Increase Website Traffic Free – Top 2 Skills to Set Your Foundation

By Rick Porter

If you own a blog or a website it’s possible that on several occasions you have wondered what you can dhow to increase web traffic freeo to increase website traffic to get hordes of targeted visitors. This is a question that everyone must be prepared to have a plan for before they even get started. Without a plan to drive traffic to your website you will have a slow start and quite possibly a blog or website that doesn’t not develop.

Plan your work and work your plan. This phrase was drilled into me over a decade ago when I entered the world of high tech sales. To be successful at most anything you need to plan it, and then follow through on your plan without getting sidetracked. The same goes for internet marketing and increasing traffic to your websites. There are dozens of ways to drive traffic to your site but if you try to use them all you will end up being a “jack of all trades and a master of none”.

Methods to increase website traffic

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Article Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Blog Commenting
  • Social Networking
  • Youtube and Video Marketing
  • RSS Marketing
  • PPC or Paid Traffic

All of these methods are very effective to drive targeted traffic to a website when done properly but until you setup some type of automation and get tools to help you do these it can be a wasted effort trying to do them all at once. Each one of these methods is a separate skill in itself and can take months to learn the details and intricacies to succeed with them. If you do a lot of different things ineffectively your overall result will show it.

That doesn’t mean you need to learn everything about something before even attempting it. On the contrary, you must begin to gain experience. When you analyze the things you did wrong you learn from it very quickly and you will progress in your internet marketing skills. There is a lot to be said for experience in just about anything. Experience will teach you things that they don’t teach in textbooks and will allow you to innovate your own methods and ideas while coming to an understanding of how the base foundation of all this works. Which strategies are best to increase website traffic free?

Search Engine Optimization for Free Traffic

It is very important right from the start to learn best practices with search engine optimization. Once you understand how the web crawlers work you will be able to apply these skills to be more effective at article marketing, social networking, and video marketing. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world next to Google. If you plan on using video marketing you will need to understand how text is read through your video submissions so that you can rank high for the targeted audience you seek. The same goes with social networking.

There are now hundreds of social networks and news aggregators and bloggers are crawling them for new content. You’ll even see Twitter results showing up in Google now in a special news feed. Search engine optimization is a critical foundation point to begin with. There is so much to learn though so just get started learning the basics and apply it to what you are doing so that you can get that experience you need.

When you master search engine optimization you will increase website traffic from all different sources because you will have solid fundamentals to work with that will carry on into all of your web marketing efforts.

Article Marketing for Traffic

If you aren’t sure what article marketing is just take a closer look at this article. If you are reading this right now you are seeing how effective article marketing can be to gain an audience. Getting good information out on the web about your niche is a good way to establish yourself as a leader and someone that people can trust whether you are selling a fitness product or any type of service.

The great thing about article marketing to increase website traffic is that it can help to get traffic in several ways. First off your articles will be out there and the visitors that read your article may click on your website link in the resource box if they like what they read. The second thing about article marketing is that you can gain backlinks to your website to increase your search engine rankings.

Make sure to use your keyword your are targeting in the anchor text of the URL. Unless you want to rank high for the term ‘click here’, avoid using that as the anchor. Adobe already has #1 and #2 wrapped up for that term and it is unlikely that anyone will ever pass that and I can’t reall think of a good reason you would want to rank high for that. If you are putting the work into article marketing then you must maximize your efforts and use it to gain meaningful backlinks that will allow you to rank higher in search engines and then drive more traffic.

Here is another benefit of article marketing that many people overlook. Get your RSS feed from your profile and submit it to the RSS directories. Your articles may get picked up and syndicated on blogs, autoblogs, or even TwitterFeeds. Get yourself out there enough and your information will spread across the blogosphere helping to increase traffic to your sites.

Increase Website Traffic Core Strategies

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