31 Funny Ways To I.N.C.R.E.A.S.E Traffic To Your Blog

Do you want to increase your blog traffic?

I’m about to share my instant traffic systems with you. These tips are guaranteed to bring you influx of free web traffic.

But you need to do three things. They are: Discover. Understand. Implement.

If you’re ready like I am, let’s dive in and get ‘em listed.

1.Write a Tutorial:

There are beginners who are searching the web right now. No matter the niche you’re in, you can attract those desperate “green leafs” and profit with them.

But they need a head up. Write a tutorial and make it simple to understand. If you’re into web design, your tutorial could be, “3 tips to design web header.”

2. Create A List:

Everyone loves reading articles that are arranged in lists. For instance, the article you’re reading right now is on listed formats.

Ain’t you enjoying it? Do the same thing on your blog/site and you will drive free targeted traffic.

3. Follow Current Trend:

This is a powerful instant traffic system. During the time of Google Panda updates, I wrote a guest post. Guess what, I got over 100 targeted readers to my blog and within 30 days, the traffic to my blog from that single post increased to 783. What a luck? Stay on top of the loop and never miss a trend.

4. Timeless Article:

There are great articles that remains for years. In fact, such articles and blog posts attract responsive bloggers who link to it. Isn’t this what you want? Your article would remain relevant for years to come bringing you spikes of daily traffic and buyers

5. Stand Out!

Until you are known for a specific thing, you’re not going to enjoy long term blogging success. There are millions of blogs and websites that’s being created everyday. Stand out and you’ll attract free traffic without much hassles.

6. Use Blog Instead of Website:

It’s much easier to drive traffic to a blog, than to a website. The reason is simple, blogs are always updated and have SEO (search engine optimization)enhanced tools. Does it mean ranking on Google top 10 is easier with blogs – RED HOT “YES.”

7. Breaking News:

Has something just happened? Why not write a breaking news about that event and get positioned on search engine. Do you know that once an event happens, a new keyword terms are created automatically by web users – get prepared and don’t be left hanging. Lol!

8. Create A Best List:

No one is going to know how best you’re until you let them know. Sometimes, your blogs are not going to get any substantial traffic until you start giving out the best. Will ya?

9. Give Away Your Best Content:

Why hoard your content from visitors and readers? If you do that before, stop right there. They are the reason why you came online and if you ain’t a millionaire yet, they are the ones to make you rich. Share your best content and don’t stop there – give some more!

10. Write with Generosity:

When last did you give away free tips that is of high quality? Do you know people would align and stick with your content on your blog/site when you are generous. Throw a party sometimes giving away free gifts like e-books, software especially the ones you use. It pays to be generous and people are attracted to where they are accepted.

11. Conduct Interviews:

No, it’s not as difficult as they made it to be. In fact, you don’t need to do this with President Barrack Obama, you simply need a fellow blogger who has gotten off his feet on his niche. Ask intelligent questions, get answers and create quality content out of it. Everyone loves this and would come back to you thousands of times.

12. Write Short Posts:

Stay off the radar and give away FANTASTIC tip to your web visitors. Simply write a short post or article and then persuade readers to take action.

13. Write Long Posts:

Isn’t this contrary to the above? Off course not. When you want to build quality backlinks, it’s ideal to make your posts and articles long. I don’t particularly link to a short article, but a jaw-pulling long one makes my day. Give out a detailed topic and you’ll be loved for it.

14. Answer Your Comments:

Appreciate your commenter by answering their frank comment. No  matter what they say on the comment box, make sure you answer and if need be, contact the person and clarify things. People love it when you get back to them.

15. Write With Your Own Voice:

Like I said earlier, no one wants the same refurbished blog posts scattered all over the web. We are all looking for distinct voice. Take a look at copyblogger and problogger, they ain’t the best blogs around but they write with a unique voice – their voice!

16. Become Dependable:

Web visitors have one thing in common, once they discover a skilled expert, they are naturally engrossed to that person’s blog or site. Become that person that others depend on for solutions. Your blog/site won’t lack targeted traffic day in and out.

17. Become an Expert:

Taking it from the above, while in College, we were told to believe and accept expert’s view and opinions about a subject. Why? It’s because these set of people have distinguished themselves. No, they are not perfect, they make their mistakes but they refuse to adulterate and be like any person. You can set your mark and become an expert too.

