How to Use Tome AI (Step-by-Step Guide)

Tome AI is a powerful tool for creating engaging presentations effortlessly.

Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or just getting, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of using Tome AI to craft stunning presentations that captivate your audience.

Here to Use Tome AI:

Here are 7 simple steps to use Tome AI:

Step #1. Sign Up: Start by creating an account on the Tome AI platform. You can sign up for free or choose a premium plan for additional features.

Step #2. Choose a Template: Browse through Tome AI’s extensive template library and select a design that suits your presentation needs. Choose from a variety of themes and layouts to get started.

Step #3. Add Content: Input your content into the template, including text, images, charts, and other visual elements. Use Tome AI’s intuitive editing tools to customize fonts, colors, and styles to match your branding.

Step #4. Utilize AI Features: Take advantage of Tome AI’s AI-powered features to enhance your presentation. Use smart layout suggestions, content recommendations, and design optimization tools to streamline your workflow.

Step #5. Customize Design: Fine-tune the design of your presentation by customizing fonts, colors, backgrounds, and other design elements. Experiment with different layouts and visual effects to create a polished and professional-looking presentation.

Step #6. Collaborate: Invite team members to collaborate on your presentation in real-time. Share feedback, leave comments, and track changes to ensure everyone is aligned throughout the creation process.

Step #7. Present and Share: Once your presentation is complete, it’s time to present it to your audience. Use Tome AI’s built-in sharing options to distribute your presentation via email, social media, or embed it directly into your website or blog.

What is Tome AI, How Does it Work?

    Tome AI is an innovative presentation tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help users create professional-looking presentations quickly and easily.

    With its intuitive interface and AI-powered features, Tome AI simplifies the presentation creation process, allowing users to focus on delivering impactful content without getting bogged down by design details.

    Key Features of Tome AI and What They Do

    Here’s a simplified table summarizing the key features of Tome AI:

    Key FeatureDescription
    Smart TemplatesPre-designed templates tailored to various presentation needs.
    AI-Powered DesignUtilizes artificial intelligence to optimize layout, color, and visual elements.
    Image LibraryAccess to a vast collection of high-quality images for enhancing presentations.
    CollaborationSeamless teamwork with real-time editing and commenting features.
    Custom BrandingAbility to personalize presentations with company logos and brand colors.
    Export OptionsVersatile export formats, including PDF, PowerPoint, and video.

    Getting Started With Tome AI: Create Your Tome Account

    Signing up for Tome is quick and easy.

    Head to their website ( and choose either “Sign Up with Google” for a speedy process or create an account using your email.

    Tome offers a free plan to test the waters. Paid plans unlock more advanced features and generation credits.

    Once you’ve registered, log in to access the platform’s full range of features and resources.

    Creating Your First Presentation: Using a Prompt

    Begin by clicking on the “New Presentation” button to create a new project. You’ll be prompted to choose a template or start from scratch.

    Select the option that best fits your needs and preferences, then proceed to the next step.

    Keep in mind that the heart of Tome AI lies in its prompt-based system. Think of the prompt as your instruction to the AI. A well-written prompt should be clear and focused.

    For example, “Digital Marketing Trends 2024” is better than a vague “Talk about marketing.” Specificity helps the AI deliver relevant results.

    Adding and Formatting Slides

    Once you’ve created your presentation, it’s time to start adding content. Click on the “Add Slide” button to insert a new slide into your presentation.

    From there, you can customize the slide layout, add text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements, and format the content to suit your preferences.

    You have full control over your slides. Edit the text like you would in any presentation software.

    Where Tome shines is in adding visuals. Type a short description like “Vintage camera on a wooden table,” and Tome’s AI image generator will try to whip up a matching image.

    Play with simple formatting – change slide layouts, background colors, or switch fonts to personalize your presentation.

    Tome provides a handy outline view alongside your slides. This outline mirrors the structure of your presentation.

    To add a new slide, hit the “+” button in the outline and create a new topic for your desired content. It’s easy to click and drag topics in the outline to rearrange the flow of your presentation.

    Enhancing Content with AI

    Let’s make your presentation truly shine! If you wish to expand a single slide, use the “Create a page about this” option.

    Tome’s AI will delve deeper into that topic. The “Rewrite” feature is fantastic for getting suggestions on phrasing, making your slides crisper.

    Need to cite a source? The “AI References” function can help identify relevant resources to back up your information.

    How to Use Tome AI: Customizing Design Elements

    With Tome AI, you have full control over the design of your presentation. Use the platform’s intuitive editing tools to customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, and other design elements to match your branding and personal style.

    Experiment with different layouts and visual effects to create a unique and visually appealing presentation.

    Collaborating with Team Members

    Tome AI makes it easy to collaborate with team members on presentations.

    Invite colleagues to review and edit your presentation in real-time, leave comments and feedback directly on slides, and track changes to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the presentation creation process.

    How to Use Tome AI: Presenting Your Work

    Now that you’ve learnt how to use Tome AI and your presentation is complete, it’s time to share it with your audience.

    Use Tome AI’s built-in sharing options to distribute your presentation via email, social media, or embed it directly into your website or blog.

    Practice your delivery and use Tome AI’s presenter view feature to keep track of your slides and notes during the presentation.

    Presentation Mode & Sharing

    Switch to presentation mode for a distraction-free, full-screen view. Your navigation options will depend on your chosen presentation style. Some styles include presenter notes to help you stay on track.

    Once finished, Tome makes sharing a breeze. Grab a shareable link, export your presentation as a PDF, or even embed it directly into a website.

    How to Use Tome AI: Tips and Best Practices

    • Short and Sweet Prompts: For greater control over the results, start with concise prompts.
    • Experiment and Refine: Don’t be afraid to regenerate your presentation a few times and play with tweaking the prompt.
    • AI as a Tool: Remember, Tome is best at generating ideas and outlines. You, the presenter, bring the human touch to fine-tune and perfect the content.

    Tome AI Pricing at a Glance

    Let’s quickly simplify the pricing for Tome AI, focusing on the key features and differences between plans:

    PlanPriceGeneration CreditsKey Features
    Free$0 per month500 credits/monthBasic slide generation, image creation, limited customization
    Pro$8 per month (billed annually)Unlimited creditsAll features from Free plan, plus advanced customization, text-to-image generation, presentation format options


    • Generation Credits: Each time you create a presentation, edit text, or generate images, it uses credits. The Free plan has a monthly limit.
    • Basic vs. Advanced Customization: Pro unlocks more design controls, like in-depth editing of themes and layouts.
    • Text-to-Image Generation: Pro allows users to create custom images using detailed text descriptions.
    • Presentation Format Options: Pro users can choose from different presentation styles beyond basic slides.

    Tome AI: Pros and Cons

    This table summarizes the pros and cons of Tome AI, the popular presentation tool:

    User-friendly UILimited templates
    AI-powered toolsLimited customization options
    Collaboration featuresLimited integrations
    Wide range of templatesOccasional performance issues
    Real-time collaborationLimited export options
    Regular updates and improvementsLimited customer support


    Tome AI is ideal for professionals, educators, and businesses seeking to create visually engaging presentations efficiently.

    Its intuitive interface, AI-powered tools, and wide range of templates make it accessible for users with varying levels of experience.

    While beginners may find Tome AI easy to use due to its user-friendly interface and helpful features, mastering advanced functionalities may require some learning curve.

    Overall, Tome AI offers a powerful platform for anyone looking to elevate their presentation game with minimal effort.