How to Unpublish Wix (7 Easy Steps)

Have you ever felt the need to temporarily hide your Wix website from the world?

Whether you’re making crucial updates, undergoing a redesign, or simply taking a pause, unpublishing your site can be a powerful tool.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of unpublishing your Wix website and answer all the questions you might have along the way.

Pros and Cons of a Wix Website

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive drag-and-drop design for easy creation.Limited Design Flexibility: Templates may restrict intricate customizations.
Diverse Design Templates: Wide range of professionally designed themes.Scalability Challenges: Performance limitations on larger, complex websites.
App Market for Functionality: Access to third-party apps for added features.Long-Term Cost Accumulation: Costs may accumulate with premium features.
Mobile-Responsive Design: Websites adapt seamlessly to various devices.

Unpublishing a Wix Website in 7 Steps:

1. Access Your Wix Dashboard: Log into your Wix account and click on “My Sites” to enter your website’s dashboard.

2. Navigate to Site Settings: From the dashboard, select “Manage Site” in the top left corner, then click on “Site Settings.”

3. Find Site Management Section: Within “Site Settings,” locate the “Site Management” section, your control center for managing your website’s status.

4. Choose Unpublish: Under “Site Status,” click “Unpublish” to temporarily hide your website from the public eye.

5. Optional: Add a Message: If you wish, create a temporary message to greet visitors during your website’s intermission.

6. Optional: Enable Password Protection: For added privacy, consider activating password protection, granting access only to those with the digital key.

7. Confirm and Preview: Save any changes, then click “Unpublish” to confirm your decision. Before finalizing, use the “Preview” button to ensure everything looks as expected.

Accessing Your Wix Dashboard:

To embark on this journey, first, let’s ensure you’re in the right place. Log in to your Wix account – that virtual home where your creative dreams turn into an online reality.

Once you’re in, click on the “My Sites” tab, and you’re ready to roll.

Navigating to Site Settings: Every destination has a starting point. In the top left corner of your Wix dashboard, you’ll find a dropdown labeled “Manage Site.”

Click there, and a new world of possibilities unfolds. Select “Site Settings,” a beacon that guides you toward controlling your site’s destiny.

Going to the Site Management Section: Inside “Site Settings,” you’ll discover a treasure trove of options. Among them is the “Site Management” section, your compass for steering your website’s journey. With this section, you’ll have the power to pause, reflect, and adapt.

Unpublishing Your Wix Website: Unveil the secret behind the curtain by clicking “Unpublish” under the “Site Status” section. The magic of this option lies in its ability to make your website vanish from the digital stage temporarily. It’s like dimming the lights before a big show, keeping the anticipation alive.

Selecting the Unpublish Option: You might find yourself with a choice – to display a temporary message or not. Imagine this as your ‘Gone Fishing’ sign. It’s a chance to let visitors know why the curtain is drawn, creating a personal touch even when your site is out of the spotlight.

Setting Up Password Protection (Optional): Adding an extra layer of privacy is like locking the door to your online world. By enabling password protection, you create a VIP entrance accessible only to those who hold the digital key. Imagine this as a secret chamber where only invited guests can enter.

Customizing the Unpublished Page (Optional): Picture this: you’ve decided to greet your visitors with a friendly message during your site’s intermission. With Wix’s tools, you can weave your creativity into a unique message, like the note on a theater door. It’s a touch of you, even when the curtains are closed.

Previewing the Unpublished Site: Before finalizing the magic, take a peek behind the scenes. Click the “Preview” button to see how your unpublished site will look to visitors. It’s like rehearsing your lines before the grand opening night, ensuring everything’s in harmony.

Saving Changes and Confirming Unpublishing: The final act approaches. Before you take your bow, make sure to save any changes you’ve made to the unpublished page. Once you’re ready, click “Unpublish” to confirm your decision. It’s the moment you’ve been preparing for – your site retreats, but the anticipation lingers.

