How Much Does Mercari Take (Fees & Charges)?

Mercari is an exciting online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers.

Mercari has experienced significant growth over the years, becoming a popular online marketplace in the United States.

Its user-friendly platform, coupled with the elimination of selling fees and the introduction of a hassle-free returns policy, has attracted millions of sellers and buyers.

The platform’s constant innovation, such as at-home authentication, improvements in online payments, and nationwide shipping discounts, has contributed to its popularity.

With over 50 million downloads of its app in the U.S. and 400,000 new listings daily, Mercari continues to empower users and transform the way people shop and sell items online.

If you want to know how much fee Mercari charges, here’s the latest update:

Mercari does not charge any selling fees to sellers. As part of its new business model, Mercari has eliminated selling fees entirely. This means that sellers can list their items for sale on Mercari without incurring any fees, allowing them to keep the full amount of their earnings from their sales.

This step-by-step guide will shed light on every aspect of Mercari fees, addressing your questions and concerns, and helping you navigate this virtual marketplace with confidence.

Mercari Fees and Charges

The table summarizes the fees and charges associated with selling on Mercari:

Fee TypeAmount
Listing FeesNone (Eliminated)
Selling FeesNone (Eliminated)
Buyer Service FeeApplicable for hassle-free returns
Nationwide Shipping DiscountsAvailable

Mercari Listing and Transaction Fees:

Mercari has revolutionized its fee structure by eliminating listing and transaction fees, distinguishing itself as the first major online resale marketplace in the United States to adopt this model.

Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms that levy charges on sellers, Mercari’s new business model positions it as a seller-friendly platform, empowering individuals to sell items without incurring any fees.

This bold move aligns with Mercari’s commitment to simplifying the selling process and enhancing user experience.

Previously, sellers often grappled with listing fees, eating into their profits and discouraging them from utilizing online marketplaces.

Mercari’s elimination of such fees liberates sellers, enabling them to price items more competitively and retain earnings, ultimately attracting a broader pool of sellers to the platform.

Moreover, the absence of transaction fees further amplifies Mercari’s appeal, removing any barriers that may deter individuals from engaging in peer-to-peer transactions.

By prioritizing seller interests and streamlining the selling process, Mercari reinforces its position as a market leader and sets a new standard for peer-to-peer commerce platforms in the United States.

With Zero Selling Fees, How Mercari Makes Money?

Although Mercari has abolished selling fees, it continues to generate revenue through other avenues within its platform.

One key source of income is the service fee charged to buyers for initiating hassle-free returns.

This fee ensures that Mercari maintains a sustainable business model while offering sellers the benefit of zero selling fees.

Additionally, Mercari may earn revenue through premium services or features, such as promoted listings or enhanced seller tools, which provide sellers with greater visibility and opportunities to optimize their listings for increased sales.

Mercari may leverage its large user base and data insights to offer targeted advertising opportunities to third-party advertisers, generating additional revenue streams.

The marketplace may explore partnerships and collaborations with brands or retailers to offer exclusive deals or sponsored content to its users, generating revenue through commissions or referral fees.

Overall, while eliminating selling fees may reduce one source of revenue, Mercari has strategically diversified its income streams to ensure long-term sustainability and profitability while continuing to provide a valuable and user-friendly platform for buying and selling goods.

Special Promotions and Discounts:

Mercari occasionally treats its sellers to exciting promotions and discounts, allowing you to save on fees and increase your profitability. Keep an eye out for such events, as they can significantly impact your earnings.

Payment Processing Fees:

Mercari’s payment processing fee is a charge applied to transactions to cover the costs associated with processing payments securely and efficiently.

This fee is typically a percentage of the total transaction amount, deducted automatically from the seller’s earnings when a sale is completed.

The exact percentage may vary depending on the payment method used, such as credit card or debit card, but it ensures that Mercari can provide a seamless payment experience while protecting both buyers and sellers from fraud and ensuring the integrity of transactions.

