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  1. Really social proof is a means often "lazy" people use to define what is reliable or not . Therefore, we should use this trigger with caution. Good tip .




  2. This article is so interesting I am completely engrossed. Really I appreciate the efforts you take for making these posts. Thanks for sharing with us such useful information.

    • One of the major reasons why your emails end up in the spam folder is because you’re using some words that are deemed spammy, such as ‘free, amazing, awesome, free shippping, discount et al. If you can eliminate these words on your email subject lines, you’ll definitely get your emails on the main folder.

  3. Ya, even I’ve gave some free digital ebooks, but I ended up with bad results. OK, I’ll try webinars, email courses as I read in the above comment and I’ll be back letting you know these experiences.

  4. I have been using to give free digital ebook as an incentive to increase email signup but, in the last 2-3 years i noticed that the effectiveness of this method has decreased consistently. Probably people now don't even have time to read ebooks or, simply, it's just about having some very good content in it, to make it viral.

    • From years of experience, I think e-book and free reports are no longer as effective for list building as they used to. But video courses, email courses and webinars are still proven ways to collect leads.

  5. Somehow you are right but you know that mostly today social proff is being used many fake companies. Companies doest not related to even small company they drop the social proff of Microsoft, CNN and etc. What is your views regarding these fake social proof companies?


  6. I have recetly came across this site of yours and the way you have linked the imporatnce of social media is truely fantastic and I will try to cover all the aspects in my blog

  7. Thanks for writing such a useful post. As you have said, these techniques are really simple and powerful at the same time! Thanks again! Keep on bloggingg 🙂

  8. I never knew that adding a social proofs to one’s website or blog at a vantage position where readers can see em will definitely inspire them to take action.

    And come to think of it, traffic has always been the problem. And waiting for search engine to bring in traffic takes a long time especially for blog that are still new and growing.

    Hey michael, I’ve got a question for you! What about those who has not dealt with trusted brands in the past, what option do they have, or can they just form and create social proofs of brands they have not been featured on?

    To answer your question michael, NO! I have not been using social proofs to improve conversion rates!, in fact, this is the first time I’ll be reading/hearing anything about social proofs.

    So, michael, I don’t have anywhere else to go. Since you’re already in the game, I think learning and using social proofs won’t be a problem to me. I need help!!!

    • Seriously, using social proofs not only inspires your readers to know and recognize you as a go-to expert, but it also gives your blog a professional flavor. I’ll do everything possible to help you. I could make out time to audit your blog, if you want.

        • Hi Johnnie,

          I'm sure Michael wouldn't mind me offering some useful advice here.

          Firstly, don't get intimidated by the name "social proof." Just know social proof includes anything that can give you and/or your work some credibility, but from a 3rd party.

          The most common social proofs are testimonials. And the best way of getting them is to simply ask from anyone you've worked with in the past, and is happy with your work. A simple positive comment on your blog can also be developed into a great testimonial. Just make sure you get the author's permission. Or create a space for "what people think" and include all positive comments and feedbacks there.

          Another great social proof are case studies (or customer success stories). You get it same way you get a testimonial; asking. But this time, you ask more questions enough to get you the necessary elements of a case study; background (about the customer), problems/challenges, solution, and results. You can then use it as a post on your blog, or simply create a "case studies" page. You just need to be creative in using social proofs – there are no real rules here.

          Other social proofs you might consider are endorsements, recommendations, expert oinion and quotes (Michael quoting from Robert Caldini in this post is social proof that strengthens the post), facts and figures (again, Michael's advice boosting his client's email list by 264% is great social proof of his authority on the subject), statistics, etc.

          As you can see, it's all about being creative and finding social proofs from around you. They are everywhere. Just remember to make them very specific (names, figures, etc)

          I hope this helps.



  9. Hi Michael,

    list building is surely a challenging thing to do, i am trying to do by banners techniques which i think can increase your email sign up rate bit fairly but social proof is a great idea delivered by you 

  10. Hi Michael,

    First of all nice informational post, list building is surely a challenging thing to do, i am trying to do by banners techniques which i think can increase your email sign up rate bit fairly but social proof is a great idea delivered by you i will definitely try it

  11. If I don't have anything to offer to readers like you, is there any way to increase the email subscribing rate ?

    I'm running a tech and gadget news website and try to get more subscribe to our rss feed but it seems not get much success.

    On our website also have the deals section.

    • Sure Alize, you definitely have something to offer your readers. It could even be your best articles packaged in a short report or e-book. You could give away free plugins you use for your blogging as well. Anything that can add value to your reader’s life is good to go.

  12. I am impressed. For a person who is strugling for a traffic on her post this is an eye-opener. I will subscribe to your blog now, as i think there is some interesting information in there which can benifit by blogging business. Thanks for sharing this for free!

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