How to Increase The Conversion Rate Of Your Business Blog

How do you increase conversions on your blog? 

Content play a vital role in internet marketing, the popular only saying that content is king is true.

Creating content then should be the number one way of sending targeted people to your blog.

This method, works in a slow pace.

There is however, a better way and faster way to do that and this is providing a content that makes your site visitors interact with and to accomplish the main aim of the content.

Your content should fulfill your business needs by converting your readers into buyers of your product or service and that is when content is said to be king.

Provide content that makes your readers subscribe to your call and these is done by giving your site visitors exactly what they want and showing them how to do it.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some ways to optimize your business content for a better blog conversion.

Call to action Strategy

Call to action is a way of telling your blog visitors to fulfill your goal. Call to action tells the site visitor exactly what to do when the blog owners offers a product or service.

The attractive the call to action is, the more the chances of conversion. Where you place the call to action also matters.

There are several places you can place a call to action, these will include the head, the widget, content and footer. But more importantly, put it at a place where your main aim will be achieve.

The best place to place a call to action that does the work is at the end of the post. This makes it possible for people to act, after reading and have become convince with the article.

Pop-ups Strategy

Pop-ups is also a way of telling your site visitors to fulfill your goals. Pop-up should be timed and show some important eye catching message, however, the message should not be too much as it will be boring to your site visitors.

In my opinion, pop-ups should be the first thing that comes up whenever someone navigates to your blog or website. Don’t make the pop-up time longer than expected.

Give out the most important information and provide a link for the full details.

A pop-up can be about anything like joining the blog social media pages (example facebook fan page or twitter follow link), freebies, adverts and so on.

Provide a case study

This is vital to your success. Case study simply tells your client what you have done in the pass and these will serve as a proof to the clients that they’re not going to buy the product or service blindly.

Make the case study exciting and simple. Include pictures, videos and audio to make it more exciting to your clients. Encourage your clients to share the case study with their friends on social media.

Provide testimonials

Some people always forget this, but it’s really important. With tons of information around, people want to know what others say about your product or service and most often make decision from that.

Testimonials are your client’s written statement describing the how your product or service help them. Display those testimonials on your blog and also tell your clients to share it with their friends on social media.

Testimonials build confidence and makes people to believe in what you’re offering, because they can see the result from other people.

Provide email sign-up

An email sign up enables the website owner builds a list by collecting their names and email. The sign owner then uses the list to build relationship and to fulfill future business goals. Using your list should be with a serious caution. Don’t always send information that contains sales pitch always.

Provide a contact us page

Provide a valid contact us page or a contact us form that client will use to ask you about further information about your blog.

Use a trust badges

With lots of scam websites online and a lot of internet users have fall prey to it, people will want to know whether they can trust your blog or not. The use of trust badges then becomes the only solution to clear their doubts and gives them assurance that your site is genuine.

There are however, plenty of trust badges online, they include Verisign, BBB are a few organizations online that provide you with trust badges.

Use social media

Many internet users use the social media actively.

Making more sales will mean that you need to focus more on using the social media to market your blog, for better conversion. Not only that, it’ll help you build your own brand and earn the credibility you need.


Don’t just create content that gets high search engine ranking alone. But also have content that will equally make you fulfill your business goals.

There are many ways content is use to fulfill one business desires online. Some methods of doing it is slow, while others are fast. In this article, I have outlined the fastest way of creating content that fulfill your business need.

Author Bio: Bako Yila is a blogger with passion on business, personal finance, inspiration and lifestyle. His blog offers simple yet powerful steps towards a financial free life, motivation and a lifestyle to be enjoyed.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Although i don’t understand all but i learned very much. This is article business conversion very well

  2. Very useful and interesting article on increasing conversion. One great way to increase goal conversion is to hammer the benefit the users are going to derive by taking the action. The offer that can hardly resist by the majority your site visitors.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Micheal,thanks for this awesome write up on how to increase conversion on your Blg, i think the first step is developing a relationship with your Blog readers, without relationship, no sale will take place

  4. Case studies and testimonials happens to be my top best strategies for increasing conversation rates on my blog. People tend to ask or answer questions especially when it relates to an experience they have had in the past or currently facing.

    While all other measures are key to increasing blog conversation, I still go for these two. In all, that was a perfect and appealing write up.


  5. Nice Writeup.. I have faced this situation very often where client gets good traffic but very little conversion. Sometime changing the color of button works like charm. You certainly have to think like the buyer or say user. Thanks for sharing the valuable post.

  6. Nice and very informative post

    Managing only a blog will not do any good instead if it helps you in your business it would be helpful. Conversion rates are always important for any business. The above post has discussed many ways that would help in conversion of your business.

    I think content plays an important role in this , having best and useful content in your blog is a good to get ranks but if it is relevant to your business, then it is even more helpful in directing relevant customers to your business site. If the targeted people are directed then conversion rate surely increases.The above provided points are very helpful and bloggers should take after these steps to get high transformation to their web blogs or services..

    Thank you for sharing

  7. Hi wonderful points ,

    This is article business conversion really good . keep it up work . it is helpful blog . thank

    you for posting .

  8. Great article. I agree with all but I believe people must be careful when they are using pop-ups. Sometimes it can be very annoying for some users so using pop-ups too much can be fatal business mistake!

    Thanks for your great article.

  9. Nice article about Coversion. Content play a vital role in internet marketing, Yes. It’s true. without it you couldn’t imagine. Mentioned above points are correct and I agree with them.
    Bloggers should follow these steps to get high conversion to their blogs or product.

    Thanks for sharing this nice article:)

  10. Bako Yila, really nice and very informative article.

    Conversion is big question today when we are talking about digital marketing and online reputation. Conversion optimization can’t be separated from user experience optimization. That can be in terms of simpler/minimal design, complimentary color themes, good structure and valued content/service/product.

    Additionally I would like to add few points-

    Focusing on users need/problem is the most important thing. A clear sentence/phrase (headline) about how your service/product can solve their issues can give awesome results.

    Placing the CTA at top-of-the-fold and at the bottom of the page is wise.

    Any input form (CTA) must have as minimum fields as possible and only seek information which are relevant and actually required, Do not add captchas. Write a privacy statement.

    Testimonials, social mentions/proof and badges are awesome for building the trust factor.

    Personally I do not like popups as it may irritate the user.

    Another big point is always optimize your site’s loading time. This is very crucial as this can lower the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate & ranking.

    Essential Landing Page – Conversion Tips

  11. Hello,

    such a nice post and i think use a trust badges is one of the leading to increase Conversion Rate Of Your Business Blog and you can use testimonials videos on your blog or website because it helps to increase conversion rate.


  12. I agree with everything you say except for the pop ups.I find them annoying and intrusive. But that’s just my opinion. I should do some tests before I condemn them for everyone!

  13. Very information post about increase the Conversion rate of a Business Blog. To read your post,I get very good information about how to increase the Conversion rate of a Business Blog. I must discuss with my friends about your post because it is very important to every blog Author.

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