18. Write on a controversial topic and close comments:

Yes, it’s not all the time you need to accept opinions of others. If you believe in a thing and wants to carve a niche out of it, write a controversial topic and close the comments box. No comments at all – the first approach to becoming an expert. Just make sure your opinions have proofs and don’t violate laws.

19. Write About Google:

We love that name and use it everyday. I don’t know anyone who is not using Google or its sisters daily. Gmail, feedburner, blogger, adwords, adsense etc. Just name it – they are household names even more popular than Ebay (my opinion though). When you write about this topic, you’ll get a headup and attract some traffic to your blog.

20. Bookmark all your posts:

Don’t limit this to only posts made on your blog. When you make a guest post, bookmark it too. I use ping.fm to automate the process. Your content becomes an authority and gets rewarded with Pagerank, traffic and quality backlinks.

21. Write About Twitter:

Twitter is the second most popular social site in the world, followed by linkedin. That means you can easily attract traffic to any post made on twitter topics. Topics such as “6 ways to get more twitter follows” etc. Try it and see how it goes.

22. Write Case Study:

One case study I did months ago brought in 64 targeted traffic to my blog within 24 hours. And it’s still bringing some decent traffic to my blog daily. I love case studies and reading them gets me inspired. If it happened to me, it can happen to every other person – we are created in God’s image with one spirit.

23. Avoid Pop Ads:

Nothing annoys a first time visitor than an annoying pop up ad. If you want instant traffic systems listed above and more to come, to work on your favour, just avoid ads that pops up and distract reading. At least for a start, build your traffic and blog readership first – later, you can run ads and not the annoying type.

24. Share Your Content On Facebook:

With over 500,000,000 active users on facebook, there could be no better alternative to social media marketing. If you have some money in your account, why not try their pay per click campaign. It’s geographical and you drive the exact traffic you want.

25. Publish A Press Release:

Want to get on Google news with over 220,000 unique daily visitors, then a press release is the right answer. A press release must be written in the third party, announcing the launch of a new product, or new post. Insert your link twice and watch out what happens. Note: don’t outright convince people to visit, give them quality information and they would seek out your link – position it right!

26. Participate in Blog Contest:

Have you attended a party before? Well, bloggers also have a way to party and this is called “blog contest.” You can host or participate in one. As a participant, you submit your best blog post to the host and they would publish your link on their blog. It’s usually a success when you give it a shot. Create time for this and try it today.

27. Submit Guest Posts:

Wow, everyone is talking about the power of guest posting except you. What are you waiting for? This can bring you decent new readership and instant traffic once your post post live. I started with guest posting and up till this moment, I have my pieces queued up, waiting to go live in few days.

28. Accept Guest Posts:

Off course, when you accept guest posts on your blog, you benefit a lot. The person who made it successfully would be glad to distribute and tweet the published content to his followers. Who knows how many people are following him/her – you won’t know until you see the spike in traffic coming your way every day.

29. Code a Plugin:

I’m seriously looking into this method of driving free targeted traffic to my blog. The last time I checked “all in one seo pack,” I discovered it’s been downloaded about 2,002,222 times. That’s about 2M. Uploaded and activated on niche blogs. That’s a total of 2M backlinks and counting. If you can’t code a plugin, get someone to do it for you and submit to wordpress. It’s the fastest way to build backlinks, raise your pagerank and drive free traffic.

30. Post Your Photos On Flickr:

You use photos on your website and blogs? If you are patriotic and abides by the rules, you normally give credits. Huh? Great. When you upload your photos on flickr that allows website owners and bloggers to use, they would give you credit and link back to your site. You get quality backlinks on autopilot and drive traffic daily.

31. Convince Visitors To Subscribe To Your RSS Feed:

Unless they subscribe, you’ll continue to chase after traffic. Successful business is all about recurring customers who know you, your products and your style. Encourage them to subscribe to your RSS Feed and they would be alerted once you publish a post.

I only know about 31 ways to drive free traffic to my blog. Is there something I missed? Please add the sites left and don’t forget to give your frank comments. Thank you for reading!

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