Happy Birthday Michael Chibuzor – Win a Niche Site (Valued at 669)!

happy birthday Michael

You can win a profitable niche site today? Because it's…

Happy birthday to me and my blog.   

I’m grateful to God for giving me a life that impacts other people.  Also, to you my readers who have stood by me all these years – I’m grateful to you.

Today, Content Marketing Up is also 3 years old. I launched it in 2012 and worked pretty hard & smart on it. Now, it has become an entity. All because you encouraged me.

It’s a brand that attracts clients from all around the world – even though I live in the third world country. It’s amazing how information can transform lives and give yours a meaning.

I’m marking my birthday with you, my loyal readers. It's a special day to me because I'm now a young man. No longer a boy!


Win a Niche Site

As my birthday gift to you, I’m giving away 2 niche sites of mine that are already generating income. I made a few Amazon sales last few weeks.

The first niche site is about "Digital Photo Frame" and it's already generating income.


See screenshot:

First Niche Site



The second niche site is a "Food Drink" that's highly sought after, seen on TV by thousands of buyers. You'll love this one. No sale has been recorded yet, but it has potentials.

This is how it looks like:

niche site giveaway

This niche site isn’t going to make you an instant millionaire, but if you spend time adding new detailed articles targeting long-tail keywords that have little or no competition in the SERPs, you should dominate Google top 10. Not a guarantee!

My niche sites have not been penalized in any manner. Just a few slides in Google, but my rankings usually bounce back within 2 weeks.


Winners will be announced next week. Then we can transfer the files to them.

Since today is my birthday and my blog (the one you’re reading) is 3 also, it means that the both of us are giving you this awesome gift.


How to win a niche site?


Share this post on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Then, just leave a comment and give me 3 good reasons why I should give the niche site to you. Because I don’t want to give it to someone who wouldn’t utilize it well. I worked hard on it, and it’s already bringing in trickles of sales.

  1. Why should I give you a niche site?
  2. What is your plan for making it a success?
  3. Do you’ve enough time to work it, without giving up?

The die is cast. Click the share button by the left hand side and come leave a comment if you want to win a niche site.

P.S. Don't forget the instructions for winning. Only serious minded persons wins in life.

Happy Birthday to Us.

Michael Chibuzor & Content Marketing Up

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Michael Chibuzor – Win a Niche Site (Valued at 669)!”

  1. Great gift, Happy Birthday Micheal from my side too. I can't give you niche sites but can wish you birthday from the core of my heart. You are really lucky have got useful gift.

  2. Sweet. Winning a site showing a history of earnings is clearly worth a bit of effort (although I wont be paticipating – another site will do my no good as I am in the process of scaling down on all my sites). Best of luck though


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