects plagiarism

The plagiarism checker available on Scribbr is a powerful tool for students. Its free plagiarism checker can detect copy-paste and heavily edited source texts and highlights plagiarized portions and replaced words. It also finds full matches, matching the exact same part to one source. Unlike other plagiarism checkers, Scribbr does not store your documents. The plagiarism checker will automatically delete all data after 30 days, but students can manually delete checked documents.

While the service does not allow you to add citations to the report, it does provide a guide and Knowledge Base articles that provide information on how to avoid plagiarism. You can easily identify potential plagiarism by the numbered source and color of the source. It is easy to navigate through the report and make the necessary corrections. If you are worried about your writing, don’t worry! Scribbr is a great option for students, professors, and others.

When you run a plagiarism check, you will be presented with a report on the percentage of similarity between the document and the original source. The similarity percentage shows how similar the two pieces of text are but does not prove that they are the same. You can review the report by clicking on the highlighted sentences in the plagiarism report. You can also read a preview of the document and review the report for any plagiarism.

Another useful tool is Google’s plagiarism detector, which can scan documents and detect plagiarism. It does not store, or sell documents, but it does offer a rewriting tool that rewrites the text automatically. While this tool is convenient, it has some flaws. Its scan process takes longer than most of its competitors. It took about 30 minutes for a single document. It is also not always accurate, as the plagiarism checker cannot match entire paragraphs.

Scribbr’s plagiarism checker uses advanced technology to find similar text from billions of websites and private documents. It shows similarities between two documents, including the use of synonyms or inserted words. It can detect a large number of different sources, including current and historical web pages, journal articles, and books. The tool can even detect small matches within a text. The results of the plagiarism check can be used as a tool for enhancing writing.

The report includes the text fragments and source text. It does not highlight the exact part of the text that has been plagiarized, but does include the numbered source. The report is difficult to cross-reference, so it may not be helpful for most students. However, it does display the source text with the highlighted parts, so students can easily review the content for plagiarism. It’s best to check the content of the source before submitting it for publication.

It charges based on the size of the document

While Scribbr does charge for its services, they are not prohibitively expensive. The service offers quality writing, language variety, and on-time deadlines. They also offer loyalty rewards. However, they could do with a more student-centric approach to improve the quality of their service. The following are some tips for choosing the best Scribbr for your needs. You’ll be happy with its services, and prices, so long as you know exactly what you’re paying for.

When choosing an editor, consider the size of your document. You can either upload multiple files at once or upload one document at a time. The service will then work on each one in sections. It will automatically recognize your previous document editor, and if you used him or her on a previous project, the company will contact him or her. The sooner you give Scribbr a shorter deadline, the more likely you’ll be able to find a similar editor.


If you need to conduct multiple checks for plagiarism, Scribbr is a great option. The program can identify scholarly sources, as well as web pages, and then check the content for duplicate content.

Unlike Turnitin, Scribbr’s service has a refund policy, which you can use if you don’t like it. You’ll also get unlimited access to Scribbr’s plagiarism resources.

However, Scribbr does not work as well on websites with complex citation structures. Moreover, it is prone to false positives.

If you’re a student, Scribbr is a good option. Students have many options online, so they need a tool that provides a range of services.

Aside from free research tools, Scribbr supports more than twenty languages, including Spanish, German, and French. If you’re not in the US, they even have a Spanish-language option.