How To Stay Motivated In Turbulent Times

Tough times are real, but there is way out.   motivation

Motivation is the fuel that powers life, you need to continually stay awake to pursue your dreams and achieve them.

In turbulent times, motivation will enhance your confidence and unveil a blissful world you never imagined.

But oftentimes, we allow difficult times to obscure our visions in life, instead of using problems as a stepping stone to greater heights of success.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through and how blurred your future is, you can lead a better life and impact others in a positive way.

It takes motivation to beat the tempest and come out strong. Are you ready to experience to the good side of life – read on…

Challenges of life aren’t designed to destroy you, they’re meant to work for you. Life is so powerful and has the potential to defend you. But life is like a toddler, you need to instruct her on what to do. Fill the cup of your confidence to brim with motivation.

In this article, we shall explore the world of motivation and how it can help you draw living water from the wells of life. Our highlights are:

  1. Getting prepared for action
  2. Switch on your life
  3. Believe it’s possible
  4. Activate excellence

Getting Prepared for Action

Preparation of the heart is the first assignment for everyone who desires to stay motivated.

The mind must be steadily garnered towards action. The mind can travel thousands of miles in a second; the legs cannot – so prepare your mind first. The inner beauty of life is what it holds and adorns.

Before you can go out in life to pursue a legit course, there must be preparations of the heart.

And because man is a tripartite being, the body needs physical nourishments; the soul (mind and emotions) needs counsel and wisdom, and the spirit being needs tranquility and focus.

Man will be incomplete if the soul is ignored. The three beings in one have to agree – which is why being at peace with other people is crucial. Don’t pursue the luxuries of life and inflict pains on others.

Without a deep assurance of peace in your soul, you cannot be motivated or attain any significant heights of success. Life becomes a struggle. But it can be changed.

In getting ready for action, do this:

  1. Write down realistic goals
  2. Challenge yourself to do it
  3. Appreciate the gift of life
  4. Recognize turbulent times, but ditch it
  5. Stay on course, life is too short to digress

Switch On Your Life

Staying motivated is an assignment for everyone who wants to achieve great success in life.

There would be times in your life when fear and desperation would hold you to ransom. At this point, life will be waiting for you to do something.

And because you’ve prepared your mind for action, switching on the buttons of confidence can help you ride on Horse’s Back.

To switch on means to hold a mental picture of what you want. The ugly situations of life will try to deliver negative pictures and discourage you from taking action. Difficult times aren’t illusions, they’re real but you don’t have to allow them rule your destiny.

Whatever you see deep down your mind (good or bad) can give your define your life. That’s why a positive visualization is paramount. As you switch on life, success and goodwill will automatically trail you like an angry shadow.

In a nut shell:

  1. Life is what you make out of it
  2. Good plans may not ALWAYS work out as planned
  3. Stay focused – a man with two watches doesn’t know what the time is!
  4. Keep moving, life is current, sail with fervor
  5. Switch off fear, embrace faith.

Believe it’s Possible

You can turn lemons into millions, if you believe. You can pay off debts within 12 months irrespective of your present financial state – when you believe! Our belief system defines our lives. The present status you’ve attained today is the result of belief.

You trust your Car’s break to hold when you initiate it, even when you’re not the manufacturer.

You didn’t recognize that accident might occur when the break fails – if you trust your car to stop when the break is triggered, you can do the same in life’s adventures.

You can trounce the competition in your market. Life holds so much for everyone and there is more than enough for all. But your belief system can propel or dispel the smooth sail to prolific living.

Believing it’s possible can be done when:

  1. You’re confident in yourself
  2. You’re zealous and enthusiastic
  3. You pursue excellence and nothing more
  4. You’re contented with your lots, today.

Activate Excellence

Let’s wrap it up by activating excellence. A lot of people are unable to stay motivated when life disguises itself in the form of challenges, turmoil and tempests.

What these people fail to understand is that “In every problem, there is a seed of an equivalent benefit” – Napoleon Hill.

So, target the benefit and ditch the ugly feelings of failure.

Did you know that life is programmed to work for your good? Yes, all living and non-living are working to push you to stardom. But you can’t grasp the full essence of this unless you’re prepared for excellence.

Excellence thrives in an environment of total confidence and undaunted believe.  Those who aim for excellence will always get it – while those who settle for average will complain and give up when life tries to push and bully them.

Once you activate excellence:

  1. The forces of life would defend you
  2. Your visions and aspirations gets clearer
  3. You’ll be unperturbed by the winds of life
  4. The strengths to carry-on will come, guaranteed!
  5. Achieving success becomes a second nature.

Take this home

The rose of your life can blossom, irrespective of what you’re passing through. But you’ve got to water it, tend it and allow positive thoughts to run through your mind.

The best way to impact lives around the world is to make the most of you – it’s a challenge which you must win. As you implement these tips today, motivation would flow naturally and help you lead a life of exploits in the face of difficulty.

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3 thoughts on “How To Stay Motivated In Turbulent Times”

  1. You have discussed the pin point of a person’s success. Well motivation plays an important role in your life. With the absence of motivation you will never achieve your goals. Now a days if you observe around yourself, you will find many people without motivation and that are mostly unemployed. I agree with your point that you must think positive and believe it’s possible.

  2. Beside setting one awesome goal, I believe it is also important to divide it into smaller tasks and make a plan to get them done!

    This way, you’ll always know exactly what you have to do next in order to fulfill the big goal, and it will be a lot easier to stay motivated. You won’t lose your time randomly on activities that only seem important.

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