Does HotSpot VPN Keep Logs? (No, Here’s Why)

Does Hotspot Shield VPN keep logs? Can you trust it? In the past 9 months, I have been using this VPN and here’s what I know: 

HotSpot Shield VPN doesn’t keep logs of you while you’re connected to their server using a single or multiple devices. While it protects your online privacy and hide your IP address from other computers and users, HotSpot Shield logs your real IP address, which will be deleted at the end of your session.

There are some basic things to be aware of. In general, you should opt out of all kinds of logs, including those related to IP addresses. However, you can opt in to specific logs, such as the ones related to network usage.

Avoid VPNs that Keep Logs

First, you should choose a VPN that does not keep logs. Generally, a VPN that does not keep logs will only have logs pertaining to the IP address of your computer.

Then you’ll be able to avoid having your real IP logged by the ISP. The best option for you is one that does not keep logs. The best VPN for this purpose is one that uses a third-party DNS server.

Consider a Free VPN Service

You might want to look for a free VPN service. A free service might be all you need, but it may not be as secure as a paid one. Free VPN services don’t keep logs because it takes a lot of resources to do so, which they don’t have (after all you’re not paying a dime to use the server).

For a reasonable fee, you can download an app, and then log in at a later time.

Alternatively, you can pay for a subscription that includes the most powerful features. The cost is usually lower than the premium options and the longer plans are also cheaper than the Surfshark plan.

A Good Encryption System

Check whether your VPN has a good encryption system. The best encryption methods include AES-256. While AES-128 is impenetrable, AES-256 is even more secure. NordVPN and SurfShark VPN are good examples of services that use this high-level of encryption.

Your personal information is secure, and no one will know if your data is being scrutinized. This means that if you are an American, you will have nothing to worry about.

Ask Questions about Logs

Ask if your VPN keeps logs. Most services have no logs, but a few do. A few of them are more secure than others, and it’s important to understand which ones are safer.

A VPN service should have no logs of your activity. You can read the fine print and make sure it matches your needs. HOTSPOT VPNs are more secure than their counterparts.

Is HotSpot Shield Safe to Use?

The paid version of Hotspot Shield is easy to use. Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll be redirected to a web console.

You can manually select the server location by selecting it from the list. It also has a help center and an antivirus. The company’s website is well-designed and easy to navigate. If you run into trouble, you can send them a support ticket.

Protect Your Online Privacy

A core reason to use a VPN is privacy. Regardless of your choice, you should always be aware of how your VPN works.

You should be wary of companies that store data. You should also avoid any VPN that stores your personal information.

This will protect you from all types of websites. You may even be able to access your email and bank without a problem. When you use a VPN, you can be sure that your data is safe.

Internet Security

A VPN is an important part of your internet security. It can protect your privacy and prevent you from getting spied.

By keeping your data private, Hotspot VPN will not share your data with anyone. This is especially true if you are using it to download torrents or browse the web. Then again, if you are a torrenter, you should find a VPN with this policy.

Is Your Session Recorded?

While most VPNs don’t record your IP address, HotSpot Shield VPN does record your session. This is done because they have to record your IP address to identify you.

The IP addresses used in your session are recorded. The IP address of the provider’s servers is also recorded.

This data is stored for 72 hours and then deleted. It’s a good idea to opt for a VPN with a no logs policy, if you want to protect your privacy.


The Hotspot Shield VPN also offers a no-logs policy. The company claims that it doesn’t log your personal information, but it does keep aggregate connection logs. This could be a major concern for some users.

A VPN that doesn’t monitor your IP address isn’t worth the price. Rather, it should have a no-logs policy. This policy can prevent your online identity from being stolen.