How to Write Like an SEO Pro (and not a Robot)

Do you know how to write like an SEO pro?    how to write seo content

When the concept of SEO writing, key words, and key phrases first came out, people were intimidated.

There were these very specific words that needed to be included at very specific places.

A lot of the times, these phrases were stiff and awkward.

Writers started adopting this awkward tone and created a slew of robotic web content that only C-3PO would appreciate.

  • Tip: As hard as it may seem, don’t be intimidated. If you start off worrying about how your content will flow, your content most likely won’t  flow.

Unfortunately, a lot of SEO key phrases are still a little difficult to digest, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the content has to be.

Surprisingly enough, there are ways to inject “Virginia construction estimating software” into an engaging, conversational article. Don’t let the puzzle pieces of SEO writing fool you. The reality is SEO words are only a tiny fraction of the content.

  • Example: If you’re moving to Richmond or one of the surrounding areas and are planning to build, you may want to consider hiring a company that specializes in Virginia construction estimating software. That way you’ll know exactly how to budget your expenses.”

You’re 99% in Control

Although by no means scientific, it’s fair to say that only 1 to 3% of SEO writing consists of pre-assigned keywords. This means you have a lot of wiggle room.

Depending on the tone the client or project requires, you can have fun with the way you approach the assignment. Don’t use the same SEO keyword “formula” on every single client.

If you use the same formula to insert all of your SEO content, that formula is going to be completely transparent.

  • Remember:
  1. Switch it up
  2. Get creative
  3. Have fun!
  • Tip: If you’re writing SEO for a dating web site, you should think of the tone as being approachable as a first date.

It can help to imagine your content as a jigsaw puzzle that is mostly complete. There are a few oddly shaped pieces that you haven’t found the proper place for yet.

Take a step back, look at the big picture, and see where the edges line up best. If you only have a couple of key phrases, begin writing naturally and see where they organically fit.

  • Takeaway: Your SEO content is a puzzle and the SEO keyword phrases are the most complicated pieces. Don’t get stuck wasting your time trying to figure out where those complicated pieces fit. Instead, put the easier parts of the puzzle together and then figure out where the rest fit.

The Procrastinator’s Approach

This won’t work for everyone, but some skilled writers can write an entire article without even considering the SEO phrases.

This is especially helpful when you’re writing content that seems completely unrelated to the keywords.

However, this also only works if there are only a few key words or phrases. When the first draft is completed, it might only take reworking a couple of sentences to fit the SEO keywords in nicely.

  • Tip: Write first, include SEO later.

You can see how this is a bad idea for some writers. It requires a naturally engaging voice. This is often the best bet for writers who find it difficult to write SEO with those pesky words constantly nagging their brains.

When your mind keeps repeating “Baltimore bread machine” internally, it can be hard to ignore it and write naturally. Putting it aside until the first draft is complete can help.

  • Tip: If you’re one of those “Baltimore bread machine” repeaters, throw the phrase into the first sentence of your post. Then it’s out of the way and you’re free to write the rest of the content keyword-worry free! Once you’re finished writing, go back and see where else you could move the phrase.

Remembering Where Your Skills Are

It takes a writer to create SEO content. Not just anyone can be a writer and not just anyone can write SEO.

Just because you know which words need to be included doesn’t mean you’re the best person for the job. If you are a writer just getting into the SEO world, remember your skill set.

  • Remember: Don’t let writing for SEO change who you are as a writer. It’s still writing, and you’re still a good writer; don’t forget that. You are the puppet master here, the SEO phrases are your puppets.

Get back to the basics. Avoid run-on sentences and only break the rules if you know them your client likes that style.

Keep the grammar dictator in the back of your head and consider if this particular project benefits from beginning sentences with prepositions or not. The basic skills are already there, so don’t put them aside when tackling SEO.

  • Don’t Forget: Follow the general rules of thumb when it comes to grammatically correct writing style (unless your client wants otherwise).

If you remember and follow these pieces of advice, you’ll be an expert SEO writer.

The main tricks are not letting SEO writing change you. Don’t look at is as a big deal. One or two mandatory keywords or phrases do not make up an entire blog post.

If you’re still nervous about writing SEO, ask yourself this: Are you really afraid of a set of words?

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