While this fee is a necessary component of facilitating online transactions, Mercari strives to keep it competitive and transparent, allowing users to understand and anticipate any associated costs when conducting business on the platform.

Example: Instant Pay incurs a 2% fee for transferring your earnings instantly, while direct deposits are free but might take a bit longer to process.

How Mercari Handles Returns and Refunds

Mercari has implemented a streamlined returns and refunds process to ensure a hassle-free experience for both buyers and sellers.

If a buyer wishes to return an item for any reason, they can initiate the return within three days of receiving the item.

Once the return request is approved, the buyer ships the item back to the seller, and upon verification of the item’s condition, Mercari facilitates a refund to the buyer, deducting any applicable fees.

This process helps maintain trust and transparency in transactions, as buyers have the assurance of a refund if the item does not meet their expectations.

Sellers benefit from clear guidelines and protection against fraudulent returns.

Mercari’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its proactive approach to handling returns and refunds, ensuring a positive experience for all parties involved in the transaction.

Transparency and Fee Communication:

Mercari prides itself on transparent communication regarding fees. You can find comprehensive fee details in the platform’s policies and guidelines, ultimately, to help you make well-informed decisions.

How to Sell on Mercari: Step-by-Step Guide

To help you kickstart your selling venture on Mercari, we’ve curated a step-by-step guide that will take you from setup to your first sale. So, let’s dive in and make your Mercari selling experience a resounding success!

Step #1: Create Your Mercari Account

Head over to the Mercari website or download the user-friendly app on your smartphone. Click on the “Sign Up” button, and you’ll be prompted to create your account using your email or by linking your Facebook or Google account.

Choose a unique username that reflects your brand or store identity, and you’re all set to join the thriving Mercari community.

Step #2: Build an Attractive Profile

Your Mercari profile is your storefront, so make it shine! Add a friendly profile picture and craft a brief bio that showcases your passion for selling and your commitment to customer satisfaction. An inviting profile can build trust and encourage potential buyers to explore your listings.

Step #3: Create Your First Listing

Now comes the exciting part — listing your item for sale. Click on the “Sell” button and follow the straightforward prompts.

Provide a clear and descriptive title, detailed product description, and highlight any unique features or selling points. Include high-quality images from different angles to give buyers a comprehensive view of your item.

Step #4: Set the Right Price

Pricing your item competitively is crucial for attracting buyers. Research similar listings on Mercari to gauge the market value of your product.

Consider the item’s condition, brand, and demand to arrive at a fair and enticing price that sets you apart from the competition.

Step #5: Understanding Mercari Fees

To ensure you’re aware of the costs associated with selling on Mercari, refer to the earlier section on Mercari fees. For the records, the selling fee is $0.

This new fee structure can help you price your items strategically and keep all the earnings.

Step #6: Optimize Shipping Options

Mercari offers various shipping methods, including Mercari Labels, USPS, and FedEx. Choose the most suitable option for your item’s size, weight, and value.

Providing reliable and prompt shipping will enhance your seller rating and lead to positive reviews.

Step #7: Manage Customer Communication

Prompt and professional communication is key to building a loyal customer base.

Respond to inquiries and messages from potential buyers promptly, addressing their concerns or questions with clarity and courtesy. Engaging with customers builds trust and encourages repeat business.

Step #8: Promote Your Listings

While Mercari offers organic visibility for your listings, consider promoting them further to boost exposure.

Share your listings on social media platforms, create eye-catching graphics, and leverage hashtags relevant to your product. Expanding your reach increases the chances of finding the perfect buyer.

Step #9: Embrace Customer Feedback

As you make your first sales on Mercari, welcome customer feedback with an open mind.

Positive reviews are a testament to your excellent service, while constructive feedback provides valuable insights for improvement. Aim for exceptional customer experiences to garner positive reviews that attract more buyers.

Step #10: Stay Compliant with Mercari Policies

Familiarize yourself with Mercari’s policies to ensure a smooth and compliant selling journey.

Abide by their guidelines on prohibited items, shipping practices, and refund policies to maintain a stellar reputation within the community.

