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It’s finally out – the content marketer’s traffic case study.    hack free traffic

If you’re looking for the best way to drive real-time traffic, you’ll love this post.

I’m not trying to hone my SEO competence here, but when it comes to getting organic traffic, I know how to do it. Period!

Content marketing is the buzzword right now – but it’s not a new term.

Some call it inbound marketing, while other people prefer to call it relationship marketing.

The name you call it doesn’t matter. Using it to get result is the most important thing.

In case you didn’t know yet, hear this: Google and other search engines are waiting to send thousands of targeted visitors to your website, but you must be prepared for it.

Over the years, Google in particular has been telling bloggers and content marketers how best to optimize content to get a huge ROI. If you’re smart, you’ll listen and do.

You may think that the major updates (Panda, Penguin & EMDs) were against your web pages from ranking well, which can be true. But permit me to ask you this question, “Do you think Google knows you in person?”


Making a promise to INFLUENCE Google spider

How do you feel when someone makes a promise to you?

Of course, you’ve to be expectant to receive from that person. In the same vein, Google spider is like a new born baby who can’t tell what’s right or wrong per se. No script can do that. Or is there?

Google expects you to make a promise. In other words, instruct the spider that your blog is the right place to index frequently. You’ve the right meal for your readers and just waiting to welcome them.

The best way to do this actually is by keeping your content pages fresh. As you lead the way with a promise, the spider would stick around expecting to receive. Just like human beings do.


How does it work?

It’s actually simple but most people find it difficult, and consequently miss the point. To make a promise, start with a clickable headline that has the keyword you’re targeting.

Don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with powerful headline or using tricks to persuade people.

Keep reading because I’m going to reveal some headline writing styles, which your target audience can’t resist. But for now, let’s see how we can use the search data from Google.


Extract keywords from Google Analytics

To hack free targeted traffic from Google fast, I’ve discovered a tactic that works almost all the time. It’s so easy to implement, especially if you’re using Google analytics to track your site’s visits.

This web traffic tool is necessary because it brings to light how your ideal customers are discovering your web pages through search engines, in terms of keywords, long-tail search queries and unresolved key terms.

One important point: If you want Google Analytics to store better key terms for you, which you can easily use to boost your wordpress traffic, then you need a reliable web host.

Better still, a wordpress vps hosting package is what you truly need. It’s quite affordable and delivers the best performance.

Unresolved key terms, what are they?

They’re keywords too, but Google is yet to include them on their keywords database. Such types of key phrases can be a great source of traffic to your website or blog if you use them effectively.

So, let’s get started right away. Log into your Google analytics dashboard and click on traffic sources. Then click on sources and you’ll find a tab for ‘organic.’

This traffic source is important because it shows the total number of visitors sent by Google to your web pages for a particular month.

Here’s my dashboard, see the screenshot for “organic” keywords:


organic search analytics


This screenshot shows my search queries from real people – my target audience. You can see the total number of visits, the average visit duration for the month.

This data alone is enough to get you more traffic from organic searches, if you optimize for them.

But I’m surprised because I didn’t write any article targeting most of the keywords that people used to reach me.

For instance, I didn’t intend to rank for ‘writing’ and when you show more rows, you’ll find other keywords I totally knew nothing about.


Can you handle 1000+ daily traffic?

If you spend adequate time to extract search queries from your analytics dashboard, your daily free traffic from Google can almost triple. I told you earlier that writing clickable headline is important, but I didn’t explain what that meant.

I don’t know the level of traffic your blog generates on a daily basis, but I know that you can increase it. Yes, Google may have penalized your pages as result of low quality content & links in the past, but I’m sure you know better now.

A lot of website owners have made up their minds to ignore Google totally, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.


 So how did I increase organic traffic to your blog?

Here’s what I did. From the above screenshot, here’s a breakdown of my organic hits for the month:

  1. Smart ways of making money —- 69 visits
  2. Smart ways to make money —— 56 visits
  3. SEO content writing —————– 20 visits
  4. Content writing tips —————– 19 visits
  5. SEO content writing tips ———– 13 visits

These hits might not be huge to some blog owners who receive 10k monthly traffic, but I’m trying to prove a point here.

Remember, this is just for organic searches, not referral, direct, social media or offline sources. If I were to include all traffic sources, I’d get 1000 – 2000 daily hits.

People who visit your website and blog pages are telling you the direction to follow. I can tell what type of content people want to read on my blog – a clear direction. Thanks to Google.


Get variations of your keywords

You could go ahead and write more blog posts on those keywords that people are searching for, but there is a better way to triple your traffic quickly.

Find variations of the keywords and then use them to strengthen the authority of your best performing content pages.

