Hubstaff vs Time Doctor: Which Time Management Tool is Better?

While Hubstaff and Time Doctor are both great time management tools, the former may be the better option if you don’t want to hire a security guard to check in and out your employees.

While Hubstaff monitors employee activity and assigns a value to keystrokes Time Doctor doesn’t monitor employee activities or keep a log of keystrokes.

Both apps keep track of the number of time employees spend working, but Hubstaff’s service takes screenshots of employees’ screens and stores them on Amazon S3 servers.

Hubstaff is a virtual check-in and check-out mechanism for businesses

If you are in need of a proof of work system, Hubstaff can help. With its time tracking system, you can analyze data and add new entries. Hubstaff allows you to report time and holidays, and track employees’ shifts and routes.

It can also send alerts when the timer runs out. And, if you are unsure of whether an employee is working on a specific project, you can even monitor their location using GPS.

If you have employees that work for you, Hubstaff is a great solution. It can be used by the whole team and gives them all the knowledge that their actions are being monitored. This helps them know that the monitoring system is only in effect during work hours and is accurate.

The only thing you need to do is tell your employees about Hubstaff and install it on the necessary work devices.

Hubstaff is a global workforce management software that helps both large and small companies manage their teams. With time tracking, payroll, and task assignment, this software helps teams from every industry and size. It also helps entrepreneurs launch global operations. The proof-of-work features and the user interface are some of the key features of Hubstaff. The clock-in and check-out of team members are automated with Hubstaff’s job sites, eliminating buddy punching and inaccurate time tracking.

Hubstaff is software that can be installed on both a computer and a mobile phone. It is designed to help managers monitor productivity and ensure employees are spending their work hours efficiently. You can even connect it with your favorite business apps. As a bonus, Hubstaff can integrate with payment platforms and give you a real-time dashboard. There are many advantages to Hubstaff and we hope it helps your business grow!

It integrates seamlessly with time doctor

Time Doctor lets you keep track of employee hours spent on non-work tools and websites. Hubstaff doesn’t have the same features. Using Time Doctor is much more efficient than manual time tracking, and you can share reports easily with others by email or export data in CSV format. However, it lacks features to limit distractions. Despite the differences, Hubstaff is an excellent choice for companies that need to track time efficiently.

The time-tracking and reporting feature of Hubstaff is particularly useful for managers. The software has 17 different types of reports that you can export to spreadsheets or PDF files. These reports give you an idea of how many hours an employee is working each day and which tasks they’re working on. Moreover, you can get a breakdown of how much time is spent on various applications and websites. Another important feature of Hubstaff is the time-off management feature. You can set up how much time each employee earns per hour, add holidays, and manage annual time off balances. Additionally, you can add your own custom time-off policies for your team and request that they take a break.

Another feature of Hubstaff lets managers capture screenshots of employees’ screens. This feature defaults to ten-minute intervals. Depending on the settings, the screenshots are blurred. This feature makes it easy to identify whether an employee is working or wasting time on non-work activities. It is a good idea to notify employees about the time-tracking feature and install it on work computers only.

Another feature of Time Doctor that makes it a great choice for time tracking is its activity levels feature. The idle time feature lets managers set a certain amount of time to spend on a task, and if an employee does not meet that limit, a pop-up asks for their activity. Time Doctor also sends detailed reports on websites visited by employees, making them more accountable. You can even add your own projects to track time.

It monitors keyboard and mouse activity

If you’re looking for a free way to track keystrokes and mouse movements on your computer, then Mouse and Key Counter are a good choice. This tool runs in the system tray and counts keystrokes and mouse movements every minute. The program will also give you a graph showing the busiest times of the day, including the first and last keystrokes you press in a day. You can even call up the history of your keystrokes at any time to see how much you’re really typing.

Keyboard, Mouse, and Cursor Monitoring are useful tools that allow you to track your activities on your computer. By defining different parameters for different activities, you can monitor the number of keystrokes you make and the amount of time you spend on specific tasks. The program is free, and you can even compare your mileage to other users! Moreover, you can compete with others using the same application, so you can see how much you can improve your typing speed!

It monitors the screen during working hours

If you are concerned about your employees’ time, you can use the free software Hubstaff to monitor their screens and track their activities. Hubstaff monitors employees’ screen activity during working hours and can take screenshots every ten minutes by default. This allows you to determine whether your employees are actually working playing games or even watching movies. The app also allows you to customize screenshots and see which websites your employees spend the most time on.

Another feature that is particularly useful for managers is the ability to monitor employee activities. Hubstaff monitors the screen of every employee during their working hours and sends emails to the managers who can view and approve them. It also notifies employees when screenshots are taken, but you can disable this function in the Settings. This software also allows you to schedule shifts and automate the time tracking process. However, you need to make sure that your employees are aware of the monitoring system.

Whether you want to increase employee productivity or manage projects, Hubstaff can help. It provides detailed reports of your team’s activities and helps you estimate project timelines. However, you should keep in mind that Hubstaff can sometimes freeze during updates and mark you as inactive after 30 minutes. It can also disrupt video conferencing. To avoid this, make sure that you set up an employee profile before setting up the Hubstaff application on your computer.

Another important feature of Hubstaff is its GPS tracker. The software allows you to monitor how long your employees spend working in different locations. With its geofencing feature, you can view routes and track-work hours in detail. Once you’ve set up a project, you can see how much time has been spent in each location. And once you’re done tracking, you can delete or approve any screenshots.


If you want to see how your employees spend their time, Hubstaff monitors their screens during working hours. It monitors website and app activity and tracks employee time.

The software provides reporting tools that help you analyze employee productivity, project cost, and more.

You can filter the data by week, client, and employee.

Hubstaff also allows you to schedule reports. And when you have a good idea of your employees’ habits, you can easily track the results.