How to Determine a Blog’s Value for Guest Posting

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Writing guest post could be the most lucrative adventure online.

Guest blogging can be an extremely effective link building technique, as it combines several features that cannot be overlooked regardless of the type of website you are running.

Guest blogging indeed allows you to tap into an existing audience while also enabling you to obtain permanent links from a high quality website. As such, you are getting both traffic and exposure at the same time while still blogging, which is probably an activity you already enjoy doing.

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However, like any technique, guest blogging is not just something you can tackle without due preparation. For guest blogging to succeed and to have a positive long term impact in your strategy, it is important that you consider various things before jumping in.

One of these is determining whether a blog is actually writing for. In fact, this is often the most critical thing you need to account for in guest posting.

You could write one of the most breath-taking blog posts ever, but the relative success of that guest article ultimately depends on what blog you are submitting it to.

The following checklist will help you determine a blog’s value for your guest posting endeavors.

1. Frequency Of New Posts

Content is the king on the web, and a blog without new content on a fairly regular basis is not worth a lot to both readers and search engines.

As such, one of the first things you should look at is to confirm whether the blog is actually being updated regularly. It does not matter if the webmaster is personally writing or if most of his new content is from guest posts.

It is however important that new posts are published at least every three of four weeks. This is the worst case scenario as more frequent updates are obviously better.

2. Visitor Engagement

When you guest blog, you always want your content to get as much exposure as possible. The advent of social networks and sharing is thus one that you do not want to miss.

There are two things to consider within this factor. The first one is that the blog actually makes it easy for its visitors to share this content whether on Twitter, Facebook, or by email. People will not bother sharing something online unless it’s extremely easy for them to do so.

The second one is determining whether people are actually sharing these articles. This is quite easy since most sharing tools do indicate how many times they have been shared.

Comments also indicate visitor engagement and you should thus take the time to check several posts before submitting yours. And no, spam comments do not indicate a good level of engagement.

3. Backlinks

Launch your favorite backlink analysis tool and check out that blog’s links. A higher number of quality links indicates a healthier blog and definitely one you want to include in your list.

Whether these are natural links or links that the webmaster personally built, you will want to guest write for that blog since this shows that the blog owner actually cares about getting his blog known.

Obviously, there are several other factors that you can also rely on in determining a blog’s value. However, the three above are the first factors criteria you should always check.

They also do not require much time or special skills, and in most cases, you should not need a lot of time or resources to gauge the value of a blog before submitting your guest article.


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