Is Descript Free? (Pricing, Pros & Cons, Features)

When it comes to privacy, Descript has you covered. It uses world-class technologies and services to ensure the safety and security of your data.

It also uses the latest encryption technology to make sure your information stays secure.

Whether you use Descript for business or personal use, your information is always safe.

Overdub 3.0 voice cloning technology

Overdub is audio editing software that helps you create voice-over content without recording it yourself. It offers realistic voice cloning that listeners can’t tell apart from your own voice. It also lets you fill in script gaps and seamlessly add lines after recording.

Overdub is free and available for both Mac and Windows. It requires a solid mic and about 10 minutes of recording time.

It also lets you add inline notes and speaker labels. It also has overdub 3.0 voice cloning technology, which delivers high-quality voice overs and allows for quick corrections.

The app is part of a larger transcription service and editing tool, Descript. The pro plan costs $30 a month and includes up to 30 hours of transcription. Descript also offers enterprise plans for larger businesses.

Overdub offers a free trial version, but it is limited to only 1,000 common words.

With the recent addition of a subscription tier, Descript has announced new features. This includes Overdub, which allows users to create a virtual model of their own voice, which can be used to fix audio mistakes on podcasts. It is also useful for replacing text in automatic transcripts.

Non-destructive compositions

A non-destructive composition is a format in which a user does not alter or modify the original audio file.

This method is often preferred by audio professionals, because it makes the creation process much faster. However, it does have some drawbacks. First, it’s not very reliable. The original files stay in the Media Library. Second, non-destructive compositions can be problematic to edit.

Descript Transcription options

When you sign up for a free Descript account, you get three hours of transcription and full audio editing. If you need more hours or more features, you can upgrade to the paid Creator or Pro plan. These plans have additional features, like watermark-free video export. The Creator account costs $12 a month billed annually, or $15 a month billed monthly.

The paid version of Descript is more advanced, including an unlimited number of projects and unlimited transcriptions. It also includes advanced features, such as screen recordings and non-destructive exports to other DAWs.

But if you’re not ready to pay $12 a month, the free plan is still the way to go if you need more than a few transcriptions per month.

The free version of Descript allows you to transcribe your audio directly into a word document, and you can cut and paste the words.

You can also move audio waveforms to change the transcription. The software uses Google’s speech to text engine, which is regarded as the market leader. The transcripts produced by Descript are attractive and can be shared securely with others.

If you’re a content marketer, journalist, or a blogger, you might want to consider Trint. This software allows you to edit video interviews into articles and offers a “world-class editor” for collaborating with your team.

Additionally, Trint is affordable and comes with an easy-to-use interface. It also stores your audio files for 15 days and fully finished documents for up to one year.

If you’re not into video editing, consider using Screencast-O-Matic to record audio or screencasts.

Screencast-O-Matic also supports recording videos for download. The software is compatible with Mac and Microsoft Windows and has iOS mobile apps. You can even embed content directly from Descript.

The program’s automated functions enable you to edit the transcript or audio in real-time. You can even add musical elements to the transcript. Even more, you can import a transcript from another source.

Descript Pricing

When deciding which audio editing software to purchase, it is important to consider the price of the software and the features it offers.

While most free audio editing software has free versions with limited functionality, Descript has a range of pricing plans.

You can use the basic software for free for up to 3 hours, or you can upgrade to the paid version if you need more features.


Descript’s free plan offers a generous free plan, allowing you to record up to one project, as well as limited screen recording and transcription.

The paid version, starting at $12 per month, offers more advanced tools and features, including unlimited projects, unlimited recordings, and non-destructive export to other DAWs.

You can choose from 4 Descript subscription plans. The free plan offers three hours of transcription and collaborative features.

The paid plans offer more advanced features like full audio and video editing, screen recording, collaboration, and watermark-free video export. You can sign up for one of the plans through your Google account or email credentials.