How To Increase Internet Traffic By Spying On Your Competitors

Have you always wanted to increase internet traffic for free?

This article can help you in priceless ways. I discovered the system I’m about to share with you a few weeks ago, implemented it on my blog and the got results.

My search engine organic traffic increased from 75 daily to about 253 daily. As I write this, the traffic to my blog is growing at the speed of inflation and I’m much delighted.

For those of you who have been following and reading my posts, you know pretty well that my blog is still young – barely 3 months old.

As usual, you’ve got three things to do today after reading. They are: Learn. Understand. Implement.

Who Are Your Competitors?

They are those people with the same blog topic as yours. If they have their way, their heart desire is that you blog gets hacked so you don’t compete with them. Whether you like it or not, they are not happy and internet business is all about domination.

Your competitors wants to dominate you, grab all the targeted buyers of ‘that’ product and service and profit big time.

So, you do have competitors and your Uncle or Aunt might be one of them. Let’s assume you have a niche blog about Canon Digital Camera. If your Uncle has the same blog promoting the exact same offer, you’re in for serious competition.

But guess what – all hope is not gone at all. You can outrank several top sites, buy implementing a simple strategy known as “keyword spy.”

Why You Must Spy Competitor’s Keywords

I don’t have any prove to back up my reasons, but one thing I do know is that until you know what your competitors are doing to get on Google #1 or top 10, you’ll continue to wallow and get drowned trying to raise your pagerank.

Fortunately, no matter the niche you’re in, there are experts, SEO professionals and these people really know their onion – won’t you rather kick-start the engine instead of re-inventing the wheels. One basic rule of marketing is to sell what is already selling.

If you want to drive targeted traffic to your blog, make sure you spy and do it real good.

How To Spy On Your Competitors

First, you need to know who they are and what got them to that Google position. Now, head over to Google and search for your main keyword. Stick with your primary keyword and let’s determine the obstacles stopping you form getting a nice rank juice.

If you’re into “freelance writing,” get that keyword on Google and search. You can use quotes or just ignore it. Your competitors could still be caught red-handed.

Hijack The Top Results – 1, 2, 3 Sites/blogs

After that search results, write down the top 3 websites and blogs and dig into them. The first thing you need to know is the keywords they are targeting. The best keyword research tool you can use for this digging is Google keywords tool.

You know the usual keyword research basics, Huh? That’s it, instead of searching for a keyword, type your competitor’s website address with the full (http://) and hit search.

How To Pin-point Competitor’s Hidden Keywords

Google keywords tool isn’t going to reveal the most searched keyword that your competitors use. You have got to do something unique and different.

You don’t have to use any of the common research tools out there, no matter how much pretty they seem, you don’t need them if you truly want to outrank your competitor. So what do you use?

Have you heard of Alexa? I’m sorry, I’m just kidding. You have!

Discover Hidden and Profitable Keywords Using Alexa.

Once you get to alexa, type in your competitor’s web address. Please don’t include (http://www.) Just the address and hit search. It’s going to reveal some vital search engine details and this is what you need to bait Google and her counterpart to send you avalanche of free targeted traffic.

You’ll then click on “get details” to dig deeper into the website you just searched.

What you are looking for really, is the “Top Search Queries” used by targeted visitors to arrive at your opponent’s site or blog.

I’m sure you will discover 5 – 7 high searched keywords. Now, copy those terms and save them on your notepad. What next?

Target Your Competitor’s Keyword

You’ll be able to increase internet traffic by simply targeting these hot keywords. There is no need going through the traditional keyword research systems. With this method, ranking on Google top 10 is “too possible.”

If you own a blog (recommended), write a decent blog posts with these hot keywords on the title. Throw in the keywords twice within the content and make sure it flows like the rivers. Don’t be spammy and attract that hungry panda, who would eat up your blog PR.

Just be creative, quality is the key. You can go the extra mile to read your competitor’s article. Your goal is to write better article, focusing on the on-page optimization and links.

Spy On Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Unless the keywords are less in competition on Google, you won’t rank easily. To supercharge this and increase internet traffic fast, you need to get backlinks. But not the way you have been doing it.

Remember, we are in the business of spying. Don’t worry, it’s legal and won’t get you into trouble. You must spy on your competitor to determine where and how they got their backlinks.

What’s the litmus test? If you can get your backlinks from that same sites/blogs, and go the extra mile, you will rank higher than your competitor. Just make sure you write quality content that readers love. The more time they spend on your blog/site reading your content, the more reward you get from Google.

To spy your competitors backlinks, I have a sleek tool you can use. Although, it doesn’t give me 100% accurate results, not even 80% but you can give it a short. It reveals the exact places where your competitor got free and paid backlinks. It also reveals the anchor text used to link back from those sites.

That’s all right Mr. Spyman – it’s time to take action on what you have learnt. But first, tell me what you think about this. If you enjoyed my style, share this post and your comments – and afterward, TAKE ACTION!