Is Podbean Free? (Pricing, Pros & Cons)

If you’re wondering whether Podbean is free, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll cover the basic features of this podcast hosting service, including effective advertising, a free subdomain, and a free plan.

But before you sign up, read on to learn why you should consider signing up for a free plan.

This way, you can try out Podbean’s services risk-free and decide for yourself if it’s worth the money.

Podbean is a free podcast hosting service

Unlike other podcast hosting services, Podbean does not require a fee. If you choose a free plan, you can set up a free website, add a background image, or create a custom theme.

Additionally, Podbean offers an app for podcasting and provides an embed code for your podcast. Podbean also has a search engine, but this is not a reliable method of attracting new listeners.

Moreover, the service does not provide any uptime guarantee or service level agreement.

Podbean has a decent analytics feature. While the free plan only gives you basic stats, paid plans allow you to monitor the number of downloads and listener retention rates.

For advanced analytics, you can install a free Google Analytics plugin on your website. While Podbean does not provide phone support, you can contact them through email or live chat.

The knowledge base of Podbean is extensive, with hundreds of articles and videos to help you get started.

SoundCloud is a great platform for social audio and podcasts, but its free plan limits your uploads to three hours, which may cause your listeners to skip some episodes.

The free plan is a limited feature, so you may want to consider a premium plan for greater storage capacity and download speeds.

PodBean also offers a private podcasting option, but Transistor is a little cheaper. The cost of the private podcasting plan starts at $49 per month, and you can enjoy an excellent user interface.

Podbean is an excellent podcast hosting service with plenty of features and an easy-to-use interface. Its free plan offers 100MB of monthly storage and offers free file migration. With a pro plan, you can get unlimited storage, advanced statistics, ad insertion, and a network showcasing tool.

Additionally, Podbean has a free WordPress dashboard that lets you easily create a professional podcast website and use it to promote your podcast.

Podbean also has a paid plan with features that cater to the needs of podcasters. Unlimited Audio offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well as monetization options. However, for the price of Unlimited Plus, you can host unlimited episodes and enjoy no branding. Podbean’s free plan allows you to experiment with podcasting and get an idea of how it works. It also offers a 14-day free trial.

Podbean offers effective advertising

PodBean offers effective advertising to podcasters. PodBean’s dynamic ad insertion capability allows advertisers to target specific segments of your audience.

Additionally, the advertising platform allows you to set your budget, targeting combinations, CPM rate, and ad slots, allowing you to run campaigns as you see fit. PodBean also offers SEO services that can help you gain new listeners and monetize your content.

Podcasts cater to every demographic and interest. For example, a Montana bait and tackle store specializing in fly fishing may have an entire podcast dedicated to fly fishing. Some of these are brand podcasts, produced by sporting goods companies, while most are independent. Podbean’s ads marketplace allows you to easily connect with independent podcasts and maximize your ROI. The podcasters who use Podbean’s ads platform can reach an audience that would never otherwise have heard of your business.

Podbean’s Ads Marketplace works like a standard AdSense for podcasts. It automatically monetizes your podcast by inserting ads that match your audience. With Podbean’s Ads Marketplace, launching a podcast ad campaign is as simple as posting a Facebook or Twitter post. The platform even provides a detailed report on the effectiveness of your podcast ad campaign.

Advertisers can choose to use banner ads, player ads, or audio files. Podbean’s advertising features are also extremely customizable, making it easy to find the best advertising package for your podcast. You can target different regions, select podcast categories, choose your budget, and choose your start and end date. Then, you’re ready to start advertising! If you’ve never tried advertising with podcasts, now is the time to try it! You’ll be glad you did!

PodBean’s live audio streaming platform recently added unlisted mode. PodBean users will only see the live stream if the broadcaster shares the link to the episode with their network. Unlisted live streams are an exclusive experience for podcasters, and PodBean also added a remote recording option. The remote recording feature enables podcasters to record and save their episodes without the need for a microphone.

Podbean offers a free subdomain

Podbean is a website that hosts podcasts and provides free subdomains. However, you can also pay for the paid plans and enjoy unlimited bandwidth and podcast hosting. Podbean automatically submits new podcast uploads to the leading podcast directories, and it offers a marketplace for ads. A free account is sufficient for podcasting, but it will not help you build a successful online business.

Podbean offers its own search engine for users to use, which is helpful if you want to increase the visibility of your podcast in major podcast directories. It also has a plugin for SEO Meta Tags, which allows you to create and manage SEO-friendly title tags and descriptions. Additionally, Podbean has mobile apps that are highly rated. While these apps are primarily for listing purposes, they offer all the features that podcast owners need to publish podcasts.

Podbean’s free plan comes with limited customization options. You can’t change colors or add widgets, but you can customize your site’s design. In addition, the service is mobile-friendly and allows you to set up custom domains. There are also no size limits for audio files. However, if you want to get serious about building a podcast, you should consider paying for a paid plan.

Podbean offers two free plans, one of which is completely free. However, the free plan does not let you map your own domain or remove branding. Podbean also offers free theme options. However, it does lack some features for selling premium audio and making subscription revenue. Unlike other podcast hosting sites, Podbean is not aimed at artists or hobbyists, but instead at people who want to share their podcasts.

Podbean also provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard, which displays downloads and listener retention. This is useful for tracking customer patterns and helps you improve the quality of your content. It also provides detailed information on popular episodes and shows you the number of listeners by date. You can also connect the plugin Google Analytics to your website. This plugin helps you track your podcast’s performance in real time. The platform also provides links to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Podbean offers a free plan

If you’re on a tight budget, Podbean has an affordable free plan. The free plan limits you to five hours of audio and provides basic listener stats. For $9 a month, you can upload unlimited audio and increase storage bandwidth. You can also get a mobile app for iOS and access to premium features, including video podcasts. There are no catches with the free plan, so you’re sure to find a plan that suits your needs.

The free plan has several limitations, and it doesn’t offer advanced features like statistics. You can only view the number of downloads over the last day, week, and month. The paid plans include advanced statistics. A custom website is another great feature of Podbean. It makes it easy to brand your podcast and add credibility to it. The free plan limits you to five hours of storage per month. In addition to that, you can customize your website with your logo and title, as well as color schemes.

Podbean’s free plan is more flexible than Buzzsprout’s. Podbean allows unlimited downloads, while Buzzsprout limits you to 20k downloads per month.

Unlike Buzzsprout, Podbean also allows you to monetize your podcast with ads. You can post your podcast on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Google Play.

The only catch is that Buzzsprout’s free plan is limited to 90 days.


Podbean also has an app that allows you to connect with your audience through social media platforms and earn Podbeans, an in-app currency.

Podbean also allows you to install plugins, and create your own.

Podbean also has marketing and monetization features like an Ads Marketplace, where you can sell ads or sponsor an episode.

You’ll have to provide unique content for Podbean to work properly.