Re-Publishing Your Wix Website: As intermission ends and the show must go on, re-publishing your Wix website is as simple as 1-2-3. Head back to the “Site Status” section, click “Publish,” and watch your digital masterpiece step back into the limelight.

Wix Key Features and Pricing:

TemplatesChoose from a wide range of professionally designed templates.Free – $29+/month
Drag-and-DropCreate your website easily with Wix’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder.Free – $29+/month
Mobile-ReadyEnsure your site looks great on any device.Free – $29+/month
App MarketEnhance functionality with a variety of third-party apps.Free – $29+/month
E-CommerceSet up an online store and sell products.Business plans
SEO ToolsOptimize your site for better search engine visibility.Free – $29+/month

By offering a range of features and pricing plans, Wix caters to both beginners and advanced users, ensuring your online journey aligns with your unique needs.

Exploring Why Unpublishing Your Wix Website Might Be Your Next Move

Your website is more than just a collection of web pages – it’s a dynamic representation of your brand, ideas, and creativity.

While the instinct is often to keep it accessible at all times, there are scenarios where temporarily unpublishing your Wix website can be a strategic and beneficial choice. Let’s dive into why hitting the “pause” button on your digital presence could be a smart move:

1. The Evolution of Content: Imagine your website as a canvas that evolves over time. Unpublishing offers you the space to refine your content, update visuals, or even restructure your site’s architecture.

It’s like a painter stepping back from the canvas to assess their work, making sure each brushstroke aligns with the masterpiece they envision.

2. Seamless Redesign: Are you embarking on a website redesign? Unpublishing ensures that your audience doesn’t experience a work-in-progress site.

This is akin to closing the curtains during a theater set change – when they reopen, your audience is treated to a polished and updated visual experience.

3. Special Campaigns and Events: Consider your website a stage, and each campaign or event a performance. Unpublishing allows you to temporarily dim the lights before a grand reveal.

Whether it’s a product launch or a limited-time offer, this approach builds anticipation, just like the hushed excitement before a theater curtain rises.

4. Private Previews: Are you working on something big, but not quite ready to share it with the world? Unpublishing lets you invite a select few into your digital workshop.

Share sneak peeks with a trusted circle before the grand opening, just as an artist reveals their work to close friends before a gallery exhibition.

5. Seasonal Updates: Think of your website like a garden that changes with the seasons. Unpublishing during off-peak times allows you to tend to your digital landscape, ensuring it’s in full bloom when your audience returns.

Just as gardeners prune and nurture during the quiet months, you can refine and refresh your website.

6. Content Overhaul: Have you outgrown your current content strategy? Unpublishing provides a clean slate to reevaluate and restructure your content.

It’s similar to a writer revising a draft – you take a step back, rearrange chapters, and make sure the narrative flows seamlessly.

7. Reflect and Refocus: Unpublishing isn’t just about hiding; it’s about taking a moment to reflect on your digital presence.

It’s like closing a book mid-chapter to ponder the plot’s direction. Use this time to reassess your goals, ensuring your website remains aligned with your evolving vision.

FAQs About Unpublishing Wix

Q: Will unpublishing affect my site’s search engine ranking?

A: While your site is temporarily hidden, search engines may adjust their rankings.

However, once you’re back, the impact should be minimal. Think of it as your site taking a deep breath before dazzling the online stage again.

Q: How long can I keep my site unpublished?

A: There’s no set time limit. Unpublish for as long as you need. It’s like closing the book on a chapter before revealing the next exciting plot twist.

A: No, your unpublished site won’t be accessible through direct links. It’s like hosting a surprise party where only those with an invitation can join the celebration.

Q: Can I update my site while it’s unpublished?

A: Absolutely! Think of it as fine-tuning your performance backstage. You can continue refining your website without worrying about live audience interaction.

Q: Will my Wix subscription be affected when I unpublish?

A: Your subscription remains unaffected. It’s like having your theater reserved even during the off-season, ensuring your grand return remains seamless.