7 Ways to Increase Traffic and Sales with Content Marketing

In simple terms, content marketing is a strategy through which online businesses try to educate an audience about products and services directly or indirectly and boost sales as far as possible.

Generally, content marketing is often perceived by business owners and marketers as a kind of magic wand that is capable of doing many things, such as improving the site’s search position in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of different search engines, generating more traffic, etc.

The main purpose of content marketing is ensuring stable sales.

Because of content marketing, awareness of customers about a particular brand or products increases and they get involved in communication with it, which further leads to lead generation and increased sales.

It sounds very well, but many companies accuse that content marketing does not work at all the times.

It happens because of constantly changing user preferences and the availability of too much good content on the web. So, let’s talk about the ways of increasing traffic and sales through content marketing.

1. Creating Content Designed for A Wider Audience

You must always keep in mind that good marketers can easily find their main customers and satisfy their values by processing all the available data, analyzing customer behavior and using different promotional channels carefully.

They process the message in such a way that they encourage customers for purchasing the desired products and services. Marketing messages can be both addressed to specific individuals and respond to the values of the audience as a whole.

Therefore, conduct a proper research before writing content and what are the expectations of your customers when it comes to the content.

Always keep in mind that your content should be distinguished by a high level and engage and attract the target audience.

Write content in such a way that it should cover the maximum number of audiences interested in your products and services, even those users who are not yet ready to purchase. Your content must sustain Google updates, have some value for customers, action-oriented and absolutely unique.

2. Publish Useful Content Regularly on Websites

The regular publication of new content on websites is one of the most important activities of Search Engine Optimization.

Always keep in mind that Search engines track all changes on your website and respond positively to the increase in pages with unique content for visitors.

By publishing a new content on your website, you demonstrate search robots your desire to develop a resource and provide visitors with relevant information. In return, search engines respond to such changes by improving the ranking of your site.

It allows you to form a qualitative structure of internal links, which puts a positive effect on the overall ranking of your website. Newly published pages can attract traffic to your site with different keywords, bring new customers, and improve the behavioral factors of promoting your website.

3. Call for Action

If you are able to attract the attention of the audience with content, just ensure it motivates customers to purchase products and services one after another as it will contribute an increase in sales. Fill your website with interesting information at regular intervals and attach CTA buttons rightfully.

Quality content attached with CTA buttons increases traffic to your websites and contributes to a sharp boom in conversion every day.

4. Increase Content Popularity and Reach with Social Media Channels

  • You wrote high-quality posts, but it went unnoticed?
  • You created a smart infographic, but nobody shared it at least once?
  • You spent six months to create a useful white paper, but no one downloads it?
  • Your web materials are really great, but they don’t find a response from your audience?

If you are facing all these problems, it means that you don’t promote your content in the right way. You must always keep in mind that the ability to effectively promote a business brand on different social media channels is one of the conditions for its success.

Choosing a right SMO strategy will help you build an impressive customer base, make your brand popular and sell more products and services in the short and long term.

5. Develop A Clear Understanding of Search Engine Algorithm

Always keep in mind that content development begins with a clear understanding of the unique complexities of each search engine and creating a suitable strategy.

This helps you to create high-quality posts that are likely to increase organic traffic to your website, thus increasing the business volume by leaps and bounds.

For example, Google’s algorithm is a complex tool that considers hundreds of thousands of factors while determining the feasibility of websites or web pages in search results against the entered keywords (search terms).

Generally, SEO professionals don’t have sufficient time to create content.

So, they rely on professional content writers to meet the rapidly increasing requirements for content.

You need to make sure that your content writer has the basic knowledge of SEO, content writing skills, and the latest Google updates.

Only then he/she will be able to create SEO ready and unique content for website optimization. You also need to review the content written by content writers to make it more useful for the targeted audience.

6. A Closer Analysis of The Latest Posts People Are Crazy About


In order to develop a strong content creation strategy to improve organic to websites, first of all, you need to understand what the results of past posts have been.

This information will let you know the nature of about organic and paid and how many subscribers and other visitors viewed your posts. Analyse all such posts and view the demographic statistics of visitors carefully.

Writing a good post for which visitors are crazy about naturally speed up the lead generation process and will help increase reach and progress towards your goals.

7. Customer Retention Through Content Marketing

It’s a bitter fact that 80% of all web-based business organisations are working to attract customers and only 20% are building a strategy for their retention.

Always keep in mind that long-term relationships with consumers are the key to a successful business. Commercial firms lose up to 30% of clients per year.

In companies with a retention policy, the overall profits increases owing to the continued cooperation with regular customers as loyal customers are more price-tolerant companies and they don’t look for discounts.

So, send greetings messages to old customers and try to get them back to your brand through Email Marketing.


Always keep in mind that useful content is itself a magnet for people. The abundance of informative content makes people appreciate really high-quality materials that meet their needs and solve problems on the spot.

Therefore, content marketing has become the number 1 tool to promote brands on the web and get more traffic, business opportunities and register tremendous sales every day.

Just use these techniques to attract, warm up and retain the target audience and meet your business goals easily and comfortably. Good Luck!

About the Author – Robert Sumner works as a Blogger at Media Fortress, one of the leading and fastest growing Small Business Marketing Agency offering Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads Management, Social Media Marketing, etc in Australia’s most popular cities i.e Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, etc. For more blogs, you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.