Is Panopto Free? (Pricing, Pros & Cons, Features)

If you are looking for a secure video content management solution, Panopto is one of the best options.

This software allows you to record and stream video sessions and share them with your classroom.

It is also easy to use, with user-friendly tutorials to help you get started.

Over 5 million end users in universities and businesses rely on Panopto. It consistently receives more than 99% customer satisfaction.

Panopto is a secure video content management platform

Panopto offers a secure video content management platform with a monthly fee. The price depends on the features you need, but prices start at $100.

The platform has security features such as a secure video library and supports SAML 2.0 and OAuth. It also offers user roles, IP restrictions, and domain whitelists. It also has integrations with Zoom, Slack, and Skype.

Panopto’s cloud-based video platform offers a host of security features, including data loss protection and service interruptions. In fact, Panopto managed to keep recording during a server failure during midterms at Thomas Jefferson University.

The platform also maintained performance in spikes in demand, automatically increasing capacity when needed.

Using Panopto, faculty, and students can present their assignments or live stream training sessions.

Students can also record assignments, and broadcast them using the platform.

This is a great way to make classrooms more engaging, while simultaneously reducing costs. Moreover, Panopto helps schools meet accessibility guidelines by offering screen reader support.

In addition to being secure, Panopto also offers an intuitive video content management system. The platform allows you to create and share videos while ensuring that only authorized individuals can view them.

In addition, it offers the flexibility to integrate with existing systems. Whether you’re launching a new corporate video training course, or you’re upgrading an existing system, Panopto can help you meet your video content management needs.

In addition to providing secure video content management, Panopto also provides tools for webcasting, video search, and video management.

It helps you record video, manage video, and search it for specific keywords and phrases. You can also post these videos to a Panopto portal for easy access by staff, faculty, or students.

The best video CMSs allow you to index video content and search it through the entire video library. They also have features for adding SEO metadata and tags, which makes it easier for users to find assets.

This is important for securing content and ensuring it is engaging across all devices, including mobile.

More than half of the world’s internet traffic is on mobile devices, so having the right video content management solution for your needs is crucial.

Panopto is free to get started

A complete platform for remote education, Panopto allows you to create content and host webcasts while integrating with popular LMS systems.

The integrated video player lets you add and store videos, as well as talk to students during a video conference. The software also offers D2L integration and allows you to package lessons for future use.

The free software offers an excellent set of features that educators will want to consider. For example, it allows you to record a class session and share it with the rest of the class, allowing you to monitor student participation.

The platform is easy to use and comes with tutorials that can be followed to ensure you get the most out of it. It is used by more than 5 million end users in universities and businesses, and it consistently receives more than 99% satisfaction ratings.

To record a video, you can download the Panopto Recorder and record the session. The software also allows you to upload the recording to your Moodle site. You can also record lectures or business meetings with the same platform. In addition to this, the program also allows you to store videos on your computer, in a folder you can access via Moodle.

If you would like to make a recording from Panopto, you can sign up for a free plan with a few limitations. The free plan is available in the United States and Canada, while the enterprise plan is available internationally. It is primarily for educational organizations that want to integrate educational technologies into their daily work. A paid plan allows you to use more advanced features and more professional tools.

Panopto allows users to store their videos securely. It also enables them to measure the engagement of their viewers. Users can also create playlists with the videos they have uploaded.

The platform also offers a range of search tools, including keyword searches and video searches. Panopto also allows you to connect your video library to other systems.

Once you’ve created a recording, you can add captions and add file attachments. The recorder also allows you to create smart chapters and mark important sections of your video. Moreover, you can edit your recording with the help of the built-in video editor.

You can even add file attachments and embed quizzes in your videos.

Panopto integrates with a host of LMS options

Panopto is a web-based video platform that enables users to watch class sessions and add annotations.

Its features include automatic captioning and multiple-source recording. It also supports webcasting and auto-synchronization of slide presentations.

Moreover, students can easily search audio and slide content and scroll through an automatically generated table of contents. Moreover, Panopto can integrate with a variety of LMS options.

Panopto works with PowerPoint, Google Classroom, Moodle, and Schoology. Integrations require a login and a link to “create” the connection. Once you have an account, you can log in to Panopto, access the website, or request services.

Panopto is compatible with many LMS options, including the popular SCORM 2.0. It also offers comprehensive security features, including login security and access controls in the video library. Moreover, it offers a free trial.

And if you’re a school or university, Panopto offers integration with industry-leading LMS solutions. For example, Panopto can integrate with a single sign-on solution, allowing you to authenticate users with ease.

As an LMS-integrated video solution, Panopto helps educators create engaging classes. The advanced video workflow and administrative options offered by Panopto enhance both teacher and student productivity.

For instance, Panopto’s “Hive Insights” feature allows educators to track video quality and video startup time to help stakeholders analyze the overall performance of the event.

Panopto is a cloud-based video platform that supports multiple cameras feeds. It offers live and archived recordings and allows for the sharing of documents with students.

It can even be used in remote learning scenarios. In addition, it can integrate with LMS solutions and video conferencing tools.

When it comes to video content, Panopto offers advanced search capabilities. The search engine can search by any word in a video or presentation.

In addition to this, Panopto integrates with a wide range of LMS systems, including Active Directory, Google app, and other popular LMS systems.

It also supports SAML and oAuth and has YouTube sharing capabilities. Additionally, Panopto offers different pricing options for education and corporate customers.

With Panopto’s integration with Canvas, instructors can easily access their course-related videos in Canvas. Students can also view and access recorded videos directly through Canvas, even on mobile devices. The integrated service can also be used to create live webcasts.

Panopto allows users to download videos for offline viewing

Besides streaming videos online, Panopto also lets users download videos for offline viewing. However, users need to be granted permission to download videos before they can do so.

This can be done by an administrator of the site. The administrator can also set the default layout for videos.

By default, Panopto videos are displayed in Picture-in-Picture format, but you can change this setting to anything else.

You can change the download settings of individual videos in Panopto. You can do this by opening the settings window of the video in Panopto.

You can also access this window from the editor. You’ll find it in the upper-right corner of the video. Administrators can also set download restrictions for their entire site.

Panopto allows users to edit the video’s title and description. In addition, they can copy and share a video’s link. Moreover, Panopto provides a pop-up menu that gives them different options to edit the video.

This way, they can customize it according to their preferences.

Users can also download audio podcasts of Panopto videos. MP4 videos by default have a resolution of 720p, but you can change it to 1080p. Users can also change the output quality of videos by selecting the “Tiled” option.

The tiled view allows you to see both the audio and screen streams. Another option is the “Primary Video Only” option, which omits the screen stream. The “Secondary Video Only” option lets users download a video with audio and webcam.

Users can also choose which folders they wish to download videos to. These settings can be shared with specific users or can be set site-wide.

By default, only Administrators and Videographers have permission to download videos, but they can also enable downloads on the folder level.

Faculty can also use Panopto Mobile to access video content on mobile devices.

Besides streaming videos, Panopto Mobile lets users record videos and upload their own videos. It also allows users to take notes during a presentation.