How To Outsource Your Way To Profitable Blogging Right Now!

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In order to have a great blog, you need to consistently craft valuable contents.  how to outsource

While you may already know how to seamlessly craft an interesting article with the right optimizations, there may come a time when you don’t have enough time to write every single article—after all, a successful blog must have a constant flow of new materials to keep your current readers/customers and attract new ones.

To help prevent burnout, always have new materials, helpful resources and give your readers contents with a different perspective other than your own.

In order to keep things “fresh,” it’s a great idea to “outsource” a part of your blog writing—i.e. acquire a team of paid or non-paid freelance writers.

You can hire a team of professional SEO writers if you wish too, but this option is often expensive. Instead, you should try to focus on the first option, especially if you already have an established blog. To learn how to attract freelancers or guest posters, continue reading below.

Create an Advertisement

The first thing you need to work on is to advertise the intention that you’re looking for freelancers to outsource to; otherwise no one will know that the opportunity exists if you don’t them. Create an advertisement; calling for competent freelance bloggers.

The Ad should include the following information: what the focus of your blog is, its history, its target audience, what expertise you’re looking for—for example if you have an education blog, you might need someone with a teaching degree or has some sort of insight about the industry—and discuss about pay.

If you don’t have enough funds to pay your freelance writers, some will do it for free in order to build up their portfolios and practice their craft.

If this is the case, make sure you indicate that in the Ad. Off course you’ll also want to say how those interested can contact you, either through your contact-page or via gMail account.

Then place the Ad on online classified websites, social media sites, and of course your blogs. Continue to update statues and repost the Ad on your blog until you get a few qualified guest bloggers to fill your cabinet.

Get Samples

Once you a get a few people interested, you’ll want to get a few writing samples to make sure that the freelancer has the style and the chops that you are looking for.

If the applicant doesn’t have any writing samples, you can simply give your potential writer a “sample assignment.” He or she can execute a guest post for you or come up with their own idea and write something of their own for you.

Give the writer a list of keywords to use and see how well they are at creating substance worth reading and incorporating SEO techniques.

Create a Contract


If the writer passes your standards, then start making short-term and long-term goals.

A good way to make sure that your writer will be onboard for a good while is to make him or her sign a contract.

This contact should discuss deadline dates, expected word count, how many articles you expect per week/month and the contract should address ownership of the articles once published.

Most importantly you want to discuss pay (if you’re going to pay your writers per article) as well as the penalties of plagiarism (extremely important).

Lastly, your contract should discuss the protocol for quitting—you don’t want someone just to stop submitting content and then everything just comes to an unexpected halt. A two weeks’ notice is always appreciated, even if you’re not paying the writer.

That said, it may take some effort to grow a steady team of resident bloggers, but once successfully accomplished you can start focusing energy on more important areas that will help your business blossom such as marketing and direct-customer service.

Article by: Kristie Lewis from construction management degree. You can reach her at: Kristie.Lewis81 @ gmail. Com.

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  1. A few years ago I told my friend that more and more companies will start outsourcing their work and I was right! I read some articles before at Outsource Made Simpleregarding all the processes and stuff like that goes into outsourcing and kept thinking sooner or later more people would get into it.

  2. Hi Kristie,

    Sound advice. Lately, I have not had much time to write for my 2 blogs. Luckily I have a big enough following where I get guest posters asking to write for me all the time.

    But this was not always the case. I think anyone who follows your advice to outsourcing, will find the writers that they are looking for in no time.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ian from IM Graphic Designs

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