The major reason why a lot of people don’t drive the right traffic is because they’re ignorant of what their ideal customers want, the type of content to write, what keywords to optimize for and how to initiate action.

If only you can look through your prospects’ minds, serving them would be a lot easier. To get a variation of the above keywords, I’d use Google keyword tool.

But this time, I’m not going to research like everyone else, I’d simply copy any of the terms above and search for it.

For instance, let’s use the highest keyword from the breakdown above, the one that’s generated the highest number of visits this month. “Smart ways of making money.”

This term generated 69 visits from Google, even though I didn’t optimize for it. In fact, I wrote this post when I knew nothing about SEO or link building, but it’s #1 right now.

But I’m going to strengthen the webpage by getting variations of that key phrase.

I’d research 10 – 20 keywords; write relevant content, then, link to my ranking content pages. It’s simple but this single act could send avalanche of targeted traffic to you. Trust me, it works.

Bear in mind that the page in question already had 69 visits, so if I could have other related terms pointing to it, it’d lead to an increase in organic visits.

Here’s the screenshot for keyword variations:


keyword variations


The above variations of my primary key term, “smart ways of making money” are traffic goldmines. The best step to take now is to write valuable blog posts, create videos and package short reports.

Find relevant blogs in your niche. Submit and link back to the webpage that’s already receiving daily hit from Google.


Smart links – fresh targeted visits

This is advanced link building. The moment Google spider recognizes that you’re sending fresh quality links to a webpage that’s SEO friendly, you’re in for more traffic.

Talking about irresistible headlines, here’s how I can write such headlines, making sure that I include a variation of my primary term:

  • The Number One {Quickest Way To Make Money Online}
  • {Easy Ways To Make Money} With Your Blog

The area with braces shows the long-tail key phrase. It’s natural and once you can deliver on the promise you made, Google spider would stick around, index the post, serve it up when your target audience searches for/with any of the key terms.

But it doesn’t mean that Google spider can see clearly how valuable your content is. The truth is that it can’t see or tell, because it’s no eyes. It’s just a script that scours the web, looking for fresh & relevant content.

What the spider does is to follow people/readers.

If your headline made people to click, read, share and spend at least 5 minutes reading and feeling satisfied, the spider would automatically assign a mark of relevance and value on such content.

This is because if someone reads your article or blog post and found no value in it, he or she would immediately click the back button or close the browser instantly.

If the reader didn’t leave, it means that they actually read and felt satisfied with your content. It’s logical – isn’t it?

But seriously, how long do you stay reading a post that’s not valuable? 1, 2, 5 or 0 minutes?


Motivate, inform with your content     

motivate people

Once you can extract the right keywords data from your Google analytics dashboard, and have researched the variations, it’s now time to write extensive and practicable content.

But this time, you’re not going to write a 300 – 500 words article. On the contrary, write a long post (1000+ words count), link to your inner web pages that are ranking well already.

Research authority blogs in your niche and pitch them valuable guest post topics. Remember, the topics must agree with the keywords variations (like above).

The more you can link to your ranking pages, the more Google spider would deem it worthy for more targeted traffic.

Because if many top blogs and websites are talking (linking) about a particular webpage, it’s a sign that the content is rich and informative.

Write content that motivates, informs and have strong call to actions. Bear in mind that content marketing isn’t a push marketing strategy, but a “PULL.”

Make people want to share your post willingly. This can be easy when you address the needs in their lives, from the search queries you extracted from the analytics.


Stop looking for traffic loopholes?

While a lot of content marketers are busy, looking for ways to drive free traffic, you could easily study your Google analytics member area to know the exact keywords your prospects are using to locate your web pages.

One caveat: Don’t go on a guest blogging spree if your website/blog has no unique and compelling content yet.

You must prepare your blog first, before going out to invite others. Yes, content marketing is actually a system used to INVITE readers and prospects to see the value your website provides.

Take a strong position when writing content for your website. Be the expert who truly cares for her ideal customers. Be real, knowing that you must have a beautiful and attractive hair to sell a shampoo.


Quality traffic takeaway

I’m sure you’re already thinking how you can easily research those variations of your primary keywords, but it’s easy when you give it a try. Google keywords tool would take care of the rest.

For transparency sake, I had to use my Google analytics data, from my own dashboard.

And that’s how you must be transparent when you want more targeted traffic from Google. Produce sticky and honest reviews for your products and services.

Profess the truth about what you can do – don’t hype up content just to make some quick bucks. Such gains don’t last.

But the question you’ll need to answer is this: Are you willing to take the keywords data that Google provides you every month to improve your rankings and brand?

Leave a comment in the box below and tell me what you think about search engine optimization. I’m waiting to reply your comment today. You’re awesome!

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