5 Smart Ways To Improve Your Writing Career With A Beautiful Logo

Do you have a logo?writing career

Beautiful logos can enhance your brand.

Choosing the right logo for your blog is a very important stage in the branding of any writing career, and getting it right can help tremendously in making a recognizable, leading brand.

The correct branding for you or your company should reinforce your message and ethos and it should be designed accordingly.

You need to think very carefully about what service or product you are trying to sell and what sort of image you are trying to portray.

The logo is just one part of this branding, but is possibly the most important as it will appear on almost all products, advertising and correspondence with customers and clients.

Here are the top five key points to consider as you begin to design your logo:

  •     Shape and size
  •     Color
  •     Font or text
  •     Tag lines
  •     Continuity with other branding

Good Logo Is The Key

The size and shape of your logo are important for many reasons and depending on the type of business you have it will affect the amount of platforms in which you will be able to display it effectively.

If you are going to be selling products, you will want a logo that is going to look good when placed onto the packaging of these products and different shapes suit different things.

If you are a service based business, then the logo will probably be used most on your website, on paper headings and on advertising campaigns. You should design it in a shape that fits onto a page well if this is the case.

Choose Matching Colors

The color and font of the logo is very important for setting a mood and a feeling about the company, and this is usually reflected in the website.

You need to decide whether you want the logo to include a picture or design in it or to just be the company name.

Sometimes people have tag lines to go with the company name which immediately tells the customers or clients what the basic ethos of the company is.

This can be a great idea and sometimes can be included into the design of the logo. In some cases it is possible to have this as an optional add on that is used in some circumstances but not others.

There are many things to consider and it is often a good idea to enlist the services of an expert to help you out with this process.

It is vital that before you take this step that you have considered all of the points mentioned here, as you do not want to end up with a logo that looks good, but is not suitable for the purposes you intend to use it for.


This guest post is written by freelance writer and designer Abigail. She writes on a number of topics including RBC Credit Cards and BMO Credit Cards.

Image Credit: jenorton