How to Avoid Mercari Fees

To avoid Mercari fees and maximize your earnings, follow these 10 tips:

  1. List for Free: Take advantage of Mercari’s free listing feature to showcase your items without upfront costs.
  2. Utilize Promotions: Participate in occasional promotions and discounts to reduce fees during specific events.
  3. Choose Payment Wisely: Opt for cost-effective payment methods, like direct deposit, to minimize payment processing fees.
  4. Bundle Items: Offer bundle deals to entice customers, increasing sales without incurring additional fees per item sold.
  5. Competitive Pricing: Set reasonable prices to attract buyers and encourage sales, minimizing the impact of the commission.
  6. Offer Great Customer Service: Keep customers happy to receive positive reviews, improving your seller rating for better visibility.
  7. Accurate Descriptions: Provide detailed and accurate product descriptions to reduce the likelihood of returns or refunds.
  8. Ship Promptly: Ship orders swiftly to avoid any potential disputes or fees related to delayed shipments.
  9. Be Compliant: Adhere to Mercari’s policies to avoid penalties that may result in additional fees.
  10. Stay Informed: Regularly review Mercari’s fee structure and policies to make informed decisions and optimize your selling strategy.

5 Effective Tips to Maximize Earnings on Mercari:

  1. Captivating Listings: Craft compelling product descriptions and showcase high-quality images to attract buyers.
  2. Competitive Pricing: Research similar listings to set competitive prices that entice potential customers.
  3. Prompt Shipping: Ship orders promptly to delight customers and boost your seller rating.
  4. Bundle Offers: Offer discounts on bundled items to encourage multiple purchases.
  5. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service, addressing queries promptly and professionally.

Top 10 Hot-Selling Products on Mercari: Your Ticket to Ecommerce Success

Selling on Mercari opens up a world of possibilities, where the right products can quickly find hundreds of thousands of eager buyers.

To set you on the path to success, we’ve compiled a list of ten hot-selling items on Mercari.

These in-demand products are sure to capture the attention of potential customers, helping you secure sales and build a thriving online business.

  1. Fashionable Apparel and Accessories: Mercari shoppers love to stay stylish without breaking the bank. Sell gently used or new trendy clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories to attract fashion-forward buyers. Vintage finds and popular brands are especially sought after.
  2. Electronics and Gadgets: Tech-savvy consumers are always on the lookout for great deals on electronics. From smartphones and laptops to gaming consoles and smartwatches, listing well-maintained electronic gadgets can garner considerable interest.
  3. Home Decor and Furniture: Transform your customers’ living spaces with captivating home decor items and gently used furniture. Whether it’s a stylish vase, a cozy throw blanket, or a trendy accent chair, unique and well-priced pieces sell like hotcakes.
  4. Health and Beauty Products: Pamper your buyers with an array of health and beauty products. From skincare essentials and makeup palettes to fitness gear and haircare tools, these products are popular choices for personal care enthusiasts.
  5. Collectibles and Vintage Treasures: Embrace the charm of nostalgia by selling collectibles and vintage items. Antique trinkets, vintage toys, and rare memorabilia hold sentimental value for collectors, making them highly sought after on Mercari.
  6. Home Organization and Storage Solutions: Help customers declutter and organize their homes with innovative storage solutions. Products like space-saving organizers, drawer dividers, and closet systems resonate with buyers aiming for a clutter-free lifestyle.
  7. Pet Supplies and Accessories: Pet owners adore their furry companions and are always on the lookout for quality pet supplies. List pet beds, toys, grooming tools, and trendy pet accessories to attract this loyal customer base.
  8. Craft Supplies and DIY Kits: Nurture creativity by offering craft supplies and DIY kits. From knitting yarns and paint sets to DIY skincare kits, Mercari shoppers love exploring their artistic side with fun projects.
  9. Sporting Goods and Outdoor Gear: Appeal to fitness enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers by selling sporting goods and outdoor gear. From bicycles and camping equipment to fitness trackers and yoga mats, these items attract active lifestyle seekers.
  10. Video Games and Collectible Cards: Gaming enthusiasts are a thriving community on Mercari. Offer a selection of video games, gaming consoles, and collectible cards from popular franchises to tap into this passionate market.

Note: As you venture into the world of Mercari selling, remember that the success of your store lies in catering to your target audience’s interests and desires.

By offering a mix of trendy fashion, sought-after electronics, nostalgic collectibles, and other in-demand products, you’ll be well on your way to making significant sales.

Selling on Mercari: Case Studies & Success Stories

Case Study #1. Ruth’s Vintage Clothing Store:

Ruth, a passionate vintage fashion enthusiast, decided to turn her hobby into a business by selling vintage clothing on Mercari.

With a keen eye for unique pieces and a knack for storytelling, She curated a collection of vintage dresses, coats, and accessories sourced from thrift stores, flea markets, and estate sales.

She leveraged Mercari’s user-friendly platform to create listings with detailed descriptions and high-quality photos, showcasing the charm and history of each item.

Ruth’s efforts paid off as her vintage store gained traction, attracting customers who appreciated the authenticity and nostalgia of her collection.

With Mercari’s nationwide reach and zero selling fees, she was able to reach a broader audience and maximize her earnings while sharing her love for vintage fashion with like-minded enthusiasts.

Case Study #2. Mike’s Electronics Garage

Mike, a tech-savvy individual with a passion for electronics, saw an opportunity to declutter his home and make some extra cash by selling his unused gadgets on Mercari. From smartphones and tablets to gaming consoles and accessories, Mike listed a variety of electronic devices in good condition at competitive prices.

He highlighted the features and functionality of each item in his listings, providing buyers with all the information they needed to make informed decisions.

With Mercari’s zero selling fees and nationwide shipping discounts, Mike found it easy to attract buyers and turn his clutter into cash.

As his reputation grew, Mike expanded his inventory and established himself as a trusted seller in the electronics category, attracting repeat customers and driving steady sales.

Who Should Sell on Mercari:

  1. Individuals with unused or lightly used items they no longer need, including clothing, electronics, collectibles, home goods, and more.
  2. Entrepreneurs looking to start an online business with minimal overhead costs and a low barrier to entry.
  3. Hobbyists and enthusiasts interested in turning their passion into profit by selling niche items or curated collections.
  4. Thrift store owners, flea market vendors, and resellers seeking to reach a broader audience and increase sales beyond their local markets.

Mercari Alternative Platform Fees and Charges

Let’s compare Mercari against Poshmark and eBay using the table below:

Seller VerificationEasy registration with email or SNSRequires account verification with IDEasy signup via email or Facebook
Listing FeeFree listing with no upfront costLimited free listings, fees per listing$0 listing fee for all sellers
Transaction Fee0% commission 2.9% + $0.30 per sale20% commission on sales over $15
Shipping OptionsMultiple shipping options availableSeller chooses shipping methodsPrepaid shipping labels provided
Payment MethodsDirect deposit, Mercari CreditsPayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, and othersPoshmark balance, direct deposit
Seller ProtectionMercari Protection for eligible itemsSeller Protection and eBay Money BackPosh Protect covers qualified orders
Customer ReachGrowing user base with millions of app downloadsLarge global marketplace with diverse audienceFashion-focused community with engaged users
Promotions and DealsOccasional promotions and discountsSeller-specific promotions availableOffer to Likers and discounted shipping
Customer ServiceSupport available via chat and emailCustomer support through messagesIn-app support and resolution center
Account AnalyticsBasic analytics available for sellersDetailed sales analytics and insightsSales report and performance insights


Mercari is a great platform because of its unique benefits like zero selling fees and hassle-free returns, setting it apart from other marketplaces.

To succeed, sellers should focus on clear, detailed listings with high-quality images, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.

Leveraging Mercari’s user-friendly platform and nationwide reach, sellers can maximize their visibility and attract more buyers.

Consistency, responsiveness, and integrity are key to building a loyal customer base and achieving long-term success on